Oh, this again

My, oh my. How many times have I been on Provera now? Ugh, bloggies, too many to count. I finished up my last pill in a 5-day dose on Sunday. So now I wait. I had actually planned to impress you all with my amazing Zen-ness about this part of my cycle (Whatever, my period will come when it comes! I’ve been through too much to care about when my silly period shows up! Life is good! etc…), but I seem to have entered the 3-days-of-waiting zone, which brings out the Egg Crazies.

After all these months of not ovulating, and thin lining, and breaks from cysts, and then this latest canceled cycle….I want April.

If my period doesn’t show up in the next few days (the cushion I allowed for in my very dorky but amazing cycle spreadsheet in Excel), I will bench myself this cycle. Because looming on the horizon is hubs’s little bro’s wedding—he’ll be out of town for four days, I’ll be gone for three—which is potentially disasterous for monitoring and/or IUI timing. (I say that hopefully, I realize this cycle has a great chance of being cancelled due to over- or under-stimulation or, dum dum dum, thin lining.)

I could’ve waited a few weeks and started the Provera around the wedding so we’d avoid this potential timing issue. But, darnit, I didn’t want to wait three more weeks to take the Provera! And there’s another wedding at the end of April!

Anyway. Provera Crazies have arrived. Not because of the hormones (or lack thereof, it’s got to be out of my system by now), but because of the totally uncontrollable nature of my body. It’s a microcosm of IF.



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20 responses to “Oh, this again

  1. Stupid AF. She arrives when she wants and ONLY when she wants. It’s so frustrating when your body doesn’t cooperate. Fingers crossed that she shows up soon so you don’t have to sit on the bench this round. (((hugs)))

  2. Tarah

    Ugh – sounds like enough to give any of us a headache! I hope AF shows her face soon and you’re able to make this cycle work for you! I’ve been keeping you in my T&P


  3. Secret Sloper

    You don’t need to prove to us how awesome and strong and zen you are– we already know. You are AMAZINGLY resilient, egg, and we are all proud of you.

    I’m going to ask AF to visit you just when you want her and visit me not at all. She’s a notoriously stubborn wench, but maybe she’s in a charitable mood today.

  4. Bleeeeeeeeeeeech. It just sounds so sucky and wretched having to wait on every darn thing. It’s too bad you have all these PEOPLE in your life who keep getting MARRIED! Don’t they understand that you’ve got more important things to do than celebrate their happy life events?

  5. Fingers crossed that it gets here soon. No more waiting for you, Egg. You’ve waited long enough!!!

  6. Seriously, I want April too. One more week, we can do it egg. And fingers crossed that dang AF cooperates and you can get this cycle in. I’m very excited for you to try injects, so AF just really needs to work with us here. COME ON!!!

  7. Ugh, planning TTC around weddings and obligatory visits is the WORST! Wishing you luck and hoping the scheduling works itself out.

  8. Your period will come soon! April will be our month Egg!!

  9. *hugs* I’m sorry you have the provera crazies. They stink. I hope she shows up in time to fit your schedule. I’m the same way. I was like I’m going to be zen this last week and I’m doing doing a very good job lol.

  10. Leslie

    I am so sorry! I have been on provera more times than I like to think about as well. I hope that AF cooperates and you do not have to sit out this cycle!

  11. JC

    Ugh I hope she shows up pronto!!! I hear ya on the waiting bulls*. And I shouldn’t complain b/c you’ve had it harder than me, but I can’t stand this waiting! I want to go back to the RE. And I better not have this cyst anymore or you’re gonna witness a breakdown. Anyways, I hope you start soon so you can try before the weddings.

  12. I kinda hate your reproductive system lately. I mean, doesn’t it know that you’re awesome and that you’ve been waiting so patiently and doing everything you can to make it happy? Come on reproductive bits! Shape up, already! (I hope this tough love scolding will get things moving for you.)

  13. hollytraveling

    God, AF is such a tricky little witch. She has us wanting and hating her all over the place. Hope she arrives soon.

  14. lifebytheday

    Man, do I understand the IF crazies. I’m trying to fit a cycle in between an insane new job and a wedding at the end of April…definitely takes the romance out, huh? 😉 Wishing you luck with this next cycle – I hope that the injectables help with your lining!!

  15. ugh… waiting sucks! Good luck with the injectables – I hope it helps!


  16. Al

    I hope AF shows up STAT!!! I want April to be THE cycle for you!

    Everything crossed for you 🙂 Hang in there!

  17. rainingblossoms

    I hate Provera crazies. I am so sorry that you are dealing with them. I hope, at least, you have a great time at the weddings. And, may AF show her face soon!

  18. Come on AF!! Get here already! Gosh, I just can’t get over how one day we’re hoping our period doesn’t show and the next we can’t wait for it to arrive. Ugh, I feel you.

  19. erika

    I hope she has some decency left in her to not waste your time anymore.
    Best luck with the injects! My lining sucked on ‘mid but it was 9.1 mm at CD9 on Folli.stim! FX for your new plan!!!
    ICLW #115

  20. Oh how I hate how AF never shows up when you want her too, even when you induce her presence. Hoping she comes for you soon so you don’t have to skip out on this cycle. Best of Luck.

    ICLW #33

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