Might as well

I am a big goof and subscribe to an “inspirational quote of the day” email. This one above popped into my inbox yesterday morning.

“Action is the antidote to despair.”—Joan Baez

Don’t worry, I am not in despair! But I am in waiting (did I mention that? hahaha), which tries my patience QUITE A BIT. I thought these were fitting words of wisdom on the heels of my Sunday darn-you-Clomid baseline-monitoring-appointment (yes, that’s how it will henceforth be known). Soooo, during the next few weeks of nothingness, I actually have some stuff on my plate. Might as well cross ’em off the list!

First up. I called the RE’s office and made an in-office consult appointment with Dr. C to discuss our course of action going forward. On the table: Is Clomid + Estrogen the best option for me given what we’ve learned? I have already started a memo with questions, concerns, etc. I thought I was a super-informed patient back in October when I first met with Dr. C—ha, I have come so far since then! I’m hoping hubs can accompany me this time because I have a tendency to get emotional in these meetings. (I got teary-eyed last time. And we hadn’t even BEGUN treatment! I know, I am so sensie.) And we need to stay on-point and get four months worth of questions answered!

Next. I asked Dr. C if I should maybe get that pesky HSG test I initially deferred because of insurance issues. I would have to pay for it. And given that I may need to invest in injectables sometime in the near-ish future, I don’t relish that thought. BUT, the more I invest in this process, the more I want to be sure I’m going to benefit from the treatment. How much would it suck to spend a small fortune on injectables and monitoring only to discover my tubes are blocked or something? (Please Lord, no blocked tubes.) Anyway, he had the nurse call back with the answer: YES, get the HSG. Okay, done. I’m doing it a week from tomorrow. Might as well make the most of an off month. (Anyone been through this with words of wisdom? Can I go back to work afterward or no? I’ve gotten mixed responses from people at the RE office on that.)

Third. I’m going to the dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup a week from today. Because I just can’t get enough of doctor’s offices! Haha. No, seriously, it’s been an embarrassingly long time since I got my toothers checked up. It’s time.

Finally. I will continue BBTing in case my leftover follie magically releases an egg. The attending doc at Sunday’s darn-you-Clomid baseline-monitoring-appointment recommended getting a CD21 P4 reading even on this non-medicated cycle, just to see if my body tried to ovulate. Interesting idea, right? That, combined with my consult with Dr. C, the HSG, and the dentist gives me some stuff to do this month. And you thought I was kidding when I told you I hated being inactive!!!!

Oh, and if the temps ever rise above freezing single digits in the early morning tundra where I live, I’m going to run my little heart out on the lake path, too. 🙂 Thank you for the awesome comments on that front. I love it when friends enable me to do the things I clearly really really really want to do. 🙂



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  1. I scheduled my HSG for the end of my work day, but I did that mostly because I had to drive to the main RE office (which is about 1.5hrs away) and this was the best way to miss the least amount of work possible. In terms of how I felt physically, I could have returned to work. I had some mild cramping, but it was manageable and was nothing worse than what I’ve had with my period. The whole thing lasted about 90 seconds–super quick. HOWEVER, in emotional terms, I was a wreck afterwards. My HSG was fine–no blockages–but even still I was a mess. This was the first “big” procedure I’d had for IF stuff, so it just made IF feel more real, if that makes any sense. If I had needed to go back to work afterwards, it is possible that it would have been a good distraction for me, since feeling a wreck was my own mind game.

    I love this quote, by the way! I was actually doing a bit of my own IF homework today, and it definitely feels good to be doing *something*.

  2. Hi! You asked about the HSG… I’ve heard everything from “I’d rather give birth six times without drugs than ever do that again” to “it was a little like AF cramps.” I think it’s different for everyone.

    But I was just fine after. During, it was what I like to refer to as “intense.” For about 30 seconds near the end of the test, one of my tubes was being uncooperative and I had to really focus on breathing slowly. But once the pressure was released, it was pretty painless. So my overall rating would be: uncomfortable but not intolerable.

    I work from home, so it wasn’t an issue, but I definitely could have gone back into an office if I worked in one. For me, it was no biggie.

    I hope it goes well and your tubes are all clear!

  3. Aw man, I totally skipped my 6 month dentist appt in November. I think i’m going to jump on your bandwagon and make an appt tomorrow! SO hate the dentist.

    As for the HSG, I was totally expecting the worst after reading all these horror stories online about how painful it was. Then to my suprise the procedure itself was super quick and I barely felt a thing, mostly just uncomfortable. I went during my lunch, and had no problems heading back into work.

    But similar to trinity I was still a total mess during it…i had to sit in the waiting room for about 30 min beforehand and got myself all worked up because it was my first real IF treatment and it just hit me I was entering a place I so didn’t want to be. I think they thought I was crazy cause I kept assuring them I was fine, as tears streamed down my face. But like you said better to know what you’re dealing with, and it was a huge relief to know I was all clear!

    Anywhoo, I think this is a fabulous plan of attack! Way to keep busy while you break.

  4. Everyone responds differently to those tests, but I recommend scheduling it for the end of the day and going home after or taking the day off work, just in case. I was in severe pain during and after the procedure, but some people don’t feel anything. Good luck! I hope you are pain (and blockage) free! 🙂

  5. rainingblossoms

    As to the HSG, I just had mine about a month ago. I had mine at the end of the day (very good idea) and brought my DH (a VERY good idea). The procedure set up took about 15 minutes and the actual test took about 4 minutes. I might as well tell you how it felt, not to scare you, but so you can be prepared.

    During the test, it was pretty painful (and I had taken 4 Advil about 1 hour before). It felt like the WORST cramps of my life, only magnified and drawn out. I had DH holding my hand, and that helped a little.

    I didn’t have any blockages, but it took a little longer for one of my tubes to “spill”.

