Exercise + Endorphins = The Best!

I got out on the lake path this morning for a gray, windy, slightly wet run. It felt so good to run! Something about getting my heart rate up, sweating and pushing my body forward always makes me feel good. If I’m feeling really down or blah, my first thought is always, “I bet I’d feel better if I went for a run right now.”And then I run, and then I do feel better. It’s kind of weird, I know.

It’s been crazy-hard to drag myself out of bed recently. It’s so dark in the morning—a combo of not-quite Daylight’s Savings Time, plus a string of really dreary days—that it feels painfully wrong to leave my warm, happy bed to venture into the black, cold outdoors. But inevitably, I feel better after I run. It gets my endorphins going. It makes me stronger and more confident—ready to face whatever the world might throw at me. This is why I’m a big fan of working out in the morning…you feel armed and ready to tackle the day. Sometimes I run after work. That’s not bad either—you can run off whatever’s on your mind from the day. You go to bed feeling tired and maybe with a tinge of healthy soreness in your legs. The only problem with running after work, for me, is that I think about it allll day, wondering if something will come up and prevent me from hitting the gym. So whenever possible, I like to bank it in the morning.

Since TTC, I’ve really taken my workouts down a notch. Not that I was ever exercising at the level of a professional athlete or anything (seriously, though my Mom insists on believing otherwise!). But, it’s been intense this year, I will admit. I’ve done two marathons in the past 12 months. Three half marathons. Three olympic-distance triathlons. Two sprint-distance triathlons. A century ride. Oh yeah, and the real biggie, a Half-Ironman. To train for those events, I pushed my body pretty hard. From May through July, I was regularly up between 6 and 630am to hit the pool, go for a bike ride, do a run (sometimes all three). Many evenings, after work, I’d go workout again. It was pretty crazy. I’m happy I did the Half-Ironman, but the training was too much. It became such a time commitment, and was so demanding physically, that after a few weeks it really sucked the joy out of exercising.

But  I didn’t back off the aggressive training regimen just to give my battered body a little break. I also never got a period after going off birth control. I was concerned that my high-level of exercise could’ve been to blame. Again, I was never like elite runner/Olympian Kara Goucher (who is awesome!), running 100+ miles a week. I wasn’t underweight. No unhealthily low BMI. I was totally average! But still, I wanted to cover my bases, so I toned it down with the running and swapped in a couple of elliptical sessions. Nowadays, I jog at a comfie, easy pace and only for about 45 minutes at a time, max. I do yoga (well, I’ve been a handful of times!). I take a couple of rest days a week. It feels pretty good, to be honest.

When I had my consultation with Dr. C, my RE, I brought up exercise. Was it possible my high-level of fitness had made me anovulatory? Chances are no, he said. After checking my bloodwork, he said it was very unlikely. In fact, he wanted me to continue exercising—it’s good for babymaking, he said. But, he doesn’t advise that I suddenly begin training for a marathon. Training for a marathon is not something you want to do when you’re trying to have a baby or are pregnant. I was happy to hear that. But if Dr. C had told me to stop exercising cold turkey in order to increase my chances of ovulating and getting preggers, I totally would’ve done it in a heart beat.

So, ahhh, I had a nice mellow run on the lake path this morning. And then I took my OPK. It was the SLIGHTEST bit darker than yesterday. I don’t know if something’s actually going on, but thank gosh it didn’t get lighter. Or stay the same color. Or go away! The slightly darker line coupled with the run meant I had a pretty great morning. It was far from a positive, but still, something is better than nothing!

It should be ovulating time right around now. Today is CD14. Soooo, c’mon Clomid! I’m trying really hard to be Zen about it. Maybe my body wants to give me a Halloween present tomorrow?! 🙂



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6 responses to “Exercise + Endorphins = The Best!

  1. Happy to start following your journey!

    Here’s wishing you the best Halloween tomorrow… Fingers crossed for a positive opk!!

    • Hi Stef! Yay for H’ween, hope you have a great one. No matter how unresponsive my body can feel these days, I know one thing that it def responds to: sweets! I love the candy corn.

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment. I am so excited you started this blog. It helps so much to go on this frustrating journey together. I will definately be following!!

    • Awesome to see you here. I’m sorta starting in the…middle….but I guess there’s no other place to begin?! 🙂 Thank you for following along!! I love your happy/funny/lovely writing, I’ll be reading along with you, too.

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