Heating up

Happy Thursday everyone, how’s it going? Did you survive Hump Day without incident? I hope so! Looking forward to the weekend already? I am! We have a lot on tap and I have NO WORK to do (knock on wood) so it should be a super duper good one.

I’m on day three of Provera and feeling just fine (thanks for asking!). I started temping about a week ago and the past two days my temps have spiked uber-high. This morning, I nearly fell off the bed when I saw how high it was! Some quick Googling assured me that 1) no, this is not a fluke that my temps are suddenly up, and 2) no, I didn’t magically ovulate right before beginning the medicine—the Progesterone is literally causing that spike, just like it does after ovulation (something I have yet to experience, obviously!).

So, that was a pretty neat discovery. To be honest, I’ve been harboring the private suspicion that temping and charts are a lot of hocus pocus—but I know I’m biased because I had a flat as a pancake chart when I tried temping over the summer. It’s cool to see my body doing what it’s “supposed to do” (not all by itself, but I’ll take what I can get!).

Anyway, I’m keeping myself busy and doing my best not to think about the elephants in the room (when will my period come?! will the cyst be gone?! will 100mg Clomid work?!). As I’ve mentioned before, hubs and I love to cook. And we looove to watch cooking shows!! Last night, we carried out our weekly tradition of watching Top Chef with two of his classmates. Every week, the three of them get together at school and scribble down random food ingredients, then they each choose two or three out of a hat. Then we each make a dish utilizing all of those ingredients. (It’s our version of a QuickFire challenge.)

So, this week hubs drew corn, bacon and avocado. Mmmm. He came up with the fun idea making a salad (with fresh grilled corn, tomatoes, bacon, avocado, serano chiles for some HEAT and a honey/lime dressing). While it was a little summery for December, I enjoyed a night off root veggies and it was quite tasty! We had fun with our friends and took my mind off of cycle day counting. (But darnit if Padma isn’t sporting a big preggo belly for the finale eps—I tell you, it feels like everyone is pregnant!!!)

In other news, I worked out this morning. I ran for 19 minutes, snail slow. Holy moly you guys, that was like NOTHING for me. 🙂 I got back home and hubs was like, “I didn’t even know you’d left yet?!” It was pretty funny. I’ve been reading a lot about exercise, on blogs and medical sites and what have you, and my feeling at the moment is, “It can’t hurt to cut back.”

One more tidbit. One of my bosses is out of the office today because his wife gave birth to their second little girl last night! This fan-tabulous news is making the whole office BUZZ with baby talk and chatting about pitching in on group baby presents and blah blah blah. I’m putting on my happy face and I’m truly joyful for them. Just having a minor case of the holy-crap-I-cannot-wait-until-that-is-MEs! You know, typical stuff. No biggie. 🙂 Have a great day everyone!



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4 responses to “Heating up

  1. Glad the provera is treating you well. I never really did the whole charting/temping thing. My charts were always over the place and never made any sense. That is really cool what your hubby and his friends do. I love watching cooking shows – do you ever watch Iron chef? I like the japanese version better. I would love to be able to taste some of the things they make.

  2. Al

    I used to harbor those same suspicions about temping, but it’s been on par with OPKs for me every cycle I’ve used both. I hope you see a beautiful chart next month on 100 mg of clomid!

    I think you have the right idea with exercise – just cut back the intensity and add in other exercises – yoga, pilates. I used to be an exercise-aholic too, literally would feel crazy if I didn’t work out at least 6 times a week – but your body will adjust. Good luck!

    Oh and that salad sounds delicious – very cool tradition your hubs has :-).

  3. I was skeptical the first time I chart because I had nothing to base it on. After, that I started to see somewhat of a pattern.
    I have heard both sides. Some say don’t do it and some say it is very telling. I say do what you think is best for YOU.
    I’m sorry about the baby buzz! It will be ALL ABOUT YOU ONE DAY SOON.

  4. Zuly

    That will be you very very soon!!! Im not really running anymore either what im doing is spinning and yoga and I feel great. It depends how you feel after your run if you are fine than your body is ok with it.

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