Seven is my lucky number!

I have fun news. Hilarious, charming, all around GOOD EGG Courtney over at RWT has awarded me this Kreativ Blog award. I am knocked right off my rocker! Thank you so much, Friend! You rock. First, I am given the plumb task of awarding the blog award to 7 other bloggies. My props to the talented Al, A, Kate, Jill, Trinity, Meg and Holly. If you have already gotten this award once, I am sorry, but I am still pretty new to blog-land and you get it AGAIN! You are that great! Fabulous writers, amazing story-tellers and uplifting bloggies. Yay!

Now I will fulfill part two of this great honor. Seven things about myself that others may not know!

1. I’m a magazine addict. Recently, I’ve developed a weird obsession with reading about the people behind Ponzi schemes (those crazy financial scams that have been all over the news lately) in magazines like Vanity Fair.

2. I love hoodie sweatshirts. I have at least half a dozen…in gray, black, blue, green polka dot, etc etc.

3. I have zero sense of direction. I was born without that internal compass everyone else got. It’s a little bit ridiculous how navigationally-challenged I am, I will admit it.

4. My favorite kind of flower? Yellow roses. My Mom always has fresh ones in a vase on my bedside table when I go home to visit. Daisies are a close second.

5. My hubs and I had our first kiss over a skillet of scrambled eggs he cooked for us in the middle of the night. It was Halloween nine years ago. We have been cooking together ever since!

6. Once I discover a song I like, I play it over and over and over again on my Nano. Right now I am loving “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And I would like to add that, for the record, I found this song before it played on Gossip Girl and Community.

7. I believe in lucky charms and lucky numbers (mine is 7!). Two fave charms: First, a tiny plastic pink pig hubs gave me years ago, I always zip it into my pocket on marathon days. Second, a tiny green felt man called a “Pocket Pal,” which Santa put in my stocking many, many years ago. He has come with me to some very big life events—SATs, job interviews, etc. And I just had an epiphany: Clearly Pocket Pal will start accompanying me to the RE!



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4 responses to “Seven is my lucky number!

  1. Fun 7 things!!! Well it must be your lucky day to give out the award to 7 beauties and tell 7 fun Egg facts!!
    Thank you for the kind compliments. It never gets old to hear that your ramblings are actually liked!!!
    I love hoodies as well. As soon as I get home from work at the gym I put on sweats and a hoodie! i love comfort!
    I wear songs out as well, until I am sick to death of them.

  2. Thanks for the award, lady!

  3. Thanks for the award!
    Are we twins?? I LOVE Vanity Fair, it’s my absolute favorite magazine to buy for a plane trip. So juicy, yet not total garbage like the gossip magazines.

    Outside of work I live in hoodies – love them!

    And, I am a charm person as well…I often embarrass myself by stopping in the middle of a busy street to pick up a “lucky” penny. Then I keep it in that pocket forever, or until it comes out in the wash 🙂

  4. hollytraveling

    Thanks for the award. I’m honored. Also, fun reading your seven facts.

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