Taking a chill pill

Dr. C called. No Clomid for me tonight, my friends. He concurs with Dr. Conservative K. Connie’s instincts that it’s just not worth the risk of provoking this cyst/follicle thing I’ve got going on. I took the news calmly and thanked him for calling. (And then thought of, like, 15 questions I could’ve asked him about other stuff, gaw!)


Here is the thing: As I was reading about this stuff on Sunday, I began to veer toward Dr. K’s team and actually started freaking myself out that Dr. C was going to say it was cool to go forward if I wanted to. (I know, I am crazy.) When you have a cyst, there’s potential for it to suck up allllll of the good stimulatory hormones. And if that happens, it grows and grows and the little follicles holding legit eggies, the ones who really should be growing, don’t get to.  In that scenario this cycle would be a bust PLUS I could have a residual cyst at the start of the NEXT one, too, delaying an honest-to-goodness potentially-awesome cycle until, like, February-ish…and that would be such a bummer. Did you get all of that?! 🙂

Plus, despite my rash reaction on Friday, I have now accepted that in the grand scheme of life this is totally Not. A. Big. Deal. But I would VERY much like to be preggers rightthisverysecond, so taking a month off with no action feels a little, um, painful. HOWEVER, I am moving on with high hopes! In an effort to find silver lining, here are five cool things about this bump in the road….

1. I can drink over Thanksgiving weekend. Heyyyo! I know that makes me an awful TTCer (and a lush, haha) but I do love red vino. Isn’t it delicious with turkey and mashed potatoes? Yes it is. And hubs and I will be taking the train up to NYC, to hang with our college friends, after spending two nights with his family: It will be nice to partake in some pint glass–clinking with our best buddies.

2. I can go running with my friends over Thanksgiving weekend. My RE has said running is 100% fine while TTC, and I have continued to do it (chilling out on my pace and distance). However, around ovulation time, I think I would naturally try to be as gentle and quiet as possible with my body. (It’s hard to know how I would feel since I have yet to ovulate, but this is a hunch.) My two favorite running pals IN THE WORLD will be in NYC over Thanksgiving weekend and I will now plan jogs in Central Park with them. Yip!

3. I get to choose when my next cycle begins. This is key because of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays coming up. If I’m in and out of the RE for ultrasounds and bloodwork, I want to make sure that stuff lands on days the office is actually open. Plus, hubs and I are flying to visit my fam for a few days around Christmas, and I don’t want to feel stressed that I should be, just for instance, getting inseminated by a syringe or something when I’m decking the halls and making merry with my folks and sibs. Cuz, you know, that is the type of thing that I WOULD obsess over. Tonight I’m going to pull out the calendar and back into the ideal time to start the Provera.

4. There is a chance that I could ovulate all by myself this month. I know it is a VERY VERY VERY slim chance. (Hubs is more optimistic.) But wouldn’t that be neato? Listen, I don’t have my hopes up and I haven’t decided whether I’ll even use OPKs or what. But hey, WHAT IF?

5. I get the peace of mind that next cycle, ALL SYSTEMS WILL BE GO GO GO! ‘Nuf said.



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4 responses to “Taking a chill pill

  1. Well horse S^&*! I had everything crossed today, BUT you are right. In the grand scheme, it is a small pebble in the road, although its annoying!
    I love love love the positiveness! Wine, running, and your timing. YES, PLEASE!!! I’m with hubby and am still optimistic about you O’ing by yourself.

  2. Way to stay positive!!! It’s always great to think of all of the things you CAN do while you’re waiting for your next cycle. I’m so glad that the holidays are coming up– while I’m super anxious for my RE appointment, I know next week will fly by because of Thanksgiving. Hopefully this cycle will fly by for you, too!

  3. Al

    That’s five great positives for taking the cycle off, good for you on seeing the bright side of the minor setback. You’ll get to enjoy the vino at Thanksgiving guilt-free..enjoy!!

  4. YES. Right on, sister. Wine, running, and being completely in control of your calendar. A “Type A” girl’s dream! LIVE IT UP!

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