IVF consult

It was this morning and it was good. I love Dr. Awesome. Love, love, love. Hubs and I had both done a ton of research over the past couple of months, so all of our Qs were asked pretty much for the sake of hearing him answer in his understanding, intelligent, calm, confident way. We are signed up to begin meds on August 29, but that might pushed back if my requisite residual cyst is really large or decides to spew estrogen or invite some friends to hang out with it.

Also, when Dr. A was drawing my blood afterward, we chatted about my job, which he thinks is really cool, and about The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, which is the book we both read this summer. So now I’m pretty sure we’re BFFs. Muhahaha!

No, in all seriousness, because IVF is NO LAUGHING MATTER, it was a good consult. And I am so pleased we switched clinics last month. (Don’t get me started on the regret that brews when I think about hanging on with clinic #1 as long as I did. Alas!)

My heart’s been racing since I woke up this morning. I think consults just wig me out. And, then, you know, IVF is a very big deal and part of me is absolutely freaking out that we have reached this point. (Well, almost, tomorrow’s Beta result will be the final word.) I am not afraid of the injections, or the retrieval, or any of that stuff. I mean, I know it’s terribly unpleasant and stressful and emotional and uncomfortable and hard on my body, but I believe I can do it.

I am afraid of: What if THIS doesn’t work?

Dr. Awesome is holding our hearts and our future in his hands. Thank goodness I trust him 100%.



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24 responses to “IVF consult

  1. Kate

    Glad the consult went well!! IVF is a big deal, but only in the sense that this is the end of the road. The needles/drugs aren’t that much worse than IUI. Well, except the evil Menopur. But, even that you learn to deal with. It’s only for 7-12 days. You can do anything for that amount of time. You should put in your head that it will take two cycles. In our age bracket IVF success rate is around 50%, so hopefully, after two, it will work. At least, this is what I’m trying to convince myself.

  2. Kate

    P.S., I had a friend with a bit of lining issue, but also didn’t have periods for 7 years (I think she’s anorexic). She did 2 cycles and conceived (with twins!) on the 2nd cycle. If she can get pregnant, certainly you can.

  3. AL

    Yay for a great consult! Dr. Awesome sounds fantastic ~ I’m so happy you’re with a doc you trust. Hopefully you don’t need IVF and you’re preggo now (how amazing would that be?!) but I’m super excited that you’re moving forward and raising your chances next if not.

    I have so many of the same fears with IVF: Could I handle a negative after going through all that? Could I handle a positive then another ectopic or a miscarriage?

    It’s scary. But for me (eventually…) I know what will be worse is the regret I would have if I never tried.

  4. Yay for a great consult!

    I swear we’re twinkies – I had my IVF consult today, too!!! I don’t think I’ll get to start as early as you, but we’re headed that direction, too.

    Good luck!!!

  5. So happy you had a great consult today with Dr. Awesome, aka your new best friend…hahah!! Its so great you’re loving him, because that will just help the IVF process…IF you have to go down that road. I’m crossing everything you don’t. But if you do, you are one tough cookie and I know you can do it too! And my RE said exactly what you said, the scariest thing about IVF is its sort of the end of the road as far as treatments go. That was definitely the scariest part for me. But my RE said you can also learn a LOT more from your body with IVF than other treatments, how do the eggs look, how does the sperm look, what happens when they meet, really the only question unanswered is will it implant. Don’t get me wrong that’s a big effing question, but with Dr. Awesome on your side it could be the perfect equation to get that BFP, unless of course you get it tomorrow!! Thinking of you!

  6. I’m so glad your consult went well. As scary as the road ahead is, just think of it as one more step on the road to a happy ending. Thinking of you and wishing you lots of luck. I can’t wait to read along for the ride!

  7. i’m guessing that you’re not a poas person, eh? still hoping for you. but if we must discuss ivf for you, i’m glad you’re in the right hands with dr awesome. the most important thing i’ve learned about doing ivf … don’t think too far ahead. bc then you’ll just go nuts. take it ONE DAY at a time and you’ll do great. when we first learned we had to go down this road, i spent 2 months obsessed with the “what if this doesn’t work” thing, and it made me nuts, and dh wanted to smother me during that time.

    ivf gives you the best chance. think of it like that. worst case, the first cycle will teach dr A about what tweaks to make to #2. stick with the first part. dr A already has a good handle on your body from iui’s, which my doc’s didn’t have, since i never did iui’s or even clomid.

    you’re in good hands. just have faith. don’t think of this as the end-all. xoxo.

