Slow & steady

CD12 monitoring update! One rightie follie at 14mm and two lefties at 13mm. And a bunch of 10mm-ers have entered the scene. (Gulp! stay chill and let the leaders continue maturing, little ones!) My lining apparently got a big head from all the praise he received on Wednesday. (Yes, my lining is a “he.” I don’t know why either!) He’s up to 6.4mm, which isn’t much fluffing over two days….but it’s in the right direction and I will not be greedy about this. I am thankful for any lining at all.

My follies are taking their time, but I am very happy with their progress. Dr. C and Dr. K want me to be a slooow and steaaady stimmer and that’s exactly what’s happening. There a dozen cliched analogies I’ve considered that keep me positive about the way I’m being stimmed. You know, like how people who start out too fast in marathons are the ones who bonk and hit the wall at mile 17; it’s the folks who pace themselves carefully who arrive running through the finish line with smiles on their faces. Or how cookies that are baked in a too-hot oven are the ones that are burnt on the top and cold and squishy inside. Much better to cook them evenly and all the way through. Right? RIGHT!

Now that I have some follie action, I would really like to get to IUI land. There. I said it. (I hope that doesn’t jinx me.)

Okay, so even though I think about my uterine lining and ovaries nine out of every 10 minutes (can you imagine me if I ever manage to make it to a 2ww?!), there are other things happening in my world. Dinners with friends, a ton of cool projects at work, a cocktail party on Saturday night, errands this weekend (noooo freelancing, yip!), house stuff, yada yada. And here is my latest and most favorite distraction, my new background music while commuting:

I’ve mentioned before how hubs makes me two CDs filled with tunes and artists I don’t already know for Christmas every year. Josh Ritter is one of those artists that made it onto a CD a couple years ago, and he just came out with a new album, called So Runs the World Away. I am totally digging the song “Change of Time.” Buy it on iTunes, you will not be disappointed!



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14 responses to “Slow & steady

  1. Ohh, thanks for the song tip…I’m totally going to download! And YAY for a great monitoring visit this morning. I love your slow and steady analogies…especially the cookie one, yum!! I am so full of hope for you this cycle, you’re going to get there…I just know it!! And like you said your lining is going the right direction, let him take his sweet time too….slow and steady baby!! Have fun this weekend egg!

  2. Slow and steady is the way I roll, too! Hang in there- you’ll “arrive” soon!!

  3. Tarah

    I’m so excited about your progress! Slow & steady is the way to win the race. You’ve been in my T&P and I’m hoping they are answered! Cannot wait to hear the next update!

  4. Jen

    Yay, I had a feeling your lining would get better!!!!! Looking good Mr. Lining!

    I like Josh Ritter a lot 🙂

  5. Yay for your follies and lining!!!! I’m really excited for you! Here’s to both of us hopefully making it to iui this month!

  6. Great progress! Perhaps your follies are marathon runners too, and they can appreciate the importance of pacing?

    Also, love Josh Ritter. My in laws have a concert series in their living room (strange and wonderful, don’t ask), and he has performed there. Killer songwriter.

  7. Things are going GREAT! It’s got to be hard to be patient, but at least you’re well stocked up on analogies. And I think *I* can say you’re gonna make it without jinxing you!

  8. Mara

    Yay! OMG, that’s fantastic! I am so excited for you. And I love that your lining is a “he”. When do you go back? That would be awesome if you could trigger early next week – it sounds like you will!!

    Thanks for the music recommendation! I needed some. 🙂 I’ll download it this weekend!

  9. zully

    Hi my egg, I’m so excited for this cycle. Your follies are growing little by little. Can’t wait to download the songs. Big hug =)

  10. I LOVE this slow and steady progress. I’m not going to jinx anything but predicting or hoping for the future. I’m just going to celebrate that you are–at this moment–farther along that you have been at any point in this process so far. Isn’t that exciting?!

  11. I’m so glad to hear this Egg. I have everything crossed that the follies keep growing and your lining cooperates!

  12. Looking good! Yay for you!!

  13. You are doing so awesome! You are now farther than I have ever been with the lining! You have to tell me what things helped the best with fluffing your lining. Good luck!!!!

  14. 6.4 is such an improvement for you!! Yay! But, my gut feeling, for what it’s worth, is you’re going to see even more fluffing as your follies grow! Grow, follies, grow! Fluff, lining, fluff!

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