On to the next!

My period has arrived. I’m not having much crampiness and this is about as light a “flow” as you can imagine, but it is legit, even if it’s a mini period. Yip yip yip!

Why am I so excited? Well, in case you couldn’t tell, I was soooo worried there wasn’t enough of a Progesterone spike to bring it on. I was trying hard not to be all doom and gloom, but the thought of waiting around for a no-show period—then going back on my old friend Provera—really, really had me down. But yep, my RE was right: The period came. Today is CD27, er, CD1. That seems like a nice, sorta normal-sounding cycle-length, right? So now it’s Clomid cycle #2, I am officially on to the next!

Now I realize my body didn’t do this on its own (thanks, Clomid, kisses!), but isn’t it nice when it does what it’s supposed to? (Hey body, please keep following directions when we start popping the 100mg pills, k? Please!!!! You will make me so happy if you do!!) By the way, I finally got in touch with a nurse on Tuesday with my CD21 follow-up Qs (I spoke to Gina, the really, really awesome/nice one) and she said my 3.5 number was GOOD. I told her I’d spent a lot of time researching this online and that the 3.5 didn’t seem good according to ANY OTHER source. She said I need to remember my body is MY body and I have a doctor treating MY situation. Everyone is different, yada yada.

She also informed me there was a chance I could be preggo based on the 3.5 reading. What the what?! I didn’t really believe her, to be totally honest, but it was comforting to have someone rooting for a cycle I’d long since written off.

Anyway, now I wait for Dr. C’s orders. Gina mentioned on Tuesday that they will likely up the monitoring this cycle (from zilch to somethin’), which I am ALL FOR, and that we’d probably up the dosage to 100mg Clomid, too. Great, bring it on! I’m ready to start fattening up some follies. Let’s do this!



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8 responses to “On to the next!

  1. That is so true that your doc is treating your body. We are ALL different and it makes no sense at all. I am hopeful for this cycle for y’all. Come on follies, get big and fat!!!

  2. YAY for getting your period. Man, it’s weird to say that. But you’re one step ahead of me, at least 🙂

    Bring on the Clomid! And the big follies and ovulation and all that good stuff! Woot woot!

  3. Glad you had a *normal* cycle and are ready to move on to round 2 of Clomid. Hopefully 100mg will do the trick. It’s strange because my progesterone on 100mg was about half what it was on 50mg. I think your doc is absolutely right that it’s your body – and also I think progesterone levels rise and fall pretty rapidly.
    Thanks for posting the info from your doc. It gives me hope that this round of Clomid will do the trick for me, too!

  4. I found this interesting:
    The luteal phase of the menstrual cycle is characterized by high circulating progesterone concentrations. The uterine endometrium undergoes structural changes in the presence of progesterone that can be seen histologically (under the microscope). Pathologists can date the endometrium with respect to the day of ovulation with good accuracy. Therefore, a luteal phase endometrial biopsy has been used to confirm ovulation. Also, a random serum progesterone concentration in the luteal phase may confirm ovulation. One disadvantage of the random serum progesterone concentration is that the level is pulsatile with large changes every 5-15 minutes, so that if you obtained 3 different serum levels on the same day you could receive three very different concentrations. Cutoffs for deciding that ovulation has occurred are controversial with a wide range of accepted values from about 4 ng/mL to 10 ng/mL.

  5. Yay period! Man, I’d kill for a 26 day cycle…these 40, 50, 60 day cycles stink!

    So, I’m totally confused by the info your nurse gave you…

    I’ve read all of the same stuff you have about progesterone levels and what’s considered “normal.” If there’s no certain number that we need to reach to indicate ovulation, why even bother with the bloodtests? Strange. (Just like APlusB, I’ve read that they fluctuate throughout the day and that they are most accurate in the morning after fasting.)

    Also, I’ve read that progesterone levels can not be used as an indication of pregnancy– only that levels need to be at least around 10 to maintain a pregnancy. In fact the drug fact sheet that comes with my Prometrium says, “Progesterone must not be used to test for pregnancy.”

    It’s frustrating when so many sources give us such different information!!

  6. Al

    Glad you had a normal cycle and you can start again in a few days with a higher Clomid dose. I’m also confused on what my Progesterone level should be, I got 13.5 on my first cycle of clomid, which the OB/GYN office said was good, but the RE said she wants to see it higher than 15. I’m excited that next cycle I’ll actually have some monitoring done so I actually know one way or another..

  7. Zuly

    Im so happy that you got your period!!! I also got it two days ago and started on Clomid today =). I went to the doctor for a sonogram and everything looks awesome!!! Need to go back on Nov 22nd to see how many follicles I have..I hope a few mature ones. Good luck!!!!

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