HIGHS and l..o..w..s

Monitoring was fantastic. 8.1mm lining. (The tech had to measure it a few different times to give me that great number, but hey, I’ll take it.) Rightie got up to 18! Leftie is going nutso with a 20, 18.5, 18, 17.5. I swear on the walk into work the entire world was so super duper sparkly I needed sunglasses. I kept thinking to myself, THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS! I even thought about how if THIS didn’t work (my thickest lining yet and four follies, amazing for me), we should just go directly to IVF because no IUI cycle would ever work.

I had a cartoon-size smile on my face all day.

Before you tell me I could become octo-mom, let me tell you about my blood work. My E2 is 292. If you’re thinking that number sucks, you’d be correct. The rule of thumb is 200 E2 per mature follie. Which leaves me with….maybe one follie? And my LH is officially so low that it’s not even measurable.


So. I’m triggering tonight. And they want me to come in TOMORROW a.m. for the IUI. It’s odd that they’re not doing the standard 36 hours post-trigger IUI. Especially since I’m most definitely NOT surging on my own (low LH, see above). I can’t help but suspect they’re rushing me so no one has to come in and deal with a patient on July 4th. I’ve got calls into the nurse and Dr. K. I’m sure they won’t change the protocol but maybe they can give me a tiny piece of hope back.

The ups and downs absolutely kill me.


What do you know, Dr. K agrees with me and we’re doig the IUI on Sunday instead of tomorrow. The on-call RE’s reasoning for doing the IUI tomorrow morning was that my E2 seems to have plateaued (sad). He wants to catch any viable egg before it goes bad, so to speak. Dr. K sees his point, but would rather IUI 36 hours after trigger. They are hoping that out of all those big guys, one holds a good egg. So after 15 days of stims and 4 follies measuring 18mm or bigger, I have maybe one good egg. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please let it be the one.



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9 responses to “HIGHS and l..o..w..s

  1. Those highs are fantastic though! Way to go on your lining! Good Luck with your IUI tomorrow. Crossing all my fingers and toes that this is your cycle!!!!

  2. Egg I will be thinking of you on the 4th. I hope you get your little Independence Day baby (you can call it Liberty 🙂 ) so very, very much.

    Hang in there. Remember perfect cycles can fail and wonky cycles can lead to babies. There’s no way to know, so we’ve just got to believe.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is your cycle!

  4. zully

    I hope this is it!!! Wohoooo how exciting!!

  5. Oh Egg… What a rollercoaster. Thinking of you and hoping that one egg is all you need… *hugs*

  6. I’ll be thinking of you on the 4th!

  7. Sending lots and lots of good thoughts for a perfect egg, perfect IUI, and perfect pregnancy! Good luck Egg! Fingers crossed so hard.

  8. Oh man, what a long road it’s been. I’m going to pretend that the E2 is misleading and you’ve got multiple good ones. But in any case, I hope all goes well tomorrow, and as A says, loooooong after tomorrow.

  9. I’m telling you: that means FOUR great eggies! Come on, eggs, pull through! Wishing and praying for you that this is it.

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