I’m smitten…

….with Baby A. She is the cutest thing in the world. She is 17-months-old and she smiles, and smiles, and smiles. She totters around on wobbly, chubby little legs. She sports an adorable pot belly under striped pink sweaters. She wears footie jammies to bed. Her bangs fall into her eyes unless her Mommy scoops them up into a whale spout atop her head.

She says words like, “Oh, dear!” and “tiger” and “door” and “dadda.” She loves doing “work” on my laptop. She sleeps through the night. She smiles, and smiles and smiles.

My heart swelled watching my hubs play with her. She was mesmerized by him. And his beard. She waved hello to him every time he walked in the room. It was beyond cute!!

We played with her all afternoon, watched her take a bath, eat dinner, hit the sack (6:30pm!), then played with her for two hours this morning until she and her parents took off for Baby A’s visit with her great-grandma.

This adorable child absolutely meeeeeelted me. I’m 4DPO, perhaps a tad emotional, and more ready than EVER to get preggo so hubs and I can have our own little Baby A. 🙂 I didn’t think it was POSSIBLE, but my heart aches all the more for my own little one!



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4 responses to “I’m smitten…

  1. Aw, so adorable! I love the ponytail on the top of her head – too cute! Doesn’t seeing your hubs with a baby just melt your heart?

  2. She’s adorable, but I’ll bet you and DH’s baby will be even cuter! 🙂

  3. She is sweet!!!! Just think how much more you will love your baby egg?!?!?!? You are going to be a great mommy bestie!!

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