Hello my lovely bloggie friends.

A quickie update: All is well in Clomid land. I do not have ANY side effects. (Not that I got any the first two times, either.) I have one more beautiful little 50mg pill to take and then it’s on to the nightly Estrogen suppositories. Have I mentioned how happy I am to be cycling? Oh my gosh, every day I thank the Lord I am getting another chance.

Still, the agony of IF that is worry and fear have not magically dissipated this month. A couple days ago I could be found Googling the heck out of Estrogen (basically, about 15 variations on the phrase “how much does lining thicken with Estrogen”). I also wore down my keyboard searching various doses of Estrogen. (Is my 1mg per day dose enough give HOW BADLY my lining has sucked in the past and how “super duper thin” it was on CD3?) I couldn’t find much of ANYTHING, and it was all starting to ruin the great mood I had going into this cycle, so I totally gave up searching.

I don’t know if my lining will actually thicken with Estrogen support. I don’t know if I’ll make a good follie on 50mg. Hubs does not know the answers either, no matter how many times I ask him. (A lot, as though he’s a Magic 8 Ball…but I digress. 🙂 ) I could ask Dr. C via email, but I know he put me on this protocol for a reason, given my unique medical history! Right? Right! I know no one can no for sure how it will all work out. Only time will tell. (I’m trying to be very Yoda Egg this month, FYI.)

Another update: I’m heading to California for a work trip this weekend and don’t get home til late Tuesday night. I will miss you all and will catch-up next week—I hope each and every one of you has awesomeness in your world until then. My next monitoring appointment is CD11—Wednesday morning. I’m super sad to be away from hubs for the second straight weekend, but I’m hoping the distraction will be good for me. Ciao!



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17 responses to “Cali-bound

  1. Have a good trip! I love CA 🙂

  2. Al

    I hope you have a great time in Cali! I’m glad the trip isn’t messing with your TTC schedule.

    Hoping for great news from you on Wednesday – fingers crossed for thick lining and beautiful follies!

  3. My lining thickened enough with the Estrogen, so hopefully yours will do the same. Fingers crossed! And I hope you have a great time in Cali!

  4. I hope you have a great trip. I’ve never been to Ca. Yea for no side effects. I’ve been having thoughts and worries about my cycle as well. I hope it all works out right for both of us. Good luck 🙂

  5. In keeping with the Yoda spirit:

    Wish you lots of luck, I do.

    🙂 Have tons of fun in the sunshine!

  6. Have a great trip egg!! Can’t wait to hear about your monitoring appt on Wednesday!! I’m seriously so happy you’re cycling again, and fingers crossed that estrogen makes you nice and fluffy!!!

  7. California sounds deliciously warm and sunny. Enjoy!

  8. Google is such a dangerous thing for us IFers…I know first hand that Google can single handedly squash any hope with a simple click of the mouse! I have high hopes for you and am sure Dr. C has come up with the perfect plan for you!
    I hope you have a great trip and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!

  9. Tio

    Yay for no side effects!! Enjoy Cali!

  10. Secret Sloper

    Have a great trip and then come home and get back to making babies 🙂 (And no more googling. Seriously)

  11. Have fun in CA. We will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am so glad things are going great for you sweet friend!! Enjoy Cali!!!!

  13. I hope you are basking somewhere sunny at this very moment, without any impulse to google anything!

  14. LTB

    Oh you lucky bum! Enjoy California! So happy that you are side-effect free and back in the game! Can’t wait to hear how your next monitoring appt goes!

  15. You are so lucky to be side-effect-free on Clomid! Wishing you lots of luck this month!

  16. Miss you already! Have a great trip!!

  17. Sounds like you’re soooooo on the right track. Right meds (yes, Dr. C put you on them for a reason), right timing (yay for the CA trip NOT messing up your babymakin’ time), right attitude! YOU CAN DO IT!

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