Kinda-sorta forward progress

Happy Monday, bloggies!!!! Maybe if I use enough exclamation points I won’t be so bummed the weekend is ovah!!!! 🙂 How is the weather where you live? It was a grey, snowy morning here in the Midwest, but not too cold so I got in a nice little 5-miler along the lake path. It was enough to re-set me and lift my spirits, though I still have some impatience issues that just won’t. go. away….have I mentioned that this break month has been totally brutal? I am so antsy to cycle again! I feel like everyone in blog-land is IUIing and 2ww-ing and I am just twiddling my thumb, watching the days, weeks and months go by !  Ahhhh!

On the upside, I’m approaching—slowly but surely—CD1 again: I started up the Provera yesterday. (Never got that magical temp shift suggesting my leftover follie released an egg, no surprise there.) I really hope this is the last time I ever have to take it. (Okay, Provera? I’m sure you’re pretty sick of me, too.) As of this a.m., I have a faux temp spike going, so the progesterone is definitely alive and well in my system. I’ll finish it up on Saturday and hopefully AF will arrive within five days after that. (And then, hopefully hopefully that dang cyst is gonzo at baseline monitoring.) That all feels forever away, but at least I’m doing something, right?

In other news, hubs and I are meeting with Dr. C on Wednesday morning. I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to keep this appointment, since I got some Qs answered in that mini post-HSG consult. But, I would really like hubs to meet the man who’s helping us make a baby. And, even though I REALLY want this upcoming last-hurrah Clomid cycle to work, I want to know what my treatment plan will look like if it doesn’t. Next step is most likely injectibles, and if I know what he’ll put me on, I can start shopping around for good prices and all that stuff. 

I’m kind of nervous for the consult. I have a memo going of questions, but I need to put some time into getting EVERYTHING down on paper. Anyone who has been on injects, is there anything you recommend I ask Dr. C? Something you wish you’d asked or that came up during your cycle?



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18 responses to “Kinda-sorta forward progress

  1. Al

    I’m on a break too!!! And might be in Feb as well depending on how timing works out with a girls’ weekend in Indiana the first weekend in Feb. So, i kinda feel your pain though my break is for different reasons than yours. I kinda need it to get back to normal.

    Sounds like it’s the right choice to keep your appointment w/ the doc so you have something to look forward to if this next cycle doesn’t work out (though I’m hoping with everything I’ve got that your next cycle is it)!

  2. Tarah

    Our weather is crappy – 30 and cloudy with a chance of snow. We’re only suppose to get colder throughout the week. 20 will be our high on Friday. Ugh.

    My cycles are so long that it takes forever to get to my 2ww. So I’m waiting for my O to happen so I can join the club again.

    I say keep your appointment – what have you got to lose? Start making a list of questions and get ’em answered.


  3. Yuck. That weather sounds really miserable. It’s been rainy and stormy here in Florida recently. On Friday we had some tornados and there were more warnings again this morning. Hopefully it calms down soon!

    I hope CD 1 comes soon and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for NO cysts. I also think you are doing the right thing by still meeting with your doc. Let us know how it goes!

  4. I’m glad you are keeping the appt so Mr. Egg can meet the doc. It is so much easier when the hubs is involved!! Counting down to CD1!!

  5. I’d keep the appointment for sure, but that’s because I need to know what the next five steps in the treatment plan are going to be, and I get a kick out of making my RE spend a lot of time answering questions. I hope it goes really well…

  6. Secret Sloper

    Blech, this weather sucks. I feel your pain.

    Hoping the wait for treatments goes fast–I find the wait for O usually isn’t half as bad as the 2ww afterward!

  7. So glad that DH is going to meet the doc with you– My DH never came with me to my appointments and met our doctor for the first time at the ultrasound this morning.

  8. We are getting a little break today from the rain here in Seattle. Kind of nice because yesterday was miserable.

    It sounds like you are pretty active. I am too and do something at least 5 times a week. I had a pretty hardcore schedule with it when I was doing injectable IUIs. I would notice that I would cramp a lot after exercising. I told the doctor and they just told me to listen to my body. However, once I went into IVF, he recommended I slow it down a bit. Now, I am doing yoga, swimming, walking and wiiing. I guess the point of this long comment, is that you may want to ask your doctor his opinion on your excersise schedule with injectables. Since you are compiling questions.

    Hope your wait ends soon!

  9. Hey goodegg- I’m snowed in here in Iowa. Good luck on your consult. I am thinking about trying to schedule with my dr. I think I need a month off after this one. Did you go directly from clomid to provera or did you take time off in-between the two? If you didn’t, do you wish you had? Thanks.

  10. Yay for running outside! Glad you are able to de-stress through your exercise. Sounds like you’re not overdoing it, but still reaping the benefits. Perfect!
    FYI, after my IUI today, my Dr. said no restrictions on running or any other exercise. Just no hot tubs…
    Come on Provera and let Egg start her cycle!!

    Good luck at the appt. on Wednesday!

  11. My only recommendation for questions about injectables, based on my experience, is to just ask about the dosage that he decides upon, and maybe what his goals are for the cycle (i.e. ideally how many follicles would he like to see, what sizes, what thickness of lining, etc). I like to have outlined goals ahead of time so that, if those goals aren’t met, I can have specific things to ask about, things that came straight from the mouth of the RE (and not Dr. Google!).

    But, hopefully your “last hurrah” clomid cycle will do the trick for you! And hang in there, CD1 is just around the corner!

  12. You’re almost there, and that cyst better be long gone!!! Good call on keeping the appt, doesn’t it help to have something to look forward to?? I’m already counting down the days til I can go back to the dr. for my progesterone test!! Very curious to hear how the appt goes, and what your RE has to say about injects…I may be having the same conversation very soon!

    And was Chicago not miserable this afternoon, I may not survive the winter…ugh!!

  13. Come on AF so you can join the rest of us again girl! Wishing you THE best for your next cycle and no to cysts! 2010 is the year of the baby, haven’t you heard (declared by me, by the way)? Happy ICLW!

  14. Oooh you’re so close! Good call to keep the appointment. It will be great for your man to meet your doctor and to get a sense of the next course of action.

    I know this may sound a bit weird, but since you’re paying for stuff yourself, if your doctor happens to prescribe Ovidrel as your trigger, I have an untouched pre-filled syringe sitting in my ‘fridge. I ordered it (through my insurance, so it was relatively cheap) and then didn’t end up needing it (since I didn’t ovulate that cycle), and they are good for up to 6 months refrigerated. Anyway, not sure how I would get it to you, but it’s all yours if you want it. From one babymakin’ lady to another!

  15. LTB

    Fingers crossed your little cystie is gone! I’m jealous of your running abilities as well…I used to be a runner/work out queen but this past year I have been nothing but a slacker! I wish I still had that way to relieve stress, but now i’m so scared that I’ll suck at running that I don’t even want to try. Bad attitude I know but I am so used to always being “in-shape” and a “good runner” that now i’m almost embarrased to even do it!Plus with TTC…well you know how it is….
    Anyways, hope all goes well with the hubby and the doc!

  16. Hello from ICLW!

    Good luck with your last hurrah-cycle of Clomid. I’ve heard so many success stories that starts with, “Well we figured we’d give it one last try…” Best of luck to you! Fingers crossed 🙂

  17. I hope that last hurrah cycle is a surprise waiting to happen. Good luck!

  18. It’s 25* and snowing here!

    Good luck with this next cycle! Hopefully you and provera can be done 🙂


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