Hello bloggies. I had an excellent monitoring appointment this morning. My lining is up to 7.0 and….wait for it….triple stripe. HUZZAH! I am slightly concerned that the u/s tech realizes I’m a crazy, emotional fool who will turn into a weeping puddle if my lining report is not good, and that she’s inflating my numbers or taking four or five measurements just to appease me. But, whatevs. It’s totally working, I’m appeased. 🙂

It turns out my left ovary is working some serious OT this cycle. That’s great and all, but….crapola….the same thing happened last time I cycled (a super active left ovary with one to two viable contenders and a ton of little guys bringing up the rear). I’d really love the 14.5er on rightie to catch up. I’m happy with my lining, I’m happy about my follies waking up, but I’m still finding it within me to worry my left side is my….bad side.

Rightie: 14.5, 10.5

Leftie: 16, 15.5, 14, 12, 12, 10.5, 10

E2: 236

LH: 0.5 (it’s kind of ironic how the more consectutive days I take my PURE LH INJECTABLE, the lower my LH number)

I am to stay the course. 75iu of Gonal-F every night and 37.5iu of Luveris every morning. Back on Friday for CD17 monitoring. That’ll be 15 days of stims, folks. I’m going for a record in blog-land!

I swear there is other interesting stuff going on in my life right now, but, let’s be honest, this is all I think/obsess/daydream/worry about. One story for you, before I pretend to care about work for the next five hours. Last night as I was swigging my water while taking my cocktail of nightly supps—three L-Arginines, a Vitamin E, a Pre-Natie, a baby aspirin, a fish oil—dressed in a cropped-ish tank top that exposed my bruised tummy and a baggy pair of drawstring khakis that hubs not-so-affectionately calls my “prison pants,” he came around the corner, paused to examine the visage of beauty in front of him, and finally remarked that I looked “bloated.” What I heard was, “fat.” [Blame it on the Luveris, the inject that not only gives me bruises and stings like a $&*#@ going in, but also lowers my LH and makes me crazy.] Well, he was right. It turns out I am bloated, and I’m glad I finally have some follies that prove it. I hit the gym extra hard this morning but I realize my bod is a bit of a lost cause at this point in the cycle. Just saying….it is a lesson in self-acceptance to look pregnant when the one thing you most definitely are NOT is pregnant.



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17 responses to “Starring….LEFTIE!

  1. It’s about TIME you had a good experience being monitored! And check out all them follicles! I’m hoping you’re going to get the multiples warning at your very successful insemination!

    Yeah, looking pregnant when not…super awesome. I hope (and believe) that you will be looking pregnant for reals in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Tarah

    I’m so thrilled about those numbers Egg. I am totally 120% sending all my baby making, sticking and healthy dust to your follies & eggs. I’m also glad you’re appeased! haha.

    Ah – the trials of men who sometimes don’t think before they speak. DH told me during our first pregnancy that he could already see my bump. I had JUST tested…that was bloat which = fat. *rolls eyes*

  3. AL


    I’m so happy you got such an awesome follie and lining report from you!! YAY!!

    Hope this is your month 🙂

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Those are some great stats, girlfriend. Good side or bad side, that leftie is pulling his/her weight this time around.

    Good luck, good luck, good luck! Thinking of you.

  5. great numbers!! i don’t want you to *just* get a bfp. twins would be nice so you can quit this $hitshow!

    i’ve looked pregnant since we started ttc. i wouldn’t mind it one bit if i WAS pregnant, but it sucks when you’re not bc you feel all self conscious about it.

    *grow follies GROW*!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  6. Way for your lining to kick ass, Egg! That’s freakin awesome. I am so happy for you and I’m just as excited about your follicle sizes. I can’t wait to hear how things look when you go back. And I hear ya on the bloated thing. Since stopping treatment, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my belly size. Which is great, since every time I looked in the mirror before I wanted to burst into tears over the fact that I LOOKED pregnant but wasn’t actually pregnant. Stupid fertility meds.

    Keep on growing, follies!

  7. Oh this is such AWESOME news!! I am so rooting for you this cycle. Crossing my fingers (and toes) it all works out. Keep growing, follies, grow!!!

  8. Such awesome news, Egg! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Your lining and follies are kicking ass! I have high hopes for you this time!

  9. Awesome news about your lining! That must have felt great! Things are looking good for you this cycle!!!!!!

  10. What an awesome report! Great lining and lots of follies! How exciting. I hope that I get a good monitoring appointment tomorrow, but I’m not expecting much of anything. I hope things continue to go well for you!

  11. Awesome appointment, Egg! This cycle sounds incredibly promising. Also, I’m awarding you longest stimmer award. You need to find a cool image of a syringe and post it proudly on your sidebar. Slow and steady. I have a good feeling about this one!

  12. Jeanna

    So far, so good! So glad!

  13. Jen

    I KNEW your lining would get there with injects. Yay!!!!! And sadly, yay for bloating! Injects made me very, very bloated also. It’s a good sign!

  14. Yes! Slow and steady, Egg. Slow and steady.

    When I think about your posts from 6 months ago, when your lining was crap and your doctor was scaring you to death, and think about where you are now I am SO hopeful and optimistic for you. I hope that you feel the same way. You have come sooooo far and you will find success, I am sure of it.

    Let’s go little follies, grow, grow, grow!

  15. Wahooo!!!! Great lining, Egg! Leftie is looking awesome and hopefully the right can catch up. I know you are so tired of stimming, but keep your eye on the prize! *hugs!*

  16. Oh Egg, this post totally just made my day!! First off, huge YAY for triple stripe…sweet! And c’mon follies…apparantly your body responds well to slow and steady. But 15 days of stims, ouch…your poor little tummy. All worth it for some good follies, but still you are a trooper girl!! Can’t wait to hear Friday’s report, fingers crossed for even more good news!

  17. mara

    Yay triple stripe! That is fantastic news. Hope the appointment today went great.

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