  8. This is SUCH a good thing! I’m so excited for your consult … BUT I hope tomorrow brings you the news we’ve all been hoping for you to hear. Fingers (and toes) crossed for you. Here we come, beta buddies.

  9. Oh, I love Dr. Awesome. I will miss him. Well….sort of. But seriously, if you’re not pregnant RIGHT NOW you will be soon. Dr. A will take great care of you and you will get pregnant after all this. I am sure of it!
    It’s a big step…a scary one for sure…hang in there and take good care of yourself in the meantime!

  10. Um…and did Dr. A really draw your blood? He breezed right past me this morning at my appointment…sniff sniff. Glad you two got some QT together – even more reason to take great care of you and hubs 🙂

  11. Good luck tomorrow with the beta. But if IVF is next for you, then I’m excited. The success rates are SO MUCH better. Good luck, Egg

  12. I do hope you are preggo right now, but if your not we might be on the same schedule. I am supposed to start BCP’s if my TSH (thyroid) levels are level at my next blood draw, it would be great to be cycling with someone.
    I have the same fears!!! I can deal with the shots and the drugs but what IF? it doesn’t work???? So terrifying.

  13. Tarah

    I’m so thrilled the consult went well and you’re even more comfortable with clinic #2. I’m hoping this change is all you need and you’ll be reporting back that Dr. Awesome truly earned his name in helping you reach that goal!

  14. I feel the exact same way about IVF.
    Bring on the needles, the bitchiness, the bloating! But at the same time, this Better work!

  15. Right there with you on the What if this doesn’t work fear! (Or, I guess, a few months behind you, but psychologically…) Still, assuming you need it, IVF sounds like a really good step for your situation–I so relate to the astonishment at having come to this place and the panic, but moving forward is where it’s at! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, and hoping if the news is bad that knowing your next steps will bring some comfort.

  16. Kelly

    So glad you found a doctor you can trust…and have a decent conversation with to boot!

  17. cw

    That’s great about the consult and the awesome dr awesome but I truly hope you wont need it!

    ps went for a wog (walk cross jog) last night. it’s a start 😉

  18. I am so glad the consult went well and you like the new RE! I also think your totally brave for not being afraid of the retrieval and transfer and everything. I totally am.

    In a side note my husband really wants to see that movie, and we have it on our netflix que. The fact that it’s all subtitles freaks me out a bit though.

  19. I’m so hopeful for you, Egg. I want you to have a great day tomorrow, and I will definitely check in before we leave for the airport to find your news. A BFP from you would be an amazing send off for my vacation 🙂 Either way, I am GLAD Dr Awesome is on the case and that he is going to get the job done for you, I know it.

  20. JC

    I’m hoping you get a surprise tomorrow Eggie!!

    I’m so glad you love Dr A and he sounds great! If you do have to do IVF I’m wishing for the best!!!

  21. I am so glad that the consult went so well. That must be so comforting. With all of the uncertainty and fear, having a rock for a doctor is awesome (hence the name, I suppose)! But I am still holding out hope that tomorrow brings you better news that you think!

    Also, did you love the Millenium book(s)? I read all three this summer and really loved them. I think #3 is the best! So if you didn’t get to the others, you should!

  22. Love, love, love Dr. A! Things are moving forward in a big way.

  23. I love your doctor too. IVF is exciting/hopeful/terrifying but you’ll do much better loving and trusting your doctor. I hope you WON’T need it, but if you do, you’ll kick IVF ass. August 29th is so soon!!!!! Save the dragon tattoo sequels for your 2ww. They’re as good as the first book.

  24. LTB

    I’m thinking of you today! Crossing every finger and toe that beta comes back good. But if not….sooo soooo happy that you had an excellent consult! I have faith in Dr. A! (He worked