My year in review

Sometimes I wonder what the heck I did with myself before I had TTC crap to Google, RE’s appointments to drive to, Clomid to pop.

Looking back on my past year, the biggest shocker is how much my priorities changed from the first half of the year to the second. From January through July, I was all about running, riding and swimming. From August on, it’s been all about friends, family and nesting. I hope next year is all about pregnancy. 🙂

January Began training for the Boston Marathon. Felt very hardcore as I ran through the ice, the snow and on the treadmill.

Februrary Went skiing with my hubs and his family in Colorado. Woke up before skiing each morning to log treadmill miles at altitude. Hardcore.

March Ran my hilliest half-marathon ever, and in record time. Smiled for two days straight.

April Was scared sh*tless about running the Boston Marathon, didn’t feel fast or strong or confident. Ran through the fear to my best marathon finish. Smiled for two weeks straight.

May Went to Italy with hubs to celebrate our 30th birthdays. Officially fell in love with Rome. And the Pantheon. In a word: obsessed.

June Do my first-ever 100-mile bike ride.

July Complete a Half-Ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.2 mile run). Decide I will never do another. 🙂

August Spend a few days in Florida with some of our best friends from college.

September Celebrate my Dad’s 60th birthday with my hubs, Mom, Dad and all of my siblings. My Dad’s one request: That we all pose for family portraits in the backyard.

October Celebrate ninth anniversary with hubs on Halloween.

November Visit our best friends in NYC the weekend after Thanksgiving. AND, get a headboard! Finally feel like I’m sort of an adult, even without a baby. 🙂

December Home for the holidays. Play board games in front of the fire, go sledding, bake and cook like crazy.



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5 responses to “My year in review

  1. I loved reading your post. I am so hopeful for you! What an amazing year of travel and personal accomplishments.

  2. Secret Sloper

    You must be in incredible shape! These are some impressive things you did in 2009. Wow, I’m blown away.

    Happy New Year and the VERY best to you in 2010!

  3. Egg, you have SO MUCH to be proud of this past year!!! Just think of all of the things you got off your list so you can be ready for the “baby list!” You will have no regrets!!

  4. I am SO impressed with your athletic accomplishments!! That is so cool that you ran the Boston Marathon! I have only run a half and that’s definitely my limit. I’m a bit of a wimp 🙂
    And, Italy sounds amazing!!! B and I have been so many places, but not Italy. Hopefully we will change that in the next couple of years.
    Sounds like a great year – and 2010 will be even better because you will be pregnant! We will both be pregnant! Yay for positive thinking!
    Happy New Year, Egg!

  5. Zuly

    What a great year my friend! 2010 is going to be even better =)

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