I went to monitoring this morning. My follie/cyst is hanging in there. And my estrogen is up a little bit. (LH is down, can’t win ’em all.) Best of all….my lining thickened up from 4mm to 5.3mm in 48 hours! I don’t know if it’s the supps, or the acu, or the lack of Evil Clomid, but I am HAPPY!

I am so uplifted by the amazing Dr. K for giving this wacky cycle a chance. I’m like, CD6 or CD33, depending on how you look at it. She says this is really unusual, but she’s pursuing it. For that, I am so grateful. I mean, if she hadn’t let me go in for these random monitoring appointments, I would’ve gone the entire month of April having no idea if my lining could get any better than 4.4mm. I know 5.3 isn’t thick, but it’s progress for me. (It’s def that bone I’ve been hoping for!)

Tomorrow will be the moment of truth: one final day of monitoring. If Scrappy can grow just a smidge more, and if my estrogen rises a bit, they will let me trigger. I so want to believe Scrappy is a follie!



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22 responses to “Scrappy

  1. Looking promising! C’mon scrappy!! 🙂

  2. You can do it Scrappy!! We’re all pulling for you!!!

  3. Yaaay! It would be so brilliant if it turns out just to be the Clomid! And the best part is, if you get pregnant, you’ve got a name ready to go. I think Scrappy works for both boys and girls…

  4. Great news. Come on, Scrappy!!!

  5. Tarah

    Yea!!! Let’s go Scrappy!!! That is wonderful news and Dr K sounds like a perfect fit for you! I love doctors that have open minds like that! And if this cycle doesn’t work out it sounds like she’s willing to really work with you more so than the other doctor!

  6. Al

    Yea, scrappy!!! Hoping this surprise cycle gets you your miracle.

  7. This is the strangest cycle I have ever read about! May that little fighter and its thickening lining do you proud!!

  8. Yea! That is so awesome! Wouldn’t that be awesome if you got pregnant on this cycle? Take that other RE!

  9. Sounds like its good news and the lining is awesome! Wishing for you.

  10. Scrappy can do it!!! Praying for you!

  11. Yay Scrappy! Phew. What a rollercoaster you have been on this past week or so! I’m so glad Dr. K is doing everything she can to give you a fighting chance this cycle. And, such a relief that your lining can and will thicken.
    Really hoping for great results at tomorrow’s monitoring!
    Go Scrappy, Go!

  12. Your lining is being a show-off! 😉 Let’s do it, Scrappy!

  13. YAY LINING!!!!!!!!!!!! Your lining is seriously being a rockstar. And so is this little follie. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!

  14. hollytraveling

    I am so happy for some good news. Yay lining!!! Yay scrappy!!! You can do it. I am so excited for you.

  15. Secret Sloper

    I love Scrappy! S/He obviously heard that RE talking smack about your lining and was like, “Bitch, please! I haven’t even started yet.”

    How amazingly wonderful if little Scrappy turns into your firstborn! But even if this cycle doesn’t go any farther tomorrow (and I so pray that it does), this is progress!

  16. Tio

    Go, Scrappy, go! Or rather, Grow, Scrappy, grow!

  17. I’m fascinated at how this cycle is turning out! I’ve never seen anyone have such a great turn of events. Praying hard for Scrappy and for a good monitoring day today.

    Re: provera & promertrium – yes, you’re right. They act the same, but I have adverse reactions to provera (extreme moodiness) for some reason. I don’t know why the difference.

  18. I am sending you good vuju today, love!!!!!

  19. I am praying for you! Please keep us posted!

    Incidentally, I am very intrigued at what you posted a few days back about wondering if your endurance-level training in years past messed up your estrogen, etc. I trained/finished 2 marathons (’04 and ’07) as well as a bunch of other 10+mile races, and now I’m beginning to wonder if that could be a root of my problem?! (Of course I haven’t run at that level in a couple years, but…)

  20. LTB

    Hoping you are pulling the trigger tonight!!! Good luck Egg! Good luck Scappy!

  21. Scrappy is a fighter, love him!!! And I think he knows good lining when he sees it, so I’m really really hoping you get the okay to trigger…how amazing would that be?!? Waiting on pins and needles that you get the okay, you SO deserve a chance to cycle…c’mon scrappy!!!

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