529,200 seconds since my IUI. Or 8 days and a few hours.

This week I’ve been tackling a work assignment that involves interviewing active pregnant women about their exercise fears after giving birth. In other words, How will I have time to squeeze in a workout? What should I do with my baby while he’s in the jogging stroller? Can I listen to an iPod while I’m running with a jogging stroller? Will I feel guilty leaving my baby with my husband while I go running? Will I have the energy/time to run after giving birth?


It is seriously a cruel, cruel project in the midst of TTC, especially the 2ww. I can’t get out of it. And I can’t do anything except be the gung-ho little worker bee I always am. Well, I can sob inside as I interview these women about their pregnancies and post-birth plans. And then I can complain to you guys about it. 🙂 Take that, horrible work assignment!

Anyway. I have nothing to report except that I’ve continued to feel 100% normal and I’m blase about this working. I will have moments of hope (hey, some women never feel anything! why NOT me? etc), but then I sort of effortlessly fade back into calculating when I’ll get my period once I stop the Crinone and whether I’ll have cysts and how even if I don’t I will probably have to take June off because we have another freaking out-of-town wedding the weekend of June 18 and then will I even get to cycle in July because we have ANOTHER wedding trip then. Um, yeah. You get the idea. Gah. Gah. Gah.

I wish someone could ship me away to an island where I wouldn’t have to see/hear/talk to people about anything baby-related….until I’m successfully knocked up. (Which I guess would require my RE, a nurse, hubs and a ton of Gonal-F to come with me….that’s okay, they’re allowed.)

One of those days my friends, one of those days.

Thank goodness I am leaving town tomorrow. I’ll be seeing old friends and I’ll HAVE to put on my happy face.



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23 responses to “529,200spiui

  1. Sorry about the work assignment. That’s really cruel. Hope you have a good weekend, and win a return trip from that island soon.

  2. Worst. Assignment. Ever. I’m so sorry – sounds awful! But yay for a fun trip to NYC – what a perfect distraction for the worst part of the 2ww. Keep the hope alive…I know it’s hard, but I really think you have a chance this cycle! A good one!!!

  3. Wow, that is a cruel frickin assignment. I’m sorry, but we’re here so you just complain your heart out to us!! And I totally agree with A, the next few days are the worst so getting out of town will be just the ticket, have a great time in NYC! I’m totally keeping the faith for you this cycle Egg, don’t forget about all the good stuff your body did this month…everything crossed for you!!

  4. Tarah

    Ugh that is a mean assignment to have to deal with right now! Take notes so that you can refer back to it when you’re pregnant and worrying the same thing. 😉 Positive thoughts from your friend over here!

    I felt lots of symptoms in my last 2ww and got a BFN so what does that tell you? That progesterone is one big mind F. haha. I hate it hate it hate it.


  5. Terrible work task. Just terrible. Is it over?
    Enjoy your weekend away!

  6. That is the worst assignment I’ve ever heard of. BLECH!

    Sorry you’re feeling a little hopeless, but I say why not? Why not this time for you? Why not this little egg?

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  7. Al

    Can I come to that island too?

    The work assignment sounds absolutely HORRIBLE. I’m so sorry egg. I’m glad you’re taking tomorrow off and get some space from that craziness.

    Yea for the 2ww being half over…not much longer 🙂

  8. Seriously, bring me to that island. I need to get away from society for a LONG time. That might be the only way I don’t go crazy. But really, that work assignment is the worst. I’m so sorry, sweetie. Hopefully this weekend’s activities will help you take your mind off of things.

    Yay for being in the 1WW cycle buddy! I’ll be joining you there tomorrow. Maybe at the end of this wait we’ll get to be pregnancy buddies?!

  9. Oh my God!!! “Will I feel guilty about leaving the baby with my husband while I jog???” It just goes to show that if you don’t have any problems, you’ll make some up.

    That assignment sucks!!!

    I thought it was funny that you are counting your 2ww in seconds. I think that my rate of wondering what’s going on in there is a little faster. I probably think about it every half second, at least. AND I have no reason to assume things will happen this month, which is just a repetition of the past 6 uneventful cycles. Ho hum.

    I also noticed the little happy face on the top right of your blog. What is the significance of that?

  10. this assignment sounds like a nightmare. kudos to you for sucking it up and just getting it down. but you *must* wanna shake some of these women, i imagine??

    i deleted a friend of a friend from fb the other day bc she posted for the upteenth time how “a cold is THE WORST thing a pregnant woman has to go through” and i wanted to be like “b*tch, try a miscarriage!!! or NOT getting pregnant to begin with”. haha, but instead i took the high road and dropped her like a hot potato.

    i’ve gone so far as to say no to a few weddings, bc that’s how much i have trouble dealing with people lately. this will surely come bite me in the a$$ when i have no friends left, but i’ll deal with one issue at a time.

    have fun this weekend :o)

  11. Ugh, what a crappy work assignment. I hope you finish it quickly and painlessly. I hope the next week flies by for you.

  12. hollytraveling

    If you find an island for sale next to yours let me know. And what a truly crappy work assignment. God, I’m feeling for you. Sucks. Hope you have a fun trip.

  13. I love the title of this post. You got it bang on – feeling every…passing…second in the 2ww. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Ugh, that is so frustrating. I also had to spend today interviewing pregnant women for my job. Didn’t have anything to do with their pregnancy or baby, but still the conversation was filled with pregnancy talk, plus someone who dropped off a baby gift while we were meeting!

  15. Could you be a little more precise about how long it’s been since the IUI? It’s like the details don’t even matter to you…

    That’s a wretched assignment. I’m glad you’re at least in the wait–imagine if you were waiting this cycle out too! Not that I’m saying you should be grateful or anything, just looking for small solaces. I hope the trip is wonderful and distracting…

  16. I know the assignment is torture for you, but just think “did these women have IF issues? At least I will know how to get my body back after I get pregnant!”
    Egg, I know its hard, but you have to find a silver lining in this assignment somehow. I love you and you are amazing!

  17. Kate

    You can interview me:> And, will at least know that I’ve been on the dark side.

    The thing I tell myself when I hate pregnant people is that I don’t know what they’ve been through. Maybe pregnancy isn’t hard for them, but maybe they’ll have cancer some day or their dad was an alcoholic or whatever. This being said, when I was pregnant, I wanted to wear a shirt all the time that said “I worked hard for this baby” so that all the other infertiles wouldn’t hate me.

    The two WW is miserable. I’ll be there with you soon.

  18. I love that you’re counting in seconds now! Aren’t 2wws awesome? Ha!

  19. Are you kidding? That assignment, and the timing of it, is BRUTAL. You are awesome for sticking it out.

  20. Secret Sloper

    Oh Egg, what an awful assignment. You’re such a freaking trouper, I can’t even.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend here in NYC. We made the weather nice just to welcome you 🙂 I hope that when you get home you have the most wonderful news off all waiting for you. But whatever happens, we all know that this cycle was BIG and IMPORTANT and a huuuuuge step forward.

    Stay strong! You’re almost there!

  21. mara

    That assignment is AWFUL. Seriously, I think I would cry at least a day or two of the project. Kudos to you for having a stiff upper lip and doing the best you can.

    I am hoping hoping hoping for you. Have a great time in NYC!

  22. Good lord, that assignment is just cruel. And unusual. Well done you for muscling through it.

    The best thing about counting the seconds is that they just keep going by. You will get there!

  23. I hear ya. I had to interview post-preggo women for an article for Conceive mag and it SUCKED. Good luck and I’m hoping this 2WW ends on a positive note!

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