And we’re off!

I woke up at 5:40am this morning to head to the RE’s office for my CD3 baseline work. The last time I got up this early on a weekend, I was hitting the road to compete in a triathlon in some crazy-far-away suburb. Everything felt the same, I had my clothes laid out, the coffee pot set to be finished brewing by the time my alarm went off, a bag filled with my morning essentials (instead of power gels and extra hair rubberbands, my phone and checkbook). I walked into the pitch black, drizzly dawn and was the only one on the street.

It really felt like I was heading to a race. A marathon, a half-marathon, a triathlon, whatever. I’ve done so many dozens of early morning races, I could not shake that feeling.

At the RE’s office, I was one of only a few ladies being seen by a cheerful skeleton staff of nurses. I really liked the calmness and emptiness there this morning. I know I’ve been going on and on about how worried I am about the cyst that showed up last month—and whether it would go away on its own this month—but aside from regular ‘ol doc’s office jitters, I felt oddly at peace and also pretty darn sure I was going to kick some as$ in the ultrasound.

There was an RE on call today, which the nurse said was unusual, but he was there bright an early for procedure with another couple. Dr. A is a big jolly guy who’s bedside manor was absolutely awesome—he even came into the ultrasound room to check out how it was going while the tech did my exam. I have never had an actual doc in the room during an ultrasound! He was watching the screen saying things like, “beautiful!” and “everything looks great!” and other wonderfully positive observations. “You see those black spots?” he asked me, pointing toward my little follies on a big flat screen. “I like to think of those as your eggs lining up at the start line of a race, and they’re getting ready for a big run.”

Could he have said anything more PERFECT to a racing-obsessed runner/biker? Especially one who woke up FEELING like she was heading to a race start line? I heart Dr. A. 🙂

I’ll start popping 100mg Clomid today and then I’ll come back a week from tomorrow to see how it’s going. C’mon follies, dig in, this is what we’ve been training/practicing/working toward. 🙂 I hope one of you guys has a PR* in you.

*PR = personal record, as in, get big and strong a release a good egg!



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7 responses to “And we’re off!

  1. Al

    Glad your cyst is gone and you’re off to the races this cycle! Very cool that the doc came in a checked out your follies. Hope the cycle continues to go well!

  2. Yea for the cyst being gone. I hope the clomid treats you well and that you have a great cycle.

  3. Zuly

    Wohoooooooo!! So happy for you !!! Let the race beginning =) I start my clomid today as well we are totally cycle buddies.

  4. Yay!! Fingers crossed that this is the month you cross the finish line!!

  5. Relief! No more cyst! Bring on the clomid! I am so excited for this cycle.
    You are right, the doc couldn’t have said a more perfect statement!

  6. YAYEEEEEEE. So great. Awesome start to an awesome cycle! Go for it, girl!

  7. Awesome news!!!! Yay cycle buddies 🙂

    PS I left you an award on my blog…check it out when you get a chance.

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