Life on the bench

I have about one month to kill on the BCP-front. You’d think I would be freaking AWESOME at being benched because I’ve gotten so much practice over the past eight months. Well, not so much. It feels like I’m back in my freshman year of high school, and it’s the first time my basketball coach has moved me up for the Varsity game*. I’m absolutely scared to death, but sooooo ready to rock & roll. I’m dying for him to send me out onto the floor…I’m desperate to show him what I can do. If only I could just get into the game. Alas, this month, like that night, there is nothing I can do but wait. Here’s how I’m trying to distract myself this month…..

*Oh, and I might be a little hopped up on March Madness and the big game tonight. (Hey, I won one of the pools I was in…I picked Duke to win it all and had them meeting West Virginia in the Final Four! It doesn’t matter that it was completely random and that I had no idea what I was doing!)

Wednesday, April 7 – My (gulp) 31st birthday; hubs and I are going out for Mexican. Margaritas!!!

Friday, April 9 – Sunday, April 11 – My BIL’s wedding weekend in Florida with hubby’s family should keep me distracted! I’m bringing my tennis racquet and a stack of mags.

Monday, April 12 –  Our awesome-est work event of the year is tonight.

……this is a dead zone….gotta come up with something distracting…..

Tuesday, April 20 – Consult with Dr. K

Thursday, April 22 – Monitoring to check in on the cyst BEFORE I stop BCPs. (Go away, Scrappy!)

Friday, April 23 – Monday, April 26 – Spa trip with my Mom.

Thursday, April 28 –Sunday, May 2 – Fancy-pants wedding weekend in NYC.

Monday, May 3 – Come home to fluffy lining and a few phat-y follies…..HOPEFULLY!



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19 responses to “Life on the bench

  1. Being on the bench sucks, I’m sorry. I hope the time flies. I think it will with all of your fun things coming up soon. Happy early birthday! Your birthday is very close to my hubby’s bday.

  2. Secret Sloper

    I hate that you’re benched, but that is an awesome lineup of distractions for the next 4 weeks. Do you know when you’re free on the weekend of the 1st yet? I’m so excited for our meetup 🙂 Maybe you and DH can get tickets to some concerts or shows for the dead zone.

    I’m thinking the coach will notice how hard you’ve been practicing after hours and will put you in the game next month, and then you can score the winning goal, and he’ll never bench you again (I clearly know so much about sports.)

  3. JC

    I’m sorry about being on the bench =(. I’m glad you have few great things to distract you, like margaritas and spa weekend with your mom!!! Totally fun! I hope Scrappy goes away and you have nice lining at your next monitoring. Oh-and your bday is the day before my hubbys! YAY! I got a hotel for Saturday so it’ll be fun and relaxing. The weather has been perfect here so you should have a good time in FL for the wedding. =)

  4. hollytraveling

    I’m so sorry you’re on the bench yet again. But it sounds like you have some great distractions. Plus, big consult coming up. Yay.

    Good lining and no scrappy. Sounds like a plan.

  5. Welcome to the bench!

    Here is how we do things: You distract yourself with fun events (you have that covered except for the slow week . . . need to work on that), you cheer on the other players and let them know you are routing for them, you pray/send positive thoughts to your ovaries so they know you haven’t forgotten them (and hopefully they will, in turn, not sabotage your next cycle), and try to enjoy this “spontaneous” time with your husband. And you keep the bench warm. Don’t forget that.

    Best of luck!
    Bench Warmer President

  6. Your life is filled with neat stuff! Okay, some of it (like doctor’s appointments) is maybe not so neat, but I can’t recall the last time my month had that many events in it! If all that doesn’t keep you occupied, nothing will. Except maybe a really bad itch or something.

    Okay, go it: April 13-19th. Catch crabs.

  7. It sounds like a great plan. You are going to have a blast in the weddings and with your mom too. Scrappy will be gone soon and you will be back in the game and kicking some butt!!

  8. You are a busy bee! That’s good for you though. I miss you Egg! I pray that the “coach” decides you are ready for the big leagues!!!! You have worked too hard. Love you friend!!

  9. I love keeping myself busy when I’m trying to “wait”. I hope you’re no longer a bench warmer after this month and in the starting line up!

  10. Al

    I hate that you’re benched. Again. I want you to kick some serious ass on your next cycle, thick lining, no cysts, 100% in the game, great follies, etc.

    Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff going on to distract you – I hope time goes quickly and next cycle is it for you!

    Happy early birthday!

  11. Yuck. I just hate the fact that you have to sit out like this again. Stupid Clomid!!! I hope that next cycle, your follies and lining fight back against the evil Clomid witch and give you a BFP. In the meantime, you have a lot going on to take your mind off of things. Just keep focused on all the fun happenings.

    And happy early birthday to my fellow Aries! I can’t believe we were born a day apart. 🙂

  12. Jen

    Yay for fancy weddings, margaritas and spas! Sounds like you are getting as much enjoyment out of being benched as possible!

  13. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, girlfriend! I know it SUCKS to be benched again without even a shot in between, but with all those things to look forward to, the time will fly. And, although it sounds so trite, don’t forget to enjoy them in the meantime.

  14. Wow you really are keeping busy! Let me know if you want to do something in your down time that isn’t scheduled yet. I have LOTS of free time 🙂

  15. Ugh, I hate the bench…and want to take an axe to it and break it into teeny tiny pieces and then burn them so you never have to sit out again…grrrr!!! Can you tell I’m pumped up on hormones, hah! Anyways, you are a busy girl…and seriously that’s what got me through my 3 week bc stint. Traveling is huge too, I swear those weekends come quick and go by fast. You’ll be off the bench before you know it!! I’m rooting for you egg, I want you to show those RE’s what you can do with the right protocol…you just need a chance!!!

  16. Wow, you have a really awesome social life! I’m impressed with the number of interesting and exciting things you have planned in a single month. I’ll be hoping that the BCPs do what they’re supposed to and that May 3rd becomes the best day of them all.

  17. The bench sucks. And you know that all too well having spent WAY too much time there these past few months.
    You do have some pretty awesome distractions (although I know how much you could be doing these things AND cycling). Anyway, hope this month flies by with your fun trips, birthday, work event, consult with Dr. K (YAY)
    Hang in there, Egg. I know how much this hurts and frustrates you. Thinking of you!
    Happy birthday in about 5 hours!!!

  18. I’m so sorry! Hope this will be the last of your benchwarming days! keep busy…it’s the only thing that works.

  19. It sucks that you’re benched, but I LOVE that you have so many cool things lined up!

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