The countdown to cycle #2 begins!

T-minus 18 days to Provera…

I am a deadline-oriented, to-do list–making, type-A kinda girl. I’m betting that a lot of us in this situation are. 🙂 Anyway, given my time in the penalty box this month, I wanted some concrete dates in mind to look forward to….namely, when the heck can I start that Provera!?!

So last night, in between roasting butternut squash halves and making a beet/pinenuts/arugula salad (don’t you just LOVE fall veggies?!) for dinner, I pulled up the old excel app on my laptop and got cracking on picking my ideal IUI* date in December, so I could back into all of the other important stuff (the biggie: when I might ovulate).

This was kinda hard. For starters, it’s not an exact science a lot of guesswork. I’m taking different doses of everything (seven days Provera instead of 10; 100mg Clomid instead of 50mg) so I don’t know how my body will react. Throw in weekends (my RE’s office is closed), holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas and NYD all fall on weekdays) and you can see this is quite the puzzle. Of course, we could delay the cycle so all the appointments fall in January. But hubs and I want to get cracking ASAP.

After some sighing and loud keyboard clanking as I toyed with these dates, hubs came to my rescue (the guy knows his way around an excel spreadsheet!). He built a nifty little model that allowed me to plug in my Provera start date, which then spit out an expected ovulation date. NEAT-O! I’m pasting our little masterpiece below. It looks like beginning Provera on Saturday, December 5 is the ideal date…and hopefully the subsequent dates (CD1, ovulation, IUI, etc) fall where they should. We shall see!

Start Date 12/5/09                 Days on Provera 7

Period 12/15/09                Days after Provera to CD1 3

Ovulation 12/29/09              Days from CD1 to Ovulation 14

In other news, I have decided I’ll do OPKs from CD12–CD18ish this cycle. I will also look for, ahem, signals that my body has magically decided to ovulate. I’m not expecting a miracle, folks, but hubs and I will keep practicing just in case. And if I DO think I’m ovulating, I will obviously postpone the Provera. (Dr. C and the nurse said I can take it as early as CD21 in order to keep some semblance of a regular cycle.)

*You may remember the idea of IUI freaked me just a bit out last week. But now that I’m sitting out a cycle AND given that it comes with my fancy-pants, all-you-can-eat-and-drink package at the RE, we’re going for it. We’re aiming for the fences in cycle #2!!!



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5 responses to “The countdown to cycle #2 begins!

  1. I love a good plan. I am all about lists and schedules!! Sometimes too much, but eh that’s me. Figuring out my body has been the best and the worst thing I have learned to do, being that I can be a wee obsessive. All in all, it does easy your mind to see +OPK and get the party started!!

  2. YES! Awesome plan. Rock on. And you’ll be babymaking around New Years, wahoo!

    In the meantime, enjoy yourself!

  3. You know, it’s pretty cool that you get to plan the date of your IUI and everything that goes along with it. You can have a new year’s baby!!
    PS I made the appt. with the acupuncturist for Saturday!!

  4. Al

    It is awesome that you get to plan this and you’re excited about the IUI. I’m nervous / weirded out/ excited too. I think we’ll be IUI buddies next cycle, I’ll be about 4 or 5 days ahead of you :-).

  5. Thanks girlz!

    Courtney, that is exactly why I’ve refrained from BBTing. I am already so type-A about this stuff, I think it might open Pandora’s Box. 🙂

    Kate, thank you! I do plan to enjoy the next 17 days. Fortunately, I think the T’giving weekend will make it seem shorter than a normal 17 days?

    A, awesome on the acupuncture. You have to let me know how it goes. The place is not super swanky, but I got a great vibe there.

    Al, yay, cycle buddies! I will be hanging on your every word around IUI time. 🙂 It’s a relief that you’re feeling psyched/weirded out, too. How does your hubs feel about it? Mine is not as excited as I am. Shocker!

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