Very very interesting

Remember how I wanted my estrogen to fall? It did not. It rose from 305 to 410. My LH is up a bit, too. And my lining grew from 3mm to 4mm since Friday.

Remember how I wanted my cyst to get smaller? It did not. It grew by 1mm.

Remember how I said this is the weirdest, lightest period of my entire life? Dr. K has a theory about that.

She’s the attending doc, who’s on call for two weeks while Dr. C is on vaca. She thinks my body may not be ready to call this cycle off. I had a mini-consult with her during this morning’s ultrasound and spoke to her on the phone this afternoon after my blood work came back. She thinks this might be a viable follicle—a slow-grower leftover from the Clomid. She’s having me come back on Tuesday for more monitoring to see if my estrogen and LH continue to rise. If they do, she wants me to take the HCG trigger. And then IUI. And then take progesterone. She said this is extremely unusual. And that implantation would be a long shot with my thin lining (which the Provera didn’t help, but didn’t hurt much either). She wants to check it out.

She also has a theory on my thin lining….that I’m estrogen deficient and that it’s possibly due to endurance-level exercise in my past. (I have majorly chilled out on exercise after a decade of marathons and triathlons.) For that reason she might recommend a different injectable (Menopur instead of Gonal-F, since my LH is chronically low and Gonal-F is an FSH-only drug while Menopur has both FSH and LH). I asked her if it would make her or Dr. C uncomfortable if she looked at my medical and TTC history and met with me and hubs for a consult in April. She said it would be perfectly fine and she thinks it’s a great idea.

No matter what Tuesday brings, I think this is what we’d call, a bone. 🙂 Right my friends? A doctor who is looking at my case with fresh eyes. One who has a plan. And who thinks outside the box (potentially trigger on CD30 to salvage the wonkiest cycle ever?! Awesome!).

So, for 36 hours, I have hope again. (Is that okay? Am I setting myself up for another crash on Tuesday afternoon?) How amazing would it be if I could trigger and IUI for the first time? C’mon estrogen & LH….RISE!



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21 responses to “Very very interesting

  1. JC

    Wow, this is awesome!!! I can’t wait to see what happens, but no matter what having another Dr review your files and bringing a whole new perspective is awesome!!! I’m so happy for you. =)

  2. Secret Sloper


    This is *great* news. I think you might have found a doctor who can work with you on this! I’m going to hope and pray and cross my fingers that this angry little cyst is angry enough to turn into a beautiful follie and get you knocked up!

  3. LTB

    what a refreshing post! finally a BONE for the best egg eva! Grow follie grow! Rise hormones rise! Enjoy these 36 hours filled with hope and excitement! I know good things will come on Tues!

  4. That is definitely a bone! Awesome news on the potential follicle and the fresh eyes.

    I have wondered about the heavy endurance-level events and effects on some women’s fertility. I remember reading (or skimming) an article a long time ago in a magazine at my doctor’s office, but knew it did not pertain to me and my unfit body so I didn’t put it to memory.

  5. Come on estrogen and LH rise! Come on lining thicken! That is so exciting. It sounds like it was a blessing your doctor is on vacation and that you got to talk and see what this new doctor thinks. Good luck!

  6. I am SO excited about this! Also, I think it’s a little funny that she said there was “no way” she would let you cycle no matter what your estrogen came back as. Ha! Never say never. 🙂

  7. Jen

    Awesome news! A new set of eyes sounds like it will be the best medicine ever

  8. That’s great news. I’m hoping that someone with some fresh perspective will have new ideas. I used menopur when we did IVF…seemed to work for me!! I’ve been thinking about you.

  9. Wow! A bone, indeed! And definitely very interesting, Egg! I am holding on to this spark of hope with you, girl!

  10. Al

    I am so excited for you! That’s a great estrogen number for one lovely follie…hoping that you get to trigger and an IUI – ahh so excited for you! And very glad you found a doc that is looking at your file fresh eyes and an open mine. Best of luck, Egg!

    And it was great seeing you today 🙂

  11. Yes! A bone! Finally! This is such great news and I’m so glad you got to hear Dr. K’s perspective on things. Seems like maybe she is a bit more in tune with your body than Dr. C?
    Hoping beyond hope for great numbers on Tuesday. Then trigger and IUI! Yay!

  12. Loving Dr. K! Hurray for doctors who think outside the box! Crossing everything that it is a lovely follicle waiting to be triggered!

  13. Tio

    Oh my god, I’m on the edge of my seat. I can’t imagine how anxious/excited/nervous you must be!

  14. Hey! How exciting! And having hope is better than having nothing, even if the hope gets crushed. It’s fabulous that someone has potential explanations for your lining. Though I don’t so much like the part where it becomes something you did to yourself, but as long as she can fix it… I’m just so happy something new is happening! I’ll be holding my breath for good news on Tuesday. (So if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because I asphyxiated.)

  15. Tarah

    YEA!!! I had you in my thoughts & prayers all weekend and this is wonderful – no – fantastic news! I have my fingers tightly crossed that this cycle is wonky for a really really good reason! Go body go! And yea for the new doctor – she sounds perfect!

  16. Whoa, HUGE NEWS GIRLFRIEND!!! So excited for you and for the change in course.

    Sending you good vibes and happy thoughts.

  17. I hope this turns out to be the best news yet. I’m so hopeful for you, Egg!

  18. That’s a very interesting turn of events to say the least. I’m going to let hope back in and hope you have good numbers tomorrow and can trigger and have a shot this cycle! Yay for fresh eyes and thinking outside the box a little!

  19. Yayyyyy!!! I’m sooooo excited!!! This is your egg friend =) Tomorrow is going to be a good day !

  20. hollytraveling

    Oh, yay!! This is fabulous. And hope is great. I think this is going to be really, really good. So happy for you.

  21. Such a crazy turn of events, your body is definitely keeping this cycle interesting!! And I’m crossing everything it continues to cooperate! I mean the chance to trigger and IUI, after of all of this would just be amazing. Keep on rising estrogen, crank it out!!

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