It’s talk to Egg about your baby day…

I think I have a sign on me this very snowy morning that says “I would absolutely love to hear about your newborn/toddler/baby right now so please gush away!!”

On the elevator up to the office, a coworker with baby twins chatted me up rather suddenly. She wanted to explain why it is that she is so thrilled to be back at work. She’d spent the week off watching, feeding and playing with her twin babies and had been absolutely EXHAUSTED. Work is so much easier! Babies are so hard! I’m so lucky it’s just me and hubs!

As I settled into my desk, a coworker with a 19-month-old IMed me this out of the blue: “Q has sooo much personality these days. He climbs on chairs and couches every chance he gets. He keeps finding new ways to get into trouble but is so cute we can’t get too mad! I’m bringing him into the office soon!” That’s soooo cute! Great! I can’t wait to see him!

I walked to the break room for my third mug of coffee (more on that later) and my coworker with a four-month-old boy asked what we did for the holidays. “Flew home to Kansas City to see my parents and siblings, it was great!” I said, “How about you guys?” Instead of traveling to Boston like they do every year, they stayed in town for the first time EVER because they are “building their own family now.” Of course! Right! That’s so awesome!

Back at my desk, I clicked on my personal email account to find a blast from the past message from a former coworker. He was in the mood to talk about his toddler and to share some pics of her! Here is what HE had to say: “M is quite a little talker, it turns out – she’s not yet two and a half, and she’s totally verbal. The other day, she was enjoying a sucker, and she said, ‘This sucker feels warm in my tummy, daddy.’ Isn’t that funny? She loves all of the things a two-year-old should love – Elmo, Sesame Street, the various princesses, Olivia the pig, and so on. She kills me.” Oh, wow! Yes, so funny! That is so killer!!!!

I’m sorry, I’m being a total and complete JEEEEERK BAAAAALLLLLLL. All of these folks are AWESOME. I can understand why you’d gush about your baby, especially when you have cute holiday stories to share. I get it, because I want to gush about a baby I don’t even have! I don’t know, maybe it’s just in the water today. Maybe it’s because it’s snowing cats and dogs outside and they’re missing seeing their little cutie pies all bundled up? Or maybe it’s not about them at all, and it’s actually about ME BEING CRAZY-TOWN AND SUDDENLY NOTICING EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER HAS A BABY OR IS PREGNANT, EVEN CHARACTERS IN THE SEASON FOUR LOST RERUNS I’VE BEEN WATCHING LATELY?! Dunno. 🙂

Oh yeah, so I’m guzzling coffee again. Because my temp dropped all the way down to pre-ovulation levels today. Still no sign of my period, which is officially becoming annoying, but it’s just a matter of time. My luteal phase is already a day longer than it was on my last Clomid cycle, and that just proves the Rule of Egg: my body is stubbornly unpredictable. And to add injury to insult, because my RE’s office asked me to when I got my awesomely-misleading P4 results (just to me, of course), I took an HPT test this morning. We all know how that went down: BFN. Eh, whatever, it was not a crushing experience. I think the temping sorta prepares you for the blow, so you suffer little by little instead of getting punched in the stomach.



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8 responses to “It’s talk to Egg about your baby day…

  1. I loved this post– your sarcasm cracked me up. I feel the exact same way.

    I checked out your chart this morning– sad to see the sucky temp drop. Hope AF comes soon so that you can MOVE on to your first IUI! Wahooo!!

    My temps are still up but last cycle they crashed at 12dpo (tomorrow) and the previous cycle they dropped at 13dpo. If I make it to Sunday (15dpo) with no temp drop, I’ll test.

    Certainly not holding my breath, though.

  2. Al

    I’m sorry for the crappy day, egg. Why do these days ALWAYS coincide with a failed cycle!?! For me, after my temp drop there was always one of these days or a few FB pregnancy announcements. UGH.

    I loved that temping softens the blow of AF, it’s such a slow let down.

  3. Oh boy, that’s a lot to deal with. I sure am glad I’m working from home today. I know how hard it is to put on a happy face when faced with your own disappointment.
    I would never begrudge anyone for talking(bragging) about their kids, but sometimes the timing is just awful. I feel for ya!! Hang in there today 🙂

  4. Tarah

    Yeah – temping seems to help out with expecting the BFN. If my temps are going down my hope gets dragged right along with it!

    I wonder if maybe your co-workers are talking about their babies because they think it’s time for you to start breeding yourself. It might be their way of saying “Hey, join us in the craziness that is parenthood”. Little do they know…

    I know, it seems like everyone and their sister is getting pregnant right now. My sister is on #2 and told me “I was lucky I wasn’t pregnant because this pregnancy is soooo horrible”. I know she didn’t mean it the way it sounds but still…come on – you know I’m not having an easy time getting KU’d fertile mertile!

  5. *hugs* I’m sorry your having a crappy day and got a bfn. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

  6. Crappy people! I love the sarcasm. That’s how I get by when people are yapping and I’m not wanting hear it. But polite sarcasm is how I see it.
    I am so sorry Egg. I hope either 1 of 2 things.
    1. Your body is playing tricks on you and you will get a BFP in a few days.
    2. AF gets her A** her ASAP so we can start on a brand new cycle!
    Love and hugs!

  7. Secret Sloper

    God, how do they know to come crawling out of the woodwork just when we’re at our worst?

    Here’s to new cycles. At least we can always have hope.

  8. Gross. Note to self: NEVER be one of these people.

    You are hilarious. Good for your for at least finding something funny in all the bullsh*t.

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