“Let the roller coaster ride begin!”

That’s what I said to hubs at 8am this morning after I popped my first of seven Provera pills. Haha. Poor guy! Actually, I really hope it isn’t a roller coaster. 🙂 I’m hoping to stay Zen, avoid meltdowns and even develop some mild confidence as the days go by.

A quick note: Today’s Provera pill came a few days earlier than I initially planned. It’s the earliest day the RE nurse suggested I take it. I did this in the **hopes** that I can ovulate before the RE’s office closes for four days at Christmas. I just felt in my bones like it was the right time to get this cycle rolling. Who knows if my “gut” is right—I had a “gut” feeling about beginning an awesome cycle #2 of Clomid three weeks ago and that turned out to be wrong. But I’m over that!

In all honesty, I am feeling a little bit nervous. (Not meltdown-y or emotional, just, you know, a teenie bit anxious.) I have no idea when I’ll get my period. I have no idea if that cystie went away. (Three weeks ago, I was sure this December cycle would be a go, but now that I’ve earned a couple of Google credits toward my M.A. in ovarian cysts, I realize this is NOT a sure thing.) I have no idea if I can take Clomid this month. I have no idea, if I can take it, if it will work.

But here I am, my friends. 🙂 Hubs and I are taking the plunge!



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6 responses to ““Let the roller coaster ride begin!”

  1. Al

    It is such a roller coaster ride. best of luck this cycle…I hope your cyst is gone and you O before xmas!! I’m hoping to stay zen this cycle too…but the clomid always makes that difficult.

    (And I love the MA in ovarian cysts. I’m working on an MA in High FSH from now on :-). )

  2. Cysto be-gone!! (waving my magic wand!)
    With all of us combined we have many degrees to share!!
    I feel it in my bones for you dear friend!

  3. I hope the provera doesn’t give you any issues. When I was on it, it didn’t bother me too much. I did a little better on prometerium which does the same thing. I hope your able to try this month.

  4. Zuly

    Hi, Im happy that you had an amazing time with friends and family! Good luck on this new cycle =) I also started the Provera yesterday so we are cycle buddies, Yayyy!

  5. Go with your gut – even if you’re not always right, at least you can feel good about the decision you’re making. And we all know these decisions are not easy.
    Good luck with the Provera and hopefully Clomid round 2!

  6. I hope, I hope, I hope this is the cycle for you. A little Christmas miracle. Follow your heart, as you are. Even if it doesn’t give you a BFP this time around, IT WILL. You’re on your way! Hang on and try to ENJOY the ride 🙂

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