What’s up with me

As I count down the days until I begin Provera and finally start cycling again (oh, no impatience here!), here is a bit of randomness, the stuff passing my time on this off (freaking) month. 🙂

Tomorrow afternoon hubs and I are going to a Chili Cook-Off! We have gone the past three years and it’s always a great time…sampling chilis, voting for our favorites, drinking beers. (Okay, you all know I SO wish I couldn’t drink beer right now, but I’ll tryyyyyy to enjoy it.)  Hubs makes a MEAN chili himself, so we have planned to cook up our own on Sunday. His recipe is pretty much perfect, but he always gets inspired by something at the cook-off so I’m sure our Sunday rendition will be tweaked just a bit!

The temps have been quite pleasant for January—we’re talking 20s instead of single digits—and I have been taking advantage of the warm spell and running outside. My current workout sked: Three days of running outdoors, one day riding my bike indoors, one day of ellip or yoga super EZ and one day of light lifting. It’s feeling good….nothing crazy, but enough to keep me sane and buzzing with endorphins.

I have a couple of Christmas gift cards I need to use—one to Anthropologie and one to lululemon. Do you want to know something crazy? I have been putting off using them because I wanted to treat myself to some cutie preggo something-or-other in a few months. Every month that goes by on the sidelines or with a BFN, I wonder why I deprive myself of a cute new something I could wear NOW! 🙂

My hubs makes me (and my siblings and his sibs) a couple of CDs every year for Christmas. It’s all music he has discovered over the year from various secret sources. Each CD is different, customized just for that person and their tastes and personality. Oh, they are awesome, I look forward to them each year. Right now I am totally digging The Dutchess and the Duke, which made an appearance on one of my CDs. Check them out. You will not be sorry. My fave song by them, at this moment, is Scorpio.

My all-time fave female athlete is American runner Kara Goucher. I. LOVE. HER. After the mararthon world championships in August, she publicly announced she was taking a break to start a family. I recently Googled to see if the media has caught wind of her being knocked up. So far, no news of that. Since her entire life and income revolve around running at an elite level (something she can’t do while TTC or being preggo), I wonder what the pressure to make a baby must be like. Brutal, I’m sure.



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18 responses to “What’s up with me

  1. What a great workout schedule and a great weekend planned– chili (mmm!) & shopping (fun!).

    I’m definitely going to check out The Dutchess and the Duke! My DH is totally into discovering new music & he finds some great stuff.

    Congrats on the HSG & come on Provera!!!

  2. Oh yeah, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be under THAT kind of pressure to get pregnant. You’re so right – it must be brutal. 🙂
    Great post.
    Used my Christmas gift card to buy jeans in the hopes that they’ll be the jeans I try to fit back into post-pregnancy!
    Enjoy the chili-off!

  3. JC

    Have fun at the chili cook-off! That sounds fun and yummy, I’m jealous! I like Anthropologie too, my bro has gotten me some clothes from there for xmas and my bday, so cute!

  4. I used to do the CD thing too, but people were not appreciative enough of my efforts. That IS a great song! I hope you get to use one of your gift certificates this weekend–maybe getting something really tight will mean you’ll get pregnant immediately, life being contrary.

  5. The CD gift is such a great and special gift. How sweet!

    I love the workout schedule! It works for you and it is what you love. You need that right now!

    Yum chili! It’s one of my fave foods. Jealous of the cook-off! Have a great time and drink a beer for me!

  6. Yum… chili! Have a great time at the cook off! I LOVE Anthropologie, too, and can’t wait to buy maternity clothes. I specifically didn’t ask for any clothing items or gift cards to clothing stores this Christmas in hopes that this will be our year.

    Have a great weekend! Enjoy the beer. 🙂

  7. That picture of chili looks yum. Sounds like a great time. I am ashamed to admit I had to google both of those stores to find out what they were 🙂

  8. Well, hello right back at ya! Just so you know, you are making me feel super lazy right now. I hope you can live with yourself for that, bc I have no intentions of exercising my fat ass off this couch. Lol!

    I hope you can at least pretend you are enjoying drinking beer at the cook-off, just so you don’t make everyone else feel all awkward and stuff. Sounds like good times to me. The chili, I mean, not the beer, bc I don’t like beer. I’m more refined, with my little finger up in the air, drinking a glass of Pinot Noir. Lol!

    Nice to meet ya!

  9. Jin

    I love Anthropologie. Though modcloth.com has currently replaced it as number 1 on my list, lol.

    I know exactly what you mean about holding off on buying cute stuff now because maternity may be needed fairly soon. I’m still struggling with that and have started buying tops that are more fitted, instead of buying the ones with the empire waist that could accomodate a little baby bump.

    Enjoy the chili cook off!

  10. Woo hoo for getting this cycle going soon! Have an awesome time at the Chili cook-off. I love me some chili and today is the PERFECT day for such an event. That’s awesome your hubs likes to cook.
    I had to ban myself from Anthro. I live too close to the store and couldn’t leave without buying something. Once I went in for nothing in particular and left with an entire new bedding set. B was not impressed 🙂 Lulu is awesome as well. Best work-out clothes ever, but man are they pricey. Have fun shopping!
    I love that your hubs makes mix CDs. A friend of mine does that every year and I so look forward to seeing what gems she found over the past year. I will check out the Dutchess and the Duke now! Love finding new music. Thanks for sharing 😉

  11. Enjoy the cook-off and the beer! I hope you and hte hubs have a great time tomorrow!

  12. I’ve always wanted to go to/participate in a cooking contest, there just don’t seem to be that many around here. Have fun!

  13. Hi there,
    Funny I am making chili today, have fun!
    Spend your gift certificates! I love Anthropologie and I too have thought of the “well what if I am pregnant” when I buy something new. Why wait? You can always come back to it after the baby.

    I have successfully ran outside 3 times this week too! Way better than indoor running for sure. Are you a marathoner?

    Congrats on your HSG & GL ttc!

  14. Mmm, just thinking about the chili cook off is making me hungry!

  15. Al

    I hope the chili cookoff was fun! I looove chili and I love to make up new recipes for it and mix things up. Hope your hubs won this weekend.

    Enjoy shopping, running, and the beer this weekend!!

  16. Yum, today was such a good day to veg out and eat chili!!! And I totally have an Old Navy gift card from last year I stashed away for my maternity clothes I would need oh so soon (hah)…maybe if we use the cards, THEN we’ll get pregnant!!

  17. Here from ICLW.

    Hope you enjoyed your chili cook off!

    Exercise endorphins are my drug of choice these days (except for the occasional beer/SoCo). Can’t be beat.

  18. Tarah

    Aw sounds like you’ve been doing wonderful lately. I wish I could run, I just get winded so easily. I’m sure it’s because I’m so not in shape but I have discovered yoga and I were meant to be together so at least it’s something. 🙂

    I love that your DH makes a personalized CD for family – that’s so cool and a great idea!


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