Getting warmed up

Quickie update. I went into clinic #1 for an ultrasound to check out my cyst this morning. It’s gooooooone. Which means I’ve stopped taking BCPs and I hope to  begin injections on Thursday. For those of you counting, yeah, that leaves a few BCPs in the packet. In other words, I’ve fast-tracked myself. Suck it, remaining pills. 🙂

What’s the rush? (Besides the fact that my as$ has completely fallen asleep from warming the bench for so long?) We’re heading to the Chesapeake Bay for another wedding on Friday morning. The hardest part is that we’re staying at a tiny B&B with three college girlfriends, two of them are bringing their babies. It would be nice to have a little hope in my heart, don’tcha think?…So thank the LORD I will be injecting this weekend.

I told hubs last night that I was dreading this morning’s ultrasound. Not because I was afraid the cyst would still be there (which I was worried about). I’m afraid because I know how brutal each monitoring appointment can be…how freaking emotional I become as I anaylze my response to the medicine. Hubs looked at me calmly (he is omni-calm!) and said, “But you’re always emotional, so what’s the difference?” Haha. So true. And I’d rather be emotional with hope as an undercurrent, instead of emotional on the bench.
So, I’m waiting for my period, then waiting for baseline monitoring. Then, hopefully, injects 2.0. And meanwhile, blood tests and hubs’s SA at clinic #2. Heck yeah!


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22 responses to “Getting warmed up

  1. YAY CYST IS GONE!!!!!!! Very excited for you to get on with this cycle! Good luck, hon, and hope you survive the wedding this weekend okay. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. See ya cystie! So glad it’s gone and you will be injecting in just a few days. I understand that being off the bench when surrounded by your mommy friends this weekend is crucial. So glad the timing worked out! And, this is going to be your cycle!! Come on, eggies!

  3. Yay for the cyst! Your husband’s comment is hilarious. I think mine doesn’t really understand these emotional responses either.

  4. Tarah

    *cheers* Yea for the cyst being gone!! Yea for injecting this weekend!! Yea for hope!! haha. I have everything crossed for you!!!

  5. Hah, I love it…suck it extra bc pills, and you too cystie!! Time to cycle egg, yay!! So happy you can get it started before the wedding this weekend. We’re all rooting for you this month, sending tons of positive cycling vibes your way!!

  6. LTB

    Heck ya! See ya cysty! So happy you are off the bench! Sending good vibes for injects 2.0!!!

  7. This all sounds like PROGRESS, Miss Egg! Excellent news. And I really like the sound of the New Clinic from your last post.

  8. AL

    Awesome!!! You guys are multi-tasking and making the most out of the time you have – that’s great!!

    Hoping that CD1 comes soon and you can start stimming!!

  9. Jen

    Hooray! Peace out, crappy cyst

  10. So glad that the cyst is gone- I have been thinking of you often! It seems like I will be taking your spot on the bench 😦

  11. SUCK IT, BCPs!!! And good-bye, cyst. I am so freaking happy that thing is gone. Now, get your butt off the bench and get pregnant. 🙂 I’m cheering for you!

  12. No cyst! Right on! Bring on the needles.

  13. LOL our hubby’s are very similar. So glad it’s gone!! Yea for cycling. I hope I wont be that far behind you.

  14. OMG – I’m so excited for you! My heart sinks whenever I have an u/s because 75% of the time, there are freaking cysts (usually too many to count).

    The timing is perfect. You definitely need some hope to get through a weekend with 2 cute little babies. I’m so hopeful for you this cycle!

  15. wahoooo for the cyst not being there~!! i have high hopes for you that you’re gonna get knocked up soon :o) doesn’t it rock not having to be sidelined anymore? i’ve been on the bench since march and i am soooo ready for ivf next month.

    bc i need a backup plan, i have one that makes me feel good. back to back iui’s EVERY MONTH for the 6 months after ivf should it not work (which it WILL!!) and then another ivf. so, i’m 100% over and done with waiting things out. it’s all action action action going forward and i’m sooooo relieved.

    glad we’re both able to join in the fun fertility games :o)

  16. Mara

    Yay for the cyst being gone! I’m so glad you get to move forward this week.

    I would have the exact same attitude about the weekend with the babies. If I can’t have one, it’s nice to have hope, to feel like maybe you’re on your way.

    Come on CD1!

  17. Yay! I’m so excited your cyst is gone!!!

  18. Tio

    Sounds like a good plan. I think it’s a brilliant idea to make the most of having two clinics at the same time. Good luck!

  19. Hallelujah — congratulations!!! Yay for a little hope.

    Have an awesome wedding weekend, and I’m SO HAPPY to get to get off that bench. It’s your turn 🙂

  20. Buh-bye, cyst! No more benchwarming for you. This is great news and I am pulling for you!

  21. Glad to hear this. Yay for the fast-track!

  22. hollytraveling

    Yippee the cyst is gone! Hope you were able to get started. And Blue would’ve said the same thing as your hubs. Hoping for an awesome cycle.

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