The easy part

I must tell you: It feels really FREAKING GOOD to be cycling. Good lord, how I missed “doing” something. If it weren’t for my crazy cocktail of supplements twice a day, I think I would’ve gone crazy over the past two months.

Baseline monitoring was great yesterday morning. Still no cysts (I was pretty sure I’d be good to go, but there was a piece of me that wondered if Scrappy would come back between my pre-check and baseline check). Lining is a “nice and thin” (the nurse’s words) 2.3mm. So, that’s not great. But I’ve seen it as thin as 1mm so I’m cool with it! We have some time for it to improve. (Btw, BCPs thin lining, so that was a risk I knowingly took by trying to shrink that dang cyst.)

My estrogen is a suitably low 32 and they didn’t tell me my LH level, but presumably it wasn’t anything wacky enough to convince Dr. K to switch up our plan. I began Gonal-F 112.5 IU last night. Hubs rearranged his school schedule to be there with me to do the first injection. HE IS SUCH A GOOD EGG! I was prepared to do it by myself, but it was so much better with him. We refreshed the instructions, primed the pen, and BAM!, did the injection. Left to my own devices I’m sure I would’ve hyped myself up (depsite my Yoda Egg posts lately) before going through with it. So much better to not over-think it.

We leave for NYC tonight and it’s going to be a little bit funny to see where these next few injections happen. We’re trying to continue adminstering them as close as possible to 6pm-ish CST. Which means we’ll probably do tonight’s injection in the airport parking lot before we go inside to check in. And then the next two nights I’ll inject at the hotel riiiiight before we leave for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. And then on Sunday we’ll have to inject at the airport. What an adventure! 🙂

This is the fun part of the cycle. I’m doing something every day to bring me closer to our dream of a family. I’m in this blissfully naive state about how the meds are working and whether I’m growing any follies and if my lining is fluffing up. For now, I can hope! It feels really, really, really good. I know that things will get crazy next week…I could get overstimmed or not see any follicle response, or get great follies but no lining growth. But this time, I am trying so hard to believe that I am going to be a good little responder. I’m visualizing good stuff happening with my ovaries and lining! (It’s easy to think that way on CD4, I know.)

Thankfully, I have this awesome trip to NYC—where I’ll see friends and run in Central Park and shop and walk around my old ‘hood and dress up in my gold Milly dress—to distract me.



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17 responses to “The easy part

  1. You sound like you are doing really well, Egg. I am so glad! Your lining sounds perfect and it must feel so great to be cycling. I always look at it this way: taking pills and injecting myself are my ways of controlling my infertility. So many times I feel like it has control over me, so it’s really the one time I get to be in charge. I hope this cycle is it for you! Have fun in NYC. 🙂

  2. I LOVE the optimism in your voice right now. You are finally cycling and this could be the cycle that brings your baby! I’m so excited for you.

    Looking forward so much to our breakfast date tomorrow 🙂

  3. Al

    I love this part of the cycle ~ all the hope that those injections are doing lost of lovely things to your follies and lining. I really hope you get great news at your next monitoring appointment – it’s time you get a shot, Egg. It really is.

    Hope you have fun in NYC and fun meeting Secret Sloper.

  4. Kate

    I’ve been reading your last couple of posts, but haven’t taken the time to comment. Keep the positive vibes going! Choose optimism! (Says the girl who was depressed the whole day when she laid down $5K for a FET cycle yesterday) The shots get easier and you get more confident.

  5. YAY!!! I’m so excited your cycling Egg! And good work with your first injection, they’re not so bad…but it SO helps to have someone there just in case you freak out! And you sound just like me my first injectible cycle, we were going to NYC too and had to plan out when/where all the shots would be given. But at least it will make the time fly and you’ll be back here for you monitoring appt in no time. I’m super hopeful for you eggie, and love that you’re back in the game!!! We are all rooting you on this cycle!

  6. Three cheers for injects in awkward places! I did my trigger in my 6 year old niece’s bathroom with giant wall decals of chimpanzees and giraffes staring at me. It felt odd, but not as crazy as the airport parking lot, hehe 🙂

    Have a grrrrreat weekend! And enjoy your time with Secret Sloper! Lucky ducks, you two! 🙂

  7. lifebytheday

    Yay, good luck!! It’s so funny…I started my stims while at a long distance wedding…we’re cycle buddies. 😉

  8. I am SO THRILLED FOR YOU, Eggie. You are so amazing to think of this as one, big adventure, rather than a death sentence. Good luck with the injects on the fly… can’t wait to hear how this cycle goes!

    Welcome back to the game 🙂

  9. I am beyond thrilled that you’re back in the game. It’s RIDICULOUS how long you’ve been waiting! You have soooo many people rooting for every part of this cycle to go well!

    I think you should take pictures of all your injection locations. I mean, not your stomach, but airport parking lot and hotel and such! It could be a charming little travelogue, and later go in your baby book!

    Have a fantabulous weekend! You sure have earned it…

  10. zully

    Wohoooo this is going to be your cycle. I’m so excited for you!

  11. I’m ecstatic that you’re injecting! I’ll be interested to hear how all the odd injection sites work out, including passing through airport security with a bag full of syringes. Enjoy the festivities and have a fantastic weekend!

  12. JC

    YAY Egg!!! You sound great and your weekend sounds so fun! I injected at a wedding in the bathroom last time, lol (with my Mom’s help). Good times. Have fun in NY and take a pic in that dress!!!

  13. This is the fun part!!! I am so excited for you and Mr. Egg. Take one day at a time Egg. Enjoy NYC!! Love you!

  14. Tarah

    Yea! I’m so glad to “hear” you sounding cheerful & hopeful! I love that your DH is helping you each step of the way too. What a sweetheart! He IS a good egg! I hope you enjoy your trip & the wedding and I hope this cycle brings some wonderful news for you!

  15. I am really thinking that the injectables are going to make a HUGE difference with your lining issues. Good luck!

  16. I really enjoyed the first part of my cycle – it feels sooooo good to be taking action, being monitored, and knowing that there is hope. I am so hopeful for you and it is so good to hear the excitement in your post. Fingers crossed for a great first monitoring appointment on Monday.
    Hope you are having a BLAST in NYC and you will rock that Milly dress!

  17. Yea, your cycling! I’m so happy for you!

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