Weighing in

I have stayed off the scale since I wrote this post. Mostly because I knew if I saw the number creeping up, I’d want to exercise more than I have been. And I’m trying to be very chill and kind to my body so it can do what it’s supposed to do: get pregnant and have a baby. (You hear that, BODY?!) But enough is enough, I can tell from the way my pants fit that I’ve put on some weight over the past few months. Lots of lazing around. Lots of Christmas cookie eating. Etc. So I stepped on the scale this morning…

The bad news: I weigh about 10 pounds more than I do at my marathon-ing/triathlon-ing weight. And about five pounds more than my maximum not-training-for-anything/winter weight.

The good news: Five pounds isn’t that bad. Right? I should be able to get rid of the pudge without amping up my workouts. Just nix desserts, snack less before dinner, eat smaller portions. (I looove to eat so of course this is a little easier said than done!)

I don’t mean to sound hyper-obsessed with my weight. I’m not. It’s just….I feel so blah emotionally these days with the way my cycles are not working out and then stopping altogether. And I also feel physically blah because my clothes aren’t fitting great and I’m not getting to clear my head with endophin-releasing runs. (The day after my period started last week and I was acting all distracted/distant/mopey, hubs said: “You need to go running.” He knows me, running is my mojo! I am running, just not much at all…I’ve been mostly riding my bike inside, super EZ.) Normally, if something in my life has me down, I find a race to run…and then I make a training plan and put all of my pent-up energy toward that endeavor and the bad karma melts away…and I feel accomplished and focused and happy. I like having a GOAL. I like to be doing something!

Unfortunately, I have no control over my ultimate goal of having a baby (no matter how intense my drive and how much energy I apply), so I need to find other ways to feel semi-normal! To shake the blahs! For my sanity’s sake! I’ll let you know when I figure out how to do that. 🙂



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13 responses to “Weighing in

  1. Tarah

    I wish I could run like that – I’m hoping to build up to it though. I’ll be on the treadmill at the gym because it’s way to freaking cold to run outside. Do you have any advice or pointers on how to get to a point where running a mile at a time doesn’t want to make me cry?

  2. Zuly

    My friend find a hobby, do you like cooking? Take a cooking class. They are a lot of fun =)

  3. I wish I had your drive… I have got to start an exercise routine and stick to it. I’ll never be as hard core as my DH (who bikes 75 miles a weekend and runs marathons) but I could really stand to get moving.

    In addition, other hobbies could offer you a sense of peace and distraction from the slight pause in baby-making. Like Zuly said, Cooking maybe? I like to sew– starting a new project and completing it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

  4. JC

    5 lbs is not bad at all. I agree you can lose that by cutting out some stuff (for me night eating!). I find that just cutting out some stuff works better than increasing my workouts…bc then I end up eating more, lol! I hope you find something to put all of your energy in. I really want to take a jewelry making class and start doing that but I haven’t found a class yet.

  5. You have been all zen the past month or so and that has worked for you, but your zen is running out! (No pun intended!) Your IDEAL ZEN is running and I say go for it. Your body needs that peace and tranquility!

  6. 5 lbs is no biggie…but I do know how you feel. I have definitely gained some weight in the past year (since getting serious about getting pregnant)… probably about 5 lbs. I am often tempted to revert back to my old dangerous habits of starving myself and over exercising to lose weight. I have to remind myself that a couple pounds is nothing compared to the gift of motherhood.
    Honestly, though? I don’t think running can be THAT bad. I agree with Courtney and if you need it, go for it. Just don’t over do it…no marathons, ok? 🙂

  7. Al

    5 pounds isn’t bad, hun! But I know what you mean when you say you need that endorphin kick. It really is like instant therapy…I say if you do one run to clear your head, esp on your on a break month…go for it.

  8. I say, RUN! It makes you happy, you’re not hurting anything by doing it. There’s nothing to say that you can’t run in moderation. Sure, cut back on the snacks and focus on losing those pesky 5 pounds… why not? It will make you feel better about yourself, and, being so healthy, it doesn’t seem like you’re the type to overdo it.

    Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried yoga or pilates before, but they are an awesome strength training workout without the high heartrate. Great for overall fitness and for babymaking (yoga moreso than pilates on that last one).

    If it makes you happy and it’s not blatantly hurting your babymaking body, DO IT.

  9. Ugh, I hear ya on the weight gain. I had a few people say I could stand to gain a few pounds, so I started eating whatever I wanted (assuming I’d being getting pregnant anyways…hah) and now a year later I just feel heavy and blah. So enough is enough, I started yoga last night and loved it! It felt good just to be doing something good for my body. I say go for it, if you have to break might as well do the things you love!!

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  11. Secret Sloper

    I’ve also gained 5 pounds in the last year since deciding to try to conceive. Just what we need when we’re trying to love our bodies, right?

    I’ve become determined to get into yoga, since I already eat reasonably healthy and don’t have any obvious diet culprits (like soda or snacks) to cut out. That’s my goal for February!

  12. hollytraveling

    I have a question and it may be way off base or maybe I’m out of the loop and I apologize if so. Have you been tested for PCOS? I ask because the lack of a natural cycle and the weight gain (which btw, is really minor). I assume you were on the pill prior to trying to get pregnant and the pill actually regulates PCOS symptoms. I have PCOS and am still really thin. That’s why I went undiagnosed for so long and just blood work didn’t reveal it. I had to do a fasting glucose. I have gained about 10 pounds or more since the adventure began (and though lately I’ve been eating like a pig), I didn’t really alter my diet much and was doing cardio each week. Again, my be way off, but thought I’d throw it out there. Not sure how that would or wouldn’t alter your treatment, but I can tell you that PCOS can throw temping off and can fool OPKs.

  13. I am just beginning to get into running. I’m hoping to finish a 5K in April, so I need to get on the ball.

    5 pounds does not sound like a lot of weight to lose, especially since you are already so active (or at least it sound like you are).

    I totally hear you about feeling ‘blah.’ I think my weight does the same thing to me, emotionally. I wish you luck on your weight loss and your baby journey!

    And a Happy ICLW to you as well! =)

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