I have no symptoms. Is this a lame post or what?

So the first few days of the 2ww flew by. I mean, FLEW! I was starting to wonder what everyone makes such a big deal about. Until yesterday. (Muhahaha!) Then, I suddenly “got it.” Everything hit me: Doubt. Fear. Pessimism. Jealousy. Oh yes, I was a real joy to be around at work. 🙂

Here’s the thing. I know it’s EARLY but I have Noooooo symptoms. I mean, not even the faux ones everyone complains about with progesterone supps. Not that I want fakies, but sheesh, I think it’s a little odd that my bod isn’t even recognizing the progesterone supposedly coursing through its system. I’m not even getting weird discharge or anything! I swear you guys, I am the QUEEN of zero symptoms. I never get full or achey breasts, never have CM, never feel ovulation, and my medicine-induced periods have been so light this year that I rarely even feel any cramping. Symptom. Less!

What I do have: a “full”/”bloat-y”-feeling uterus. I’ve been bloated since IUI day, but the painful, stabby feelings in my ovary regions subsided by 1dpiui. Now, I’ve just got a constant heaviness/innocuous bloat. I’m very groggy in the morning, thanks to the fact that I’ve gone from roughly 5 mugs of coffee a day (I know! horrible TTCer! but can you blame me? I’ve never been in a 2ww so I’ve never HAD to nix it) to a few sips in the morning. Caffeine, you were a beautiful, beautiful thing!!!

By nighttime, I’m bouncing off the walls. I know I’m “allowed” to exercise during the 2ww, but my acupuncturist made it sound like running would totally disrupt any potential implantation. (I realize she’s not a doctor.  And yes, yes, I realize a lot of people exercise through the 2ww.) I’m just being OCD, now that I’ve finally made it to this point. She recommended I wait until 7dpiui (tomorrow) to do a very light ellip session or swim. Honestly? I haven’t taken this much time off working out since, well, EVER! Even when I was running marathons, I would begin hitting the gym again for EZ workouts a couple days after. Without working out in the morning, or monitoring, or injections and supplements to take, my life feels a little too free and open right now! I’m getting to work early every day! I’m sleeping a ton! But I’m really looking forward to swimming or ellip-ing it tomorrow.

We are off to NYC on Friday. (I know! ANOTHER wedding!) There will be fun dinners and shopping and hanging with friends. (The jury is still out on whether I’ll be able to resist the siren song of jogging with my running buddy in Central Park…it’s in my top three fave things to do every time we go back to visit.) I’m not bringing my lappie and there’s no chance I’ll be on Google or searching old blog posts for magical insight into what a successful cycle feels like (yes, that’s me who’s been lurking in your archives). Which is a good thing. I’m very happy for the great distraction. 🙂

Ciao, bloggies!



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22 responses to “I have no symptoms. Is this a lame post or what?

  1. I dunno. From where I sit a “full-feeling uterus” is a symptom. Here’s hoping time goes back to flying!

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that reading about other people’s symptoms will tell you nothing. Actually I’ve come to the conclusion that even knowing your own symptoms doesn’t tell you much. You’re going to be crazy, you’re going to overthink everything, you’re going to have hope and then doubt about 55 times a minute, and the next seven days are going to creeeeeeep by like you wouldn’t believe. Good luck!

    Are you testing while in NYC? Are you waiting for beta? I will think of you this weekend, dear Egg, when I’m at my birthday party and hope that you are feeling wonderful symptoms and know that you are pregnant.

  3. I don’t pay attention to symptoms anymore, mostly because they have tricked me into believing I was pregnant one too many times. Look at last cycle. I spotted at 10 dpo and I still wasn’t pregnant. But then there are women who have zero symptoms and get their BFP. So no symptoms could be a good sign. You never know! I’m thinking of you and hoping for good things. Let’s hope that uterus is full with a little bean! 🙂

  4. The 2ww sucks so much for that very reason…you start to question EVERYTHING. As hard as it is, you just have to resign to “what will be will be” and try (sooooo hard, I know) to carry on. I know the Chinese medicine theory is very anti exercise, but my RE told me NO restrictions during the 2ww, so if you need a jog in Central Park for your sanity, go for it!
    I hope you are one of those gals who is surprised to be pregnant with no symptoms…and there are lots of them out there!

  5. Symptoms are stupid. As someone who ALWAYS has symptoms, I’d much rather not have them instead of getting all worked up about them. Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t mean anything either way.

    Hope you’re having fun taking it easy. I’m not a runner like you, but ever since the doc said no exercise for 2 days after the iui, exercise is all I can think about!

