Injects 3.0

CD2 monitoring at clinic #2 this morning. (Allllll the way out in the ‘burbs.) Blood work, super-intense ultrasound measuring everything and looking for abnormalities, an injections class, paperwork signing. Of course, during the u/s, a residual cysie was discovered on rightie.

But. BUT! My E2 is low so Dr. Awesome gave the green light to begin stims tonight.


(Clinic #1 would have automatically benched me for four weeks. They did that to me five different times since October.)

I can’t believe I woke up yesterday thinking it was 12DPIUI….and by tonight, I’m injecting again. Well, this is it my friends. Last chance IUI/injects. So let’s make it count, body. I am totally and completely ready for my miracle….



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20 responses to “Injects 3.0

  1. zully

    I love Clinic #2, I’m so glad that you are starting tonight. I think waiting is torture!! I hope this is it my friend. Big Hug!

  2. Yea for clinic #2! I’m rooting for you!

  3. JC

    F*CK yea!!! Yay for clinic #2! Good luck with this cycle and the new Dr, he sounds great!

    I wanted to comment on yesterdays post to say I’m sorry but I was having trouble commenting on my computer =(.

  4. Hell yeah for Dr. Awesome, see you later clinic #1. Good Luck!!!

  5. Secret Sloper

    F-CK yeah clinic #2!! Way to get off the bench and right back out there, Egg! I want this to be your miracle iui so much. Fingers majorly crossed for you, dear.

  6. Yay for Dr. Awesome and Clinic #2! The last thing you need is more bench time.

    I am just catching up on your posts after a week or so; very, very sorry to hear about 12DPIUI/CD1. But still, it looks like the move the Clinic #2 will be a good one for you, at least in terms of being able to move forward.

  7. Clinic #2 is where you need to be for sure. No waiting around! sending you hugs and positive thoughts this cycle bestie!

  8. I’m sorry that you’re having to start a new cycle at all, but sooooooo glad you GET to. Clinic 2 clearly rocks a great deal harder than Clinic 1 already. And I’ve looked over your records and determined that you’ve put in the required time and can get PREGNANT already. So I’ll put in a requisition for that on Monday.

  9. FCblacksheep

    Clinic 2 is already looking good. So happy you’re moving forward so quickly. A fresh start may be all you need. Sending all the hope and positivity I got your way.

  10. Thumbs up on clinic #2 and Dr. A! Here’s hoping injects are the ticket. And I propose your DH get YOU something for being the human pincushion. Obviously not beer, but something!

  11. Hell yeah!!! This is AWESOME news!! I’m so happy for you, Egg. Here we go again, right? 🙂 I’m right there w/you unfortunately, but we’re on the same path together it seems!

  12. Tio

    No benching! That’s a pretty awesome silver lining.

  13. Thank god you’re not still stuck in the days of being benched for weeks on end. I have a lot of hope for this cycle, especially after hearing how thorough this new clinic is. Good luck!!!!

  14. Yay, great news! Back in the game, with no bench time!

  15. Hell yah Egg, that is such awesome news!! Dr. Awesome is SO gonna get this done for you!

  16. Kelly

    I’m so glad they let you get on with the new cycle and didn’t bench you. Good luck!

  17. Kate

    Yeah for aggressive doctor A! Woohoo!

  18. YES!!! SO glad you aren’t benched and crossing my fingers HARD that this is it!!!

  19. AL

    Hooray for clinic #2 and going straight into another IUI!!

    Pulling for you, Egg!

  20. Kate

    Clinic #2 rocks.

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