Twas the week before Christmas…

I am staying pretty Zen and doing my best to not think about what’s (hopefully!) happnening with those little follies I saw on Sunday morning. It’s been a BUSY week between crazy work deadlines and holiday parties and shopping for/then shipping presents off to our families (who are spread out between four cities across the country!). Here’s what’s on my mind at the moment….

1. Ornaments! Every year hubs and I purchase one ornament that’s meaningful to us in some way, shape or form. They are usually pretty funny. Last year, it was a pizza slice from Sur La Table, in honor of our obsession with making our own pizza crust (we only make our own these days!). This year we found a little sparkly replica of the Colosseum in Rome. We were in Italy this spring (our 30th birthday present to ourselves!) and I fell in love with the city of Rome. Seeing the ancient ruins and catching sight of the Pantheon all lit up at night really took my breath away.

2. Christmas cookies! I baked some festive Christmas Sandwich cookies this week. They are a specialty in hubs’ house, and I was in the mood to try a new recipe. They are ADDICTIVE! The thick inner icing is so sugary that you absolutely cannot eat them before bed, or you’ll be bouncing off the walls. I think that’s the sign of a great cookie! 🙂

3. White Elephant! Tonight we have an annual holiday party at the apartment of one of my hubs’ classmates. It’s always a fun party (except for the fact that they don’t have to go work tomorrow morning, and I do!). His classmates are from all over the world so it’s an awesome, eclectic and fun group. The White Elephant gift exchange is pretty classy—we set a limit of $25 and no one brings crappy presents. We picked up a building from the new LEGO architecture series this year. I hope it’ll be a hit!

4. Caramel cake! My hubby’s parents both grew up in the South, where the recipes are always full-of history and full-on DELICIOUS! Since hubs was a little kiddo, his Mom and Dad have baked him a caramel cake on his bday, which is Christmas Eve. On years we fly to my family’s home for the holidays, like we will this year, my Mom and I roll up our sleeves and make him the cake. It’s a tough recipe, there is a lot of wailing and wringing of hands, but it’s always a total blast.

5. Beer! Last year for a Christmas/Bday present, I got hubs all of the buckets and valves and tubes and ingredients he would need to brew his own beer. Such a hit!!! He has brewed half a dozen batches (each about 50 bottles worth) over the past year. Right now he’s making a wintery Milk Stout. I hope it turns out great—we’ll bottle it the night we return home from visiting my family.



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7 responses to “Twas the week before Christmas…

  1. Al

    1) I love ornaments too, I had the hardest time deciding which ones to get at Christkindlmarket this weekend

    2) & 4) Yummm!! Would love to try to make these, feel free to post the recipes 😀

    5) My brother just got into this hobby..I bought him a secondary carboy and a recipe book for xmas yesterday. I was in awe at the store, seems like such a fun hobby.

    Glad you’re feeling zen and hope those baby follies are growin’!

  2. Zuly

    Rome is also one of my favorite cities =) Cant wait for monday!!

  3. We get a special ornament each year too! We are soulmate friends my dear EGG.
    That is so sweet of y’all to make his bday cake each year when y’all switch up. I know it is special for him!

  4. Mmm cookies and cake. I hope you have a great time at the party and continue to stay busy. Good luck!

  5. Those cookies look divine! Will you share the recipe? I’m a big frosting fan, so I think they’d be right up my alley!

    The LEGO is an awesome gift – I’m going to get my dad one of the architecture sets for x-mas now. He’s going to love it.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I second wanting a recipe for those cookies! They look sooo good.

    Oh, and that LEGO set is beyond cool. I bet everyone was going nuts for it. And I think we’ll be taking the same gift for ours, too. So thanks!

  7. That LEGO set is awesome! I had no idea that they did anything but Star Wars and Harry Potter sets anymore!!! =) I’ll have to find one of them for *me*!

    Anyway, that carmel cake looks delicious (and that is not only because I’m commenting before lunch!) and the cookies look festive. I love me some icing!

    Merry Christmas, Happy birthday to the hubby and Happy ICLW!!!

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