Gimpy, but going for it

First, a big congrats to Al at Mission: Motherhood for rocking the BFP this morning. Al’s baby-making blog is one of the first I began following and her news today lit me up from the inside out. It is, in a word, AWESOME!!!! 🙂

Okay, onto my CD13 update. I wore a bright red and green plaid shirt to the RE’s office this morning (it’s cute, I promise) and my knee-length argyle socks. This was an effort to put some “happy” into my aura. (I also wore jeans and white converse high tops. It was a casual day at work.) I CAN DO THIS, I kept thinking. I can take the bad news. I am strong. I am calm. JUST BREATHE. No matter what this ultrasound throws at me, just breathe.

The results were decent. I have two 17.5mm follies on the left side. My lining grew almost 1mm to 3.2. That’s still really thin, but, I mean, it’s growing. I was shocked by that…I figured it’s be the exact same. So that’s awesome. Go body! Keep up the good work!

And the best part: I’m triggering tomorrow night. Yep, for his 31st bday, hubs will be giving me that magical Ovidrel shot. (Hey, it beats having to do his biz in a cup for an IUI on the morning of his birthday!) Because of the way this all worked out timing-wise, we are not doing the IUI this cycle. And I am completely cool with that. For all of my attempts to control/plan/take charge of my important cycle days, it just didn’t pan out that way. The good news is that hubs has great swimmers so we can spend the weekend gettin’ busy under my parents’ roof. 🙂

The nurse said it’s too late to do anything about my lining. (My Googling suggests otherwise, but whatevs.) She said there are two kinds of docs, those who think lining is a big deal, and those who don’t. Dr. C doesn’t think it’s a deal-breaker. She said if we conceive and it’s a good embryo, it’ll find a way to stick. Plus, the lining may thicken up a bit more before ovulation. Those are the POSITIVES. The obvious negative is that a thin lining is not as nourishing, soft and welcoming to any good eggs floating around looking for a place to get comfy. And the two maturing follies are not big fatties at the moment.

I’m not saying any of that to be a downer, I’m just being realistic. My TTC defense mechanism is alive and well….I’m gimpy this cycle. But NEXT time? Maybe my odds will be up. Dr. C will prescribe something to counteract the thin lining Clomid causes in me. We won’t be traveling so we can IUI if we want. At minimum, we’ve LEARNED from this cycle, right? Right!

But still. I admit that I really, really, really want it to work. I’m going to enjoy the weekend with my parents, siblings, friends. And I’m going to have lots and lots of fun with my wonderful hubby. 🙂 And that, my friends, is that! Thank you all so much for the support and comments, it has helped me through a roller coaster of a week. Merry Christmas!!



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10 responses to “Gimpy, but going for it

  1. Al

    Thank you for the shout out and the support!

    I’m glad things are looking better and your body is responding. Two 17.5 mm follies sounds good…you have a shot this month! Yea! Have fun trying yourselves this month ;-).

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your family!

  2. What a fabulously positive post, Egg!! You sound so happy and encouraged by this news from your doc– that, combined with Al’s great news today is enough to lift my cranky spirits!

    Have getting it on at your parents’ house & Merry Christmas, hon!

  3. Here’s to lotsa holiday BD action! 🙂 (Grow lining grow!) Have a very merry Christmas!

  4. Yea for the good news 😉 Did they give you progesterone in some form to thicken your lining?

  5. Don’t ever give up/

    I am totally barren and after nearly 2 decades of praying hoping and wishing, have two incredible miracle twin sons in my arms. Via traditional surrogacy.

    I am proof of miracles.

    Blessings to you in the new year.

  6. Get bizay my sweet friend! happy Birthday to Mr. Egg!!!! Good thoughts to you friend!!

  7. Yay for moving forward with this cycle!! Hope your lining decides to cooperate STAT and really really hope this cycle is the one! Good luck with the Ovidrel shot.
    Merry Christmas Egg!!

  8. I’m visiting from ICLW. Sounds like good things are happening this cycle for you! Your lining should thicken on its own after O. Fingers crossed for you!

  9. babybaker

    good luck! i hope the clomid and ovidrel do the trick! it would make such a wonderful belated bday gift to your DH. 🙂

    are you on progesterone after ovulation? might help you feel better about your lining if you’re not.


  10. You have a great attitude. I think I need to inject some of your positive spirit into my own. Best wishes on this cycle and I’ll be following along.

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