Eggapalooza (or, how I spent NYD)

Although I feel zero pregnancy symptoms (no sore breasts, no tingly nipples, no crampiness, no stabbing implantation pains, no muscle twinges or tensing, no spotting, no backache, etc), I am being as kind as possible to my body right now, just in case. Which meant no drinking on NYE and, more challenging for me, almost zero cardio.

If you guys have been reading for a while, you know that I am wee bit addicted to the endorphin boost I get from working out. It is my sanity! And despite Dr. C saying that my exercise is not a problem, I have been really conscious about cutting back over the last few months. More easy ellip days and fewer runs. More easy rides on my bike trainer, less weight-lifting. More yoga, less cardio. This has been especially true during the two week wait, during which I’ve never broken a sweat.

So, having only done about 20 wimpy minutes on the ellip on Wednesday and nothing on Thursday, I jumped out of bed on NYD a firecracker of energy. I immediately set to work organizing my dressers and closets, filling trashbags with clothes and shoes I haven’t worn in ages (will ship to my Mom and little sis), stuff that needs to be mended, and stuff to be donated. It took most of the morning and part of the afternoon.

But I was just getting warmed up! Next, I drove to Target (god bless them for being open on a holiday) and bought some organizing bins for all of my present-wrapping materials (which have hitherto lived in random cardboard boxes in my study’s closet). I also picked up two new cute laundry baskets (all these years, we have been using the ghetto plastic ones we’ve had since COLLEGE! and I call myself a grown-up?!).

Back at home, I used the new three-drawer bin to organize my study closet. And then I set to work on my desk drawers, trashing all the unnecessary paperwork and knick-knacks. And then—at around the time we put our just-brined pulled pork dinner in the oven for our Egg & Hubs of Egg NYD dinner—I decluttered our medicine cabinet, bathroom shelves and drawers, which had all become a mess of makeup, lotions, SPF, spilled aspirin, etc etc.

IT FELT AMAZING! Hubs was checking out my handiwork in the bathroom when his eyes zeroed in on a box sitting next to my tampons on the top shelf. Condoms. He grabbed them and shook the box. We both burst out laughing. For years they had been our backup protection if I ever accidently missed a BC pill. Yeah, I was so sure that I’d definitely get knocked up after one or two late pills that we used condoms for a week after any such incident. Kind of unbelievable in retrospect, huh? We threw them in the trash. 🙂

Finally, at about 8:30pm, Eggapalooza came to and end. (That’s what hubs named it about seven hours into the cleaning/organizing frenzy.) I literally crashed on the couch in front of Iron Chef. I slept REALLY soundly last night.

I feel very happy about the state of the house! We have a few home decorating projects I would like to tackle this year (new draperies in the living room and dining room, more lamps), but I’m glad the stuff that bugs me on a daily basis is dealt with. YAY 2010!!!!

Do you ditch exercise during the 2ww? Do you change anything about your life when you’re post-ovulation?



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8 responses to “Eggapalooza (or, how I spent NYD)

  1. Doesn’t the beginning of a new year motivate you to get your life together? I get the same nesting instinct.

    Despite our house troubles, we did several home improvement projects over the past few days– we painted our kitchen (have wanted to do it since we moved in last year) and painted and framed a large chalkboard. I bought a spice rack yesterday to organize my cabinets and some large plastic boxes to organize our tupperwear. I have a piece of furniture I plan on refinishing.

    I’m going to be on a cleaning/washing/ organizing mission today and tomorrow.

  2. Zuly

    Hi, Im in the same boat not doing much cardio just walking and yoga it is so bla after a while. But only a few more days so hang in there =)

  3. Al

    I’ve been feeling the same urge to organize around here too, there is something about the new year that gets me in overhaul mode.

    Happy 2010!!

  4. Organizing is on my list today! Our medicine cabinet is in serious need of a revamp.
    As for exercise, I have really been laying off lately. Almost no tennis, no running, just the occasional elliptical or bike. Honestly, it’s more holiday laziness than anything. Although, my (our) acu told me yesterday NO running for the last week of the 2WW. She said maybe light bike and/or yoga.
    So much for my plans to get back into my exercise routine this week!

  5. Wow you got a lot done. Go you. I normally try to cut out caffeine and sweeteners. I don’t drink coffee or drink anyways so that doesn’t count.

  6. Nesting already???? haha
    That is awesome that you declutter the Egg-cienda.
    I did lay off exercise during the 2ww. I didn’t want to take any chances of the little one not latching on! I think it is up to each person though! I think laying off id workin for you, especially since you put your workout energy to cleaning the house!

  7. Red

    I can not bring myself to lie/sleep on my tummy during 2ww. Am scared of crushing any potential babies or preventing implantation. Silly though!


  8. ooooh I envy you! I wish I had that energy!! I feel mostly tired these days and tonight I even have a headache, all I want to do is relax. My house is a mess and I so need to do what you did to yours. It would make me feel better if I could.

    During the 2ww, I find myself avoiding any unnecessary lifting (even my DH tends to pick things up for me) and I haven’t been drinking. I’ve also been trying to teach my dogs not to jump up on me.

    Good luck girl! And thank you for the comment 🙂

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