    Afterwards, I had a lot of leakage (dye and blood), and I recommend that you bring a pad of your own choosing. The leaking/spotting continued for about 5 or so days.

    The cramps died down after the procedure, but continued on a smaller level for about 24 hours.

    My whole experience can be read at: http://rain-is-raining.blogspot.com/2009/12/hsg-hell.html

    I wish you the best!!! I hope yours isn’t as bad as mine was.

  6. Just to weigh in on the HSG – mine was almost painless. A little cramping during, but I was totally fine afterwards. And I think it’s a great idea to bring hubs to your RE appointment. I get so flustered during my appointments, it’s great to have a second set of ears to take it all in. Good luck!

  7. And you thought you were taking a break, you busy girl!!! Yay for all of your plans!

  8. I also wanted to respond to your question about whether I’ve used estrogen before to “fluff things up” (great visual there, btw, like my lining is a soft pillow!). I have not. This will be my first cycle with estrogen. The only other time I used an estrogen patch was at the end of an unmedicated cycle, CD21 to the end of the cycle (this was “estrogen priming” which I don’t fully understand, but was “quieting things down” before I started another medicated cycle). My period after this estrogen priming was much heavier than usual, although whether this was due to the estrogen or to it not being a medicated cycle I don’t know. I go in on Friday for my u/s (CD9), so we’ll see. Last CD9 my lining was 6.5mm so obviously I’m hoping for something better!

  9. The good thing about the HSG is that it is SO quick. It will be over before you know it. I was totally freaked out and was pleasantly surprised at how fast it was over. It does hurt, but just for a minute or two. Right when I started thinking “OW!” It was over. I took the whole day off, but definitely could have gone back to work. Why not treat yourself to an afternoon off? I went and got a pedicure 🙂 I even played tennis that night and ran a half marathon 3 days later. You’ll be fine and so relieved to know that your tubes are A-OK!

  10. Zuly

    My friend the HSG procedure for me was very very painful. The first time I fainted but than again Im a baby when it comes to pain. If you take pain pretty well than you should be fine. I totally recommend to have your hubby with you and also not to go back to work. I was in a lot of pain after the second time and an absolute mess. The test got me super sentimental. Take Advil or Tylenol an hour before so it won’t be as painful. But you can do it friend!! I hope your tubes are free of any blockage =)
    Im so happy that you are busy this month. Before you know it next cycle will be here. Yayyyyyy!!

  11. Heck yeah for a plan of attack!! Stay busy and productive!!!! It’s the only way to keep your head on straight!

  12. That is a lot to do, for sure! As far as the HSG goes…I had one many years ago that was fine and I went to work afterwards. However, the one I had last fall was pretty painful and I was glad to just go home and chill. I think it’s probably best to take the afternoon off after the test, just in case.

  13. That sounds like a great, proactive plan!

    The HSG for me was incredibly painful, but only for the minute or two that they were injecting the dye. After he pulled the catheter out, I felt nothing. No cramping, no spotting, no apocolypse (as I had sort of expected, judging by how much pain I was in during the actual procedure). I definitely could have gone back to work afterwards, although, I’ll be honest, it was emotionally DRAINING because I had worked myself up so much before/during the darn procedure.

    Best part about it, though — no waiting for results! You see your dye-filled uterus and all the tubes right there on the screen while it’s happening (well, I had my eyes squeezed shut while it was happening, trying not to cry, but the doc showed me the pretty pictures afterwards).

    I wrote a post on it too: http://thisplaceisnowahome.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/she-says-you-me-the-hsg/

  14. Tarah

    Good luck with everything – you never know what mother nature may have planned so never rule things out! I’m excited to hear about the test results though and how the experience was.

  15. Al

    I love the quote of the day and, Egg, you are living it! Good for you! I love your game plan and how on top of things you are – you are making the very best of the circumstances and putting your “break month” to good use.

    The HSG wasn’t too bad for me, it was quick and there was definite cramping during and after wards but nothing worse than a usual period. The gunk (dye) is kind gross though.

    Should be a good couple of days for a run around here, enjoy 🙂

  16. LTB

    Hey Egg! Sounds like you’ve got a good plan for this month! Enjoy your run! And also…enjoy the non-planned, totally spontaneous, non-stressful hubby lovin’ that you get with non-trying months!

  17. LTB

    Answers to your comment…my hubs did the injectibles the first cycle cause i was too wimpy but this morning he was sleeping in since he didn’t have to work today so I didn’t want to wake him up! So I did the deed myself! It wasn’t too bad! The injection itself doesn’t hurt but the stuff going in stings. Also after a few days your tummy starts to get bruised and that not only looks yucky but kinda hurts! I think last time I did injections for about 10 days. We’ll see how this cycle goes!

  18. It is awesome that I’m cycling again considering I didn’t have a period for a year – then Clomid brought it on and now I’ve had like 2 regular normal cycles in a row! Crazy 🙂 I’m lovin’ it!!

    I’m sorry to see you’re out this cycle – that just sucks man. I do hope that follie decides to do what it’s meant to do … I really can’t offer any advice or hope on that subject though. I don’t have any personal experience with that kind of situation.

    Hang in there kiddo!

  19. JC

    I feel you on being totally senstitive and getting all teary eyet. Happens to me all the time!

    I had a HSG done 2 months ago. Mine was not bad at all! I scheduled mine for the afternoon and didn’t go back to work. I also had my Mom drive and go with me b/c they said to have a driver in case you cramp up bad. But I didn’t cramp much, not too bad. DO take some ibu prophen/advil/tylenol (whatever you normally take) before, that helps w/ the cramping. But it is fast and the cramping doesn’t last too long. You will need to rest and be lazy for a day or so. I milked it and made my hubby wait on me ;).

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