Let’s make a deal

The stakes are higher this go-round. No, not just because of my inevitable post-2ww cyst and bench time, or the emotional trauma and inconvenience of having to go through another three weeks of injections/monitoring/etc, or the impending holy-sh*tness of IVF.

You see, back in June, hubs and I compromised that we would go through one more cycle with Dr. K at clinic #1. (I really wanted to jump ship and go to Dr. Awesome a clinic #2 right away.) If it didn’t work, we’d head to Dr. A for our third and final injects/IUI cycle. Somewhere in the middle of the June injections, I think it was after my first monitoring appointment, I made a deal with hubs. If we got pregnant this cycle, I would buy him all of his beers* for the next 12 months. As the champion of Dr. K and her Luveris/slow & steady/no stepping-up meds protocol, I decided that he would deserve some HUGE PROPS if this actually worked. So. Yes. A full year of beer, on me. If, and only if, Dr. K’s plan worked.

Ever since then it’s kind of been a joke that it would be really really really really really awesome for him if we were to get pregnant this cycle. Not only would it be, you know, the happiest and most relieving thing EVER, it would also mean he’d be drinking on the house for the next year. (Picture a pregnant lady buying her husband’s beer at a bar, the liquor store, at dinner….whew, we’d get some raised eyebrows! I would revel in them!)

So you can see this is a very important 2ww for us, my friends! The only problems: I don’t know if 1) I had a good eggie because of my fracked up E2 level on trigger day, 2) if I even ovulated, and 3) I haven’t had single DANG SYMPTOM suggesting Dr. K’s protocol worked. (I feel just like I did in my May 2ww….and we know how that ended.) But if I were suddenly to develop tingly nipples/aching breasts/metallic taste/twitching uterus/bloating/cramps/nausea/sensitivity to smell/WHATEVER in the next five days….I would be the happiest person on Earth. And I would love nothing more than to start saving my pennies for hubs’s beers.

*In case you were curious, hubs isn’t a big drinker. He just enjoys the occasional unwind-after-a-long-day beer or football game beer or dinner beer.



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19 responses to “Let’s make a deal

  1. Tarah

    I will donate a few bucks for some beers to your husband! 🙂 I am keeping my fingers crossed your husband “wins” this round haha. Come on eggies!

  2. What a good wifey you are. I can get my husband to do just about anything with the promise of beer. He would have me buying the expensive crap though!!! Heres to hoping that he wins this deal!

  3. I’ll buy him a beer too! 🙂

    I wouldn’t sweat not feeling any different. I didn’t have one single symptom. Not one, and was ready to start scheduling the next iui, but turned out I was pregnant. So don’t lose heart!

    Pulling and praying for you!

  4. I can’t remember did you use ovidrel? That will guarantee that you ovulate. Or at least give you a higher chance you will. That is a cool deal. I hope this cycle works for the both of you 🙂

  5. That’s such a sweet bet. I love that the two of you can have fun even when going through hell. I hope you are springing for beers until next summer!

    Good luck, Egg. Just one more week to go. I’m rooting for you very hard.

  6. Here’s hoping that your DH will be drinking beers heavily, on your dime, for the next year.

    I’m rooting for you, Egg. I always am!


  7. I hope this is one bet you lose!

  8. JC

    Hoping it worked too!

  9. hollytraveling

    Well, this sounds odd, but I hope you shell out a lot of money on beers in the coming months. I am really, really, really times 20 hoping this is it for you.

    And hubs can always join the alcohol recovery website with me. I think I have a free membership. 🙂

  10. It’s a bet I’d love to lose. I hope you’re shelling out for the beers soon.

  11. AL

    Love the bet and love picturing super preggo serving up beers to your husband in 8 months.

    I hope you lose this bet to your hubby, Miss Egg!! Hoping this is it for u


  12. awesome bet, and one i’m sure you’d love to lose!

    i hope you’re hanging in there and get good news soon :o)

  13. I love this. Hoping you are buying hubs lots of expensive beer for the next year 🙂

  14. Great bet and a great post. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  15. Try not to be distressed about the lack of symptoms thing. It really really really seems to be common to not feel a thing when it finally works. I hope that proves to be the case for you this VERY cycle. As you say, a year’s worth of beer is a small price to pay…

  16. I hope he will be enjoying some brewskies!!

  17. Jeanna

    I did not feel anything differently before the bfp. Nothing! Good luck! Thinking of you!

  18. Hey Lady, sorry I’ve been MIA for a little while… I’m SO HAPPY to hear that you’re in a 2ww and things are moving along. Dr. Awesome sounds, well, awesome.

    Fingers are crossed for you and I can’t wait to hear what happens next. Hugs to you and the (beer drinkin) hubs!

  19. I love this!! I didn’t make a deal with the husband about this cycle but I did with my pregnant BFF. She said if it does work I owe her a box of diapers. And if it doesn’t (sigh), she said she’ll still owe me a box when it does happen :). Gotta love the positivity!

    I’m just praying for you this cycle, Egg. Hoping like hell it works.

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