RE consult. Done.

Yay! This morning’s appointment was good! I still heart Dr. C, it was not just HSG-relief–prompted affection. 🙂 I love my hubs for coming with me and meeting the doc who is trying to change our lives. I love hubs for asking good questions and making me laugh and keeping us on task.

We are forging ahead with 50mg Clomid + Estrogen + Ovidrel + IUI as soon as I get a clean, cyst-free baseline. (Please let that happen next week. Please. Please. Please.) Dr. C thinks that I’ll respond well to Estrogen. Ideally, my lining is 10mm as I approach triggering. (Ha! it’s hard to imagine going from a 3.2 to a 10.0, but if I can get anywhere close to that neighborhood, I’ll be thrilled. Also, sidenote: WTH is up with him actually caring about lining? The nurse made it sound like lining was not even on his radar last cycle. That was FALSE. He totally cares about lining.) Ideally, I have two follies that are at least 18mm and then he has me trigger. And if alllllllll of that goes according to plan, we will finally have a shot at this. YES!

After that, it sort of turns into a choose-your-own-adventure. If I respond well (lining-wise) to 50mg + Estrogen BUT I don’t get pregnant THEN we’ll continue with that protocol. For a few more cycles. We do not move onto injects hastily, as I thought we might. We stay the course with Clomid.

If my lining still sucks with 50mg + Estrogen, THEN he’ll possibly try Femara. My follies seem to like Clomid though, so he’d rather hone in on my lining this way.

If my lining blows on both Clomid AND Femara OR I don’t get preggo from either in another few cycles, THEN we’ll talk injects. Although, at that point, he sometimes counsels his patients to do IVF. It all depends. We’d have another consult. I’m hoping with all of my poor racing heart that it doesn’t come to that.

So, it was a lot of “but, if’s, what’s and THEN’s.” As you know I am pretty much plan-of-action–obsessed, so this was good. Hubs was there so I even if I forget something we talked about today in a haze of hormones or whatever, he can remind me what Dr. C said. We’re all on the same page.

We also talked about the random little questions that have been nagging me. Let’s just get to the bottom of this once and for all: Am I exercising too much with my thrice weekly jogs? (Nope. Just don’t start training for a marathon.) Did I do this to myself with 10 years of BC? (Nope, BC just masked a problem.) If I sat around for a year, would I ovulate on my own/will I be able to ovulate on my own EVER? (Nope, probably not.) Should hubs and I abstain from sex the day before we IUI? (Nope, he counsels his patients to have lots and lots and lots of sex.) Should I not exercise or run during the 2ww? (Nope, exercise is, again, fine. Especially because it keeps me sane.)

So that’s the news with me! Now I just count down the Provera pills and then wait around for AF and try to find a Zen place through it all where I’m not hyper-aware of my left ovary (where the cyst was). I aim to channel all of the awesomely positive energy BasicGirl has been showing lately, and face whatever is in front of us with grace and optimism. 🙂 See? Smile. Done.



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17 responses to “RE consult. Done.

  1. I love a good plan. Even if it is a kind of like a maze. I’m glad you got the answers to the “little” questions! Those are not little, they are important! Heck yeah for lots of babymaking loving!! I have always been for that plan. This every other day madness is CRAZY-TALK!!!

  2. Sounds like a great consult. He sounds a lot like my doctor 🙂 I hope adding the estrogen helps and you don’t have to think about the other plans. So far femara is working pretty well for me.

  3. JC

    Yay, I’m glad the consult went well and your hubs got to go! Sounds like you have a great plan and that can put your mind at ease. =)

  4. Leslie

    I am glad to hear that your appt went well! I know I always feel better having a plan to look forward to. I hope provera brings on AF quickly and you are able to get started very soon! GL to you!

  5. Secret Sloper

    Yay for ifs/thens/buts! I’m glad you feel on top of what’s to come.

  6. hollytraveling

    Wow, all sounds good! Yay!!! Love the “choose your own adventure.” Cute.

  7. Al

    I’m so glad it was a good appointment & you have a plan.

    I hope the clomid + estrogen works!!! And if not, I’m glad he’s got plan B and C all lined up for you to get going on so you can get pregnant ASAP!

  8. Good stuff, egg! I love that you got to ask all your questions and that you now have a great plan! And sounds like your REs on top of things! Here’s hoping that you have no cysts, so you can get to work on that 10mm lining!

  9. I love meetings where all the little questions that have been causing tiny stress get answered! Sounds like a great consult.

  10. Tarah

    Yea! I can see your smile from way over here – it sounds like you have found your match in your RE. I can’t wait to hear about updates!

  11. Hooray for an awesome consult! I’m glad you had a plan and all of your questions were answered. 🙂 Crossing my fingers for no cysts this time around.

  12. Thanks for the shoutout egg!! I’ve been doing great so far, but lets face it the real battle will begin next week, bring it tww…hah! And that sounds like a great plan, and back-up plan, and back-up back-up plan (hoping the first one does the trick for you)! But I’m with you…even if we’re not at the next step yet, I need to be fully aware of what that next step might be and plan accordingly. Can’t wait for you to put this plan into action!!!

  13. YAY for a plan! Hopefully you won’t need the back up plan 🙂


  14. Jin

    Having a plan is always a great thing! You have a blog award waiting for you on my blog!

  15. Sounds like a great plan….and I’m crazy about having a plan. Thinking good thoughts for you!

  16. Yay for a good consult. Sounds like you have a good plan.

  17. yay for a good consult! And best wishes for a good ultrasound next week – hope that cyst is gone.

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