  6. Tarah

    Don’t fret the symptoms and I’m totally jealous you’re not having the discharge from the progesterone! UGH that was the WORST! So be happy you don’t have it! haha. I say go for your jog in CP – maybe just make it shorter than usual for your peace of mind. Have a great trip! I’ve been lurking & waiting to hear how your 2ww was going!


  7. GOOD! If you turned out to be one of those people who was totally chill during the wait I’d have to…be really jealous. I hope this trip is fantastic and super distracting, and that you’ll test as soon as possible. ‘Cause we all know no symptoms means nothing at all!

  8. Symptoms are mainly confusing — I felt sick for the last week, and still BFN. I hope that it’s the other way round for you. Enjoy the wedding!

  9. I heard that women who get strong pregnancy symptoms are typically the same women who get strong PMS symptoms. So the fact that you’re symptomless could be a symptom! I know that makes no sense, I guess I just mean to say that you shouldn’t worry. Enjoy NY!

  10. Maybe you could go for a walk in CP instead of a run? Of course I know they tell you you can exercise after an IUI, but I was always careful-er, too. I don’t really have any symptoms, either- hoping it’s a good thing for both of us!

  11. Sorry your not feeling any symptoms yet, but as I have found out you can’t really go by them. Being bloated is a symptom. My first IF blogger who was pregnant only had the symptom of being bloated and nothing else so who knows 🙂

  12. hey there – i had the same problem as you where the first few days of 2ww went by really quickly and then my life became a slow motion movie after that. and i’m the queen of symptoms that turn out to be nothing, so i wouldn’t worry just yet. your “full feeling” in the uterus actually sounds like a symptom to me, so let’s hope that that’s good news! i’m sure your RE learned about how you stim based on this cycle and can make any tweaks going forward should they *have to*, but hopefully you’ll be one of those first timers who we all envy :o)

  13. Wow! You hit everything that I have been feeling during these last few days. I was even gonna call the doc because the progesterone hasn’t given me one symptom….. not even high temps! I am so bloated, my pants are so tight.
    My acupuncturist told me the same thing but my doctor said no restrictions. So I keep a foot in each world and just take it easier than usual which is hard with my job.
    Enjoy NYC! We are going over Memorial Day weekend!
    xo Jenn

  14. hollytraveling

    Haven’t you heard…no symptoms are the new symptoms. Anyone pregnant isn’t feeling a thing.

    Seriously though, symptoms or no symptoms the 2ww sucks and no matter what your body is doing, you wish it was doing something else. I’m happy to hear you’re doing so well. I was kind of the same last month. The first part flew by and then the last few days seemed to drag. Hope you have fun in NYC! And I can’t wait to hear. I’m soooo hoping for you Egg!!

  15. You will get through the 2ww….one minute at a time….

    Have a great time in NYC! That should make the time fly!

  16. At least the wedding will be a distraction to you! I wish I could speed up time for you!

  17. Yeah, the 2 ww just drags by at this point. I’m hoping the distractions help.

    I’m the queen of telling people not to put any stock into early symptoms, but I realize that advice generates a lot of eye rolls. I did, however, have that bloaty feeling with #3 (but no other symptoms). The feeling itself was from ohss which goes away if you aren’t pregnant (about CD1 time) and gets a bit worse if you are pregnant. So for me, the mild bloat really picked up (and moved beyond “mild”) about 15 dpo and by that time, I knew the what was going on.

    Thank you for your comment. You are so kind.

  18. Hey lady, hang in there! Even though it’s going slowly… it’s going… so you’re on your way. And hopefully NYC can take your mind off of things? I am heading to NYC too! Leaving today and working there Thursday and Friday… then Benjamin and I are heading to lovely New Jersey for a wedding over the weekend. Too bad our trips didn’t overlap!

  19. Hey, your 2ww is making me anxious for you! I’m hoping for a very exciting post soon.

    First symptom I noticed was I had to wake up and pee like 3-4 times a night. Nothing I thought anything of the first few nights…but then…:). Have the urge, Egg?

  20. mara

    I agree, symptoms (or lack thereof) don’t mean anything. 🙂 Esp this early!

    I totally think you should go for a run in Central Park, as long as you don’t overdo it! Have a FANTASTIC time on the trip – I’m jealous!!

  21. Oh, yes, the 2ww. How do I despise thee? Let me count the ways. 1) maybe I’m pregnant? 2) no way am I pregnant 3) but I could be pregnant 4) I’ll never get pregnant 5) but maybe I am! 6) and so on, and so on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum!

    Good luck! And have fun in NYC, Egg!

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