Welcome to my world

Hi ICLWers! Thank you so much for stopping by; I’m happy you’re here!

To get you up to speed, here’s a quickie version of my TTC history….

After 10 years of BCPs I went off them and never got my period. I was prescribed Provera a few times to kickstart it: I’d get it but then weeks and weeks would pass sans period. Finally in October I began seeing an RE. Diagnoses: anovulatory.

We have tried three cycles of Clomid since October, taking breaks in between the first two due to cysts. In December I ovulated for the first time since TTC. (Yip!) But my lining was so thin (3.2mm) that even if I had conceived, there was no chance of it sticking. My most recent cycle was canceled on CD16: no follies over 10mm. But worse, my lining only got to 4.4mm. Yes, I do know that happens to a lot of women on Clomid—however, I was also taking Estrogen suppositories, so I really ought to have had great lining.

That seemed slightly worrisome, but became slightly crushing. Last week we met with our RE for a third consult and he informed us that my lack of response to Estrogen is a serious concern. He’s hoping I magically fluff up on injectables, but he warned us we’re nearing the end of the road if my lining doesn’t improve. (You can always try new and different meds to improve follicles and trigger ovulation; but without decent lining, you can’t get pregnant.) It was a pretty devastating conversation.

We are hoping with all of our hearts that injects do indeed improve my lining, even though I don’t respond to Estrogen. But if they don’t, we will seek a second opinion from an RE who’s willing to try alternative therapies on my lining. Or we’ll take a break. Or possibly both. That makes this upcoming injects cycle pretty important. Of course my heart physically yearns for a BFP. But above all else, I need my lining to get better. Otherwise, we will be heading down a new rabbit hole…

Now onto the more fun parts of my world: hubs, running, writing and cooking. I’ve gotten to enjoy them all today.

7am Suit up for a 5-mile race.

9:30am Finally cross the start line and run through downtown Chicago on a blustery, gray, frigid but awesome morning. Hubs runs it, too—the longest distance he’s completed. He ROCKED it! 🙂

11am Hubs and I relax with big cups of java in a coffee shop to warm up and then take a cab home.

12pm We prepare The World’s Best Pancakes with maple syrup–butter to celebrate his longest-ever race. And drink mugs of spicy hot coca.

1pm I work on some freelance assignments in front of the TV while hubs watches basketball. (I’m KU fan; my ‘hawks lost last night—so sad! Fortunately, hubs’s team, University of Kentucky, is still in the tourney and looking great.)

Up next Bottling hubs’s latest batch of beer (a Saison), cooking din, more freelancing…and injects training in the a.m.!



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16 responses to “Welcome to my world

  1. I so hope the injectables do the trick for your lining. I have been thinking about you a lot recently. Awesome job on the running.

  2. Secret Sloper

    What a great day! Congrats to you and DH on an amazingly productive and fun morning. Looks like the rest of the day is shaping up to be lovely, as well.

    I’m thinking about you all the time, dear egg. I so hope that when I see you in May we’ll be celebrating your beautiful response to the injectables.

  3. Jen

    Good luck with the injects training! I hope all goes well and you have a smooth transition into your upcoming cycle

  4. Al

    Sounds like a great day with hubs! Awesome that you guys did the 5 miler together and the pancakes? yummm. GL at injects training tomorrow. I’m hoping that your body and your lining loooove the injectibles :-).

  5. Wohooooo on the 5k that’s awesome! This is it my friend the injections will work and your lining is going to get better. I’m praying for you and I wish with all my heart that you get a BFP this cycle. Huge hug!!

  6. Congrats on your race! That’s awesome and amazing!

  7. Such a productive Sunday, my hubs ran that race too…and he’s not a runner so he was hurting all day yesterday!! Hope the injects class went well this am, and hoping so unbelivably hard they do the trick this month!!

    Oh, and hubby and I both had KU and Kentucky in the finals with Kansas winning, total bummer!!

  8. Wow, amazing day! You’re a rock star to squeeze so much in!

  9. Best of luck with the injectables. I’ll be rooting for a nice 10mm lining for you!

    I’d give acupuncture a try if you think it might help. It certainly won’t hurt…(really, the needles don’t hurt at all).

  10. I can’ t believe that running 5 miles on a cold gray miserable day makes you happy. I’m down with the hot cocoa and pancakes, but just reading about your run in the rain makes my knees hurt. You must be a very strong and determined woman! Okay, I already knew that, but this is just further proof.

  11. Hoping that injectables do the trick!! Looking foward to following your blog.

    ICLW #28

  12. Oh 5 miles I miss thee! It sounds like a great day! Congrats to Mr. Egg for his longest run!

  13. Yay what an awesome day! Go hubs!

  14. I loved your day!!!!


  15. I really hope the injectables do the trick for you and you end up with a bfp! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck, hun!

    Happy ICLW!!

  16. Happy ICLW!

    Doh! to lining. I have the opposite problem, my lining gets too thick and then nothing can implant. And no ovulation either. Sigh. Here’s hoping for good luck for both of us!

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