Just vegging

Oh my gosh you guys, I know how this looks. Posting on a Friday night! The truth is, my job has changed a bit lately and since I don’t leave the office til close to 8pm most Friday nights, the hubs and I have taken to just chillin’ at home. It’s all good. We like cooking, queuing up the DVR for all the stuff we missed during the week (y’know, 30 Rock, Top Chef, Mad Men, Project Runway…our faves!), then hanging together and basically decompressing. It’s nice.

Tonight, we’re making pizza. Homemade dough (it’s a cinch, I promise!) some veggies (‘shrooms, red pepper, onion, jaleps) and light on the mozzie cheese. We make this at least once a week, so I already know it’s going to be good.

Anyway, nights like tonight, I have to pause and reflect that…life is good. I know that sounds horribly hokey. But it’s true. I’m so lucky to have a job I love, and to come home to a cutie hubs who is totally cool with just vegging with our veggie ‘za. We have done the whole party/bars scene (umm, a lot of it), and over the past couple of years we’ve sorta slowly morphed into this couple that usually cooks in. We’re not total hermits! We do still like to go out and see our friends…get our drink on every once and a while, all that good stuff, f course. But we’ve become pretty mellow. We work hard, we….hang out hard?

Tomorrow is our nine year anniversary. Not of being married, but of being together. Nine years is a long time! “That’s almost a third of your life!” my Dad would say. (Actually, he’d have calculated out the exact fraction, to the day. Umm, stay tuned for an update on that, maybe I’ll put it into Excel or something before the end of this post.) It’s weird to think about. It’s weird to me I have dear friends who have met, married, conceived, and started raising kids in the time my hubs and I am have been together. Part of me is like, What in the world have we been doing all this time!?

We’ve been seeing friends. Running marathons. Going to grad school. Visiting our families. Moving. Changing jobs. Working. Traveling. Cooking pizzas and eating them together. It may not sound crazy-substantial, but we’ve been up to some stuff!

Okay, I just figured it out. Hubs and I have been totally, blissfully, hugs-and-kisses-and-kittens-and-rainbows together for 29.45% of my life. You know what? Maybe that eggie is just waiting for me to reach the big 3-0%!!!!



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2 responses to “Just vegging

  1. We, like y’all, like to be home together. My job doesnt allow me to get home each night until 7:30 and it hard for us “old folk” to stay out late on weeknights. I do try to make it until 11 on weekends. What happened to staying out until 4am??? I don’t know how I did that!
    Happy 9 years of togetherdom.
    Have a great day!

    • Haha. I hear you! How did we do it? These days, the earlier I can be in bed the better.

      You have long days with the early AND late clients. On the upside, even when I stay at work til 8, I don’t have to be in the office until 930am. 🙂

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