And here we are

We triggered last night (twelfth night of stims, not too bad!) and will IUI tomorrow. We officially have one good follie on the left, with a “maybe” on the right (if it works really hard to catch up). I had a bunch of follies hanging out in the 12-13ish range and there was talk about canceling or converting to IVF. So, we triggered quickly to save the cycle. Phew.

I love Dr. Awesome. I love his knowledgeable, compassionate nurses. I love his online patient portal where hubs and I can access my daily monitoring results. I love his protocol. I love that he is checking my P4 in a week. I love that I have a Beta test scheduled and don’t have to take an HPT. I love his aggression with my treatment. I love his caution. I love everything about clinic #2.

My E2 was through the roof this time: 1412. That was such a relief after four mature follies last time and the really low estradiol levels. My body either really loves a) stimming without being on BCPs first (hello, no bench month!), b) low-dose HCG (suck it, Luveris!), or c) not running at all during stimming (I’ve been reading about running’s effect on estrogen levels…maybe my body is incredibly sensitive to my 5-milers?), or d) good old fashioned luck (as in bad luck with 2.0 and good luck with 3.0 stimming).

If this dosen’t work we’re taking a month off to recharge and visit family and then we’re joining a September 13 IVF cycle. (The nurse took extra blood at yesterday’s monitoring so we could begin the testing involved.) And I’m glad Dr. Awesome saw my body’s response first hand with this IUI cycle.

Even though I’m thinking more and more about IVF, I’d so love to live the dream and get pregnant on injects/IUI 3.0.

Please let this follie hold the golden eggie. Please let it find its way into my tube. Please let hubs’s swimmers find it. Please let it implant. Please let this work. Please let this be it. Please, please, please. [Said not in wild desperation, but with hope and love and Zen.]

PS Hubs and I got married four years ago today. And we’re creeping up on 10 years of dating. He’s my rock and my best friend. I think going through something like IF can tear a marriage down or bring two people closer together. I am so lucky, because he has been by my side and completely involved in every single tiny (and huge) step of this process. He finds academic journals with promising studies relating to my situation and emails them to me. He researches endometrium lining and then orders supplements off to help me improve mine (and Dr. A tells him it’s cutting edge research he’s found!). He mixes my meds every night. He injects me three times a night. He asks me every night if I remembered my Crinone during the 2ww. He runs regressions on my temping charts, comparing them to other FFers. He happily obliges when we’re in the timed intercourse window. He holds me tight when I shake with fear. He sits next to me when I cry. I couldn’t ask for better support. I love him so much. We become a better team every single day. You can’t mess with us, IF!



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29 responses to “And here we are

  1. An IUI with Dr. Awesome one day after your wedding anniversary? I’d say that’s good luck! I’ll be thinking of you. And I hope you have an absolutely wonderful anniversary. May year #4 of marriage bring you both wonderful surprises. 🙂

  2. First off – huge AW about your hubs! I love that this is bringing you guys closer! Happy anniversary as well. I hope you two get a night out to celebrate what an amazing team you are.

    I’m so thrilled clinic #2 seems to be working better than #1. I have hopes for you that Dr. Awesome is your golden ticket. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this IUI for you!

  3. Wow, everything looks great this time!! I’m so excited for you 🙂 And happy anniversary 🙂 I think the same thing- my hubby and I have become such a great team through all of this!!

  4. AL

    It sounds like dr. awesome, is, well, AWESOME!! That E2 number is amazing – I have high hopes for you this cycle.

    Happy Anniversary! We’re coming up on 4 years married next month, too. 🙂

  5. Egg, I am so happy for you. I loved Dr. Awesome before, but now I love him even more! 🙂 This is your best cycle yet (side note: I had my ‘best’ response the first injects cycle, the only one w/o BCP – so I think there’s something to say for that). I have such high hopes for you this cycle. I think the little guy will catch up and you have a solid chance this cycle!
    And…happy, happy anniversary! So true, if IF can’t knock you down, NOTHING can. I’ve gotta say I have a good feeling about an anniversary IUI!

  6. Happy anniversary egg!! And I definitely think thats lucky timing for you IUI. And Dr. Awesome sounds like THE best, and this cycle is going so well…YAY!!! I have tons and tons of hope for your this month!

  7. Happy anniversary, Egg, to you and Mr. Good Egg 🙂 I’m so glad you have had such a wonderful support during this ordeal. He sounds so special.

    I hope this is your lucky egg so very very much. Dr. Awesome *will* live up to his name for you, I am certain of it, but I hope it can be now so you get your special anniversary baby. Fingers crossed so very much for you!!!

  8. Good luck with this IUI & Happy Anniversary! n Hoping this is your cycle.

  9. lifebytheday

    Congratulations on your anniversary…there’s nothing better than knowing that there’s one thing IF can’t destroy! 😉

  10. That’s great news! Good luck!!

    And btw, I IUI tomorrow, too!!!!

  11. LTB

    This sounds like the best cycle yet! So wonderful! I love Clinic #2 !!!
    Good luck with the iui tomorrow! Keep us up to date!!!

  12. Your E2 levels rock! I think everybodys right and this anniversary IUI is the one for you! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and Happy Anniversary!

  13. Egg! I’ve missed your blog posts and had visited your page several times a day to see if you posted so I’m so happy you’re back :).

    Man, I live parallel lives w/you and Secret Sloper. I’ve been married 4 years this year, too, and this year was also our 10th anniversary of dating. Oh, and not to mention we’re triggering, IUIing, etc. at the same damn time the past 2 cycles.

    I hope and pray for good news for you (and me) this month. PLEASE let this be the golden egg. 🙂

    Happy anniversary, too, to you and Mr. Good Egg!

  14. Sarah P

    WOW, what a great day, Egg! Happy Anniversary! I have a good feeling about this! My hubby and I tried a new medication (after menopur didn’t work) and triggered and I O’d the day after our 2 year anniversary and it worked!! I had 1 lone follie and that’s now our little peanut! Sounds like this is your good luck cycle and good luck clinic #2. Sending lots of good vibes your way! This will work!!!

  15. Happy anniversary! So exciting that you are ready for your iui already. Sounds like you responded well. that is so awesome that you can see your blood work and stuff online. I wish my re’s office did that. Things sound like they are lining up! Good luck!

  16. Happy Anniversary bestie!! Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking and praying for a great procedure!

  17. JC

    Good luck! And your hubby sounds awesome, you guys will kick IF’s ass!

  18. FCblacksheep

    Wow, I wish I could cycle with Dr. Awesome. Patient portal you say? Fabulous.

    Happy anniversary! You sure did find a good egg in hubs. And you’re so right about IF bringing you closer or tearing you apart. It’s an experience alright.

    I sure do hope this is your cycle, Egg.

  19. Oh, I think I love your husband too! He is such a gem. Happy anniversary and hoping for IUI success on lucky number three.

  20. Happy anniversary. I’m getting all weepy reading about you and your husband; you definitely make a good team, and it’s great that he’s so involved even though it’s all happening inside your body.

    And this cycle…well, this just might be the one. It sounds like you’ve found a great fit with this clinic, and Dr. A really seems to have his act together. I love the positive tone of this post and I am hoping so hard for you.

  21. Happy Anniversary!!

    I love to hear such positivity in your post. It sounds like everything is going really well and you are loving Dr. Awesome. And that E2… wow. What a difference one cycle makes! Oh, and I hope the fact that you didn’t mention your lining means that it’s nice a fluffy!

    Good luck, Egg!

  22. I’m hoping right along with you that this is IT for you guys! And hang onto that husband of yours…he’s something special. But you already knew that. 🙂 Come on eggie!! Meet up with those swimmers and show us what you can do!

  23. Good luck with the IUI tomorrow!!

    And happy anniversary!

  24. Mara

    Congrats on triggering! That is fantastic news, and your E2 is amazing. I’m so glad that you went to go see Dr. Awesome! I totally hope this is your cycle, Egg.

    Your husband sounds wonderful. Happy anniversary!

  25. I’ve got my fingers crossed that THIS IS IT, cycle buddy!

  26. cw

    two weeks away and so much has happened. Dr A sounds well he sounds AWESOME and so does your husband. Happy Anniversary!! Fingers crossed the perfect present is only two weeks away.

  27. I just wanted to say that I wish you the best of luck with this cycle and that you have a quick and easy 2WW!! I have been following along your journey for a while now and hope that the third times the charm!!

  28. Awww, Happy Anniversary!!!

    Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you this cycle!

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