Giorno otto del ciclo

That post title? Cycle day 8, in Italian. Gotta keep everyone on their toes. Also, I already named a post CD8 and can’t bear to repeat last cycle’s meltdowns, especially the one on CD8. New cycle, new attitude.

Soooo, monitoring. Nothing to see here, folks! I have zero follies over 10mm, none big enough to measure. But it’s okay. I think some little guys will probably wake up and begin growing in a few days. My lining was 1.8mm at baseline and it’s up to 5mm. Which is, you know, AWESOME for a lining-challenged–girl like me. I think my lining is digging the Luveris.

We also got some great news yesterday. Hubs’s SA #2 with Dr. A’s preferred Kruger Test for morphology came back all good. He has some great looking swimmers. So if we can get to IUI land again this cycle, we know we have a shot.

My blood work with clinic #2/Dr. A is also rolling in and everything looks okay so far. TSH (the reason I was referred to an RE last August), is normal. AMH is normal. Dr. A noted some perhaps alarmingly high kidney- and liver-related hormone levels in previous rounds of blood work. So, even though he said it wouldn’t be related to my ferility troubles, he was a bit concerned and ran extra tests on secondary hormones that give a better picture of the health of those organs. Everything is normal. PHEW! Seriously, part of me was awaiting a call from Dr. A to the effect of, “You’re going into premature kidney failure, get to the ER immediately.” (I know, I’m nuts.)

Which begs the question, what the frack is wrong with me and why don’t I ovulate? I know the answer doesn’t matter….it simply is what it is. (Yeah, Yoda Egg is currently in the house.)




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17 responses to “Giorno otto del ciclo

  1. Awesome news about the test results. What a huge relief. I know it’s frustrating when there is nothing “wrong” and therefore nothing to “fix” but I think all this points to a great chance for success! And hopefully THIS cycle!! Good for you for being so zen and you know from last time that your follies will get their butts in gear soon enough. Nice lining, too! Woohoo!

  2. awesome news about hubby’s SA. the kruger’s test for morphology is SUPER strict so if he passed, that means his swimmers are awesome. congrats!!

    sending you good vibes for those follies to grow grow grow!!

  3. LTB

    Holy lining woman! woot woot! I’m cheering you on BIG TIME and so far so good!

  4. I am so glad that all of the test results came back normal! One less monkey on your back so to speak. And even better news about the lining! I get what you mean about wondering what’s up with your body. I don’t understand what’s up with mine, either, and why I don’t ovulate. It’s really frustrating and sometimes it’s really easy for me to get down about it. I just want to scream, “DO YOUR JOB!” But hopefully with everything looking good this cycle–from the lining to DH’s swimmers–it WILL do its job and get your pregnant. Everything crossed, girl!

  5. Tarah

    Yea for normal test results and awesome lining. I’m sure your follies will wake up and grow any moment now. I’m hoping THIS is the cycle you ovulate! Fingers tightly crossed

  6. May the force be with you then. The ovulation and implantation force, particularly.

  7. Eccellente e fantastico for lots of normal results! I’m really happy things seem to be going well.

  8. Totally rooting for you egg, c’mon IUI!! Let’s make shit happen this month! So glad the results came back great for hubby. One less thing to worry about right! So now just grow follies grow!

  9. zully

    Yayyy for the test result! When do you go back? I hope a few follies wake up and mature =)

  10. You sound so good right now, Egg. The lining news is amazing, and so is DH’s SA result! You are totally primed to make a baby this month. I’ve got a lot of hope for you that this will work. Meanwhile, let’s both try to stay zen about it all.

  11. Congrats on the promotion. That is so awesome. I’m going to have to google luveris and see what it does exactly. I may have a lining issue just like yours. That is so awesome his s/a came out well! I hope your follies start growing soon. I’m only a tiny bit behind you on day 5.

  12. Nice lining, nice test results, nice sperm. Can’t wait to hear about sprouting follicles in a few more days!

  13. Amy

    Hi there! I came across your blog a while ago but have never commented before. But I wanted to wish you luck with this cycle! I am on my very first cycle with injectables (my doc prefers to skip Clomid in women with PCOS) and am now on CD8, so just one day behind you. I had a monitoring appointment yesterday. It was my first so I didn’t even know what to expect. All I know is that my lining is 4mm and there’re no measurable follicles. But I’m on just 50ui of Puregon so I know we’re going really slowly to see how I react. ANYWAY… like I said, I just wanted to wish you lots of luck. I’m from the midwest, too, although now I live abroad.

  14. Lining? Check. SA? Check. Blood work? Check.

    You are just linin’ them up and knockin’ them down. Next stop, follies, and after that….THE WORLD! Bwahahaha….

    OK, maybe I got a little carried away there. But this is a great start to your cycle.

  15. Yay for great bloodwork news!I’m sending you follie growth dust!!

  16. C’mon, lining! Pulling for you this cycle!

  17. Kate

    Things are sounding good!! I’ve been checking in on you:> Re: liver/kidney stuff: I had elevated levels a couple of years ago (2007?) and they recommended that I exercised more and ate less fat, because apparently I was a morbidly obese person (note: this was when I was running @ 50 miles a week and a healthy weight). The doctor said that I should stop eating fried food and butter (I don’t eat fried food…sweets, now that’s another story). Dr’s sometimes just look at the numbers and don’t apply any common sense.

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