Oh, what a week

This has been a looooong week between my work trip, traveling home, that sucker punch of a monitoring appointment and work. TGIF! I’m still smarting from the no follies/thin lining news, but I’m pretty excited about injects. Clomid and I weren’t friends. Time to move on!

A quickie update…

I get monitored bright and early on Monday. I always tell people “it’s not over til it’s over,” but I’m having a lot of trouble believing that right now. The two times I’ve cycled since TTC I’ve ovulated (or sortofkindof ovulated) on CD15. So with nothing happening with my ovaries on CD11, I’m finding it impossible to hope that everything magically woke up. Whatever! Just give me the Provera so I can look on to the future!

A couple hours later on Monday a.m., hubs and I are meeting with Dr. C for our injects consult.  I need to do a bunch of research on them this weekend. Which kind is best for me? What’s he going to do about my sucky, non-responsive lining? What dose do I need? Etc. I’m scared about my lining situation. I seem to be a very hard nut to crack. Please crack me, Dr. C!

And for some better news…

Last night I met up with A, from APlusB. Love. Her. 🙂 I am so, so grateful that blogging has gifted me with this friendship. It was an awesome vent session—a major catharsis for me. I’m really lucky to be in Chicago, where there’s an awesome little community of IF bloggies. (We’re all meeting up for brunch at the end of the month, don’t be jealous!) And I am grateful for you—my readers and commenters—every single day.

Acupuncture is baaaaaaack. Hubs did a bunch of research on thickening lining on Wednesday and encouraged me to go back. (Now we have two R.E. degrees from Google in our household!) I’m still skeptical of it, but I agree with him: It can’t hurt. And we could use any help we can get in that lining department.

Remember this dress I blogged about last month, which I thought could be perfect for the fancy May 1 wedding in NYC? After everyone agreed in comments that it was amazing, I tried to order it. Sold. Out. I actually called Milly HQ only to learn even the ones they shipped internationally were long gone. Bummie! But in a happy twist of fate, they emailed me on Monday to say one was available in my size. It just arrived and is in a box on my desk: I can’t wait to take it home and try it on tonight!

Date weekend. Hubs and I have been apart the past two weekends. I’m REALLY looking forward to some QT with him. We both have a lot of work to do (I have a big freelance deadline hanging over me, dum dum dum…and then there’s that injects research to do), but we plan to see a movie tomorrow night and check out a new restaurant we’ve been wanting to try. Good stuff!



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16 responses to “Oh, what a week

  1. Yay for the new dress! A very nice surprise to find out they did have it afterall. I hope you love it!

    Have a great weekend with Hubs!

  2. WOW, that is so cool about your dress! I hope wordpress lets me post this comment… a friend of mine who uses wordpress told me that my comments on hers this morning were marked as spam!!

  3. That’s awesome about the dress! You must post pictures of you in it at the wedding. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your weekend with hubby and try not to think about the appointment too much.

  4. Al

    Awesome about the dress and meeting up with APlusB! We are lucky to be in the same area :-).

    Hope you have a great weekend and lots of QT with your hubs.

  5. Last night was so awesome! We really are so lucky that so many of us all live so close to one another. I was telling B last night that as much as IF totally and completely sucks, I am so thankful to have met such great people like you 🙂
    Have a fantastic weekend with the hubs and lots of positive thoughts for your appts on Monday! I know you don’t have much hope, but you NEVER know. Good luck with the Dr. Google this weekend, but don’t make yourself crazy – I’m sure Dr. C will have a good plan for you.

  6. I totally can’t wait for brunch!! And such awesome news about your dress, you have to post pics! So I will be researching away with you this weekend, on a slightly different topic…but gotta love a weekend filled with IF obsessed google research! So did you find a new acupuncturist, I can’t remember if it was you or A+B who was switching? I actually have a consult with a new place on Monday, so yay for jabbing ourselves with even more needles, hah! Have a great weekend, I plan to have some major quality time with my hubby too, nothing sounds better right now.

  7. So excited that you found your dress!! Score!!

    I am so hopeful that your appointment on Monday goes well– perhaps this is the perfect next step!

    And, ahem, is the big bday on Monday??!

    So jealous about the bloggie brunch.

  8. I hope you have a wonderful date weekend!

    I cannot wait for brunch!

  9. That’s a lot of good news for one day – blogger’s brunch (and yes, I am a little jealous), a new dress and date night. Enjoy!

  10. LTB

    I know the crappy monitoring earlier this week is a bummer but I totally had slow progress last cycle and didn’t trigger ovulation until day 19 when usually I do on day 14. So don’t give up….but a plan for injects in place is awesome just in case! My doctor said I would be a poor responder to clomid and that my lining would also be too thin on clomid so that’s why we went straight to injects. And I’m totally responding to those with lots of follies! and super yippee about the awesome dress! It is totally meant to be that you have that dress! Hope it looks/fits awesome! Enjoy the weekend with hubs! Hope its great !
    ps. i’m super jealous about your bloggie brunch!

  11. Secret Sloper

    Yes! The gold dress! You will look so gorgeous in it!

    And the only way for me to not feel completely eaten alive with jealousy at the Chicago bloggy meetups is for us to get together when you’re in NYC for the wedding (which is, coincidentally, the same weekend as my 30th birthday. Gulp).

    Fingers crossed for good news on Monday.

  12. JC

    I hope your Monday appts go well! I can’t believe you got that dress after they said they were all sold out…that’s a sign!!! Good things are coming! I love that dress, love it, it’s gonna look so good on you! I’m glad you got to hang out with A and that you have a group of great girls in Chicago. I am a little jealous b/c there are a lot of you in that area, but I’m lucky and I have Katie “from if to when” so yay =). Have a great weekend with your hubby!!!

  13. Yea! I’m glad you got the dress! I loved that one! I am jealous that you are all going out to brunch – wish I lived closer so I could join up too. I hope the Monday appointment brings much needed answers and a new game plan!

  14. I love that your husband is researching uterine lining. It’s adorable! He really is a gem. Have a great weekend.

  15. I can only imagine how fun and IF blogger get together is! You’re a lucky lady.

    I love that dress and I hope you post a picture in it. I could never pull it off so I’ve got to live vicariously.

    Have a great weekend and don’t freak out about Dr. Google. He never has anything good to say.

  16. *hugs* I’m excited for you to move on to injectables. I have done so well on them so far. If I can help with anything even though I am still sorta a noob about them, ask away. Clomid can thin your lining a lot, which might be part of the problem. Also the longer I was on Clomid the longer my cycles lasted. So don’t give up hope yet. Sending you good thoughts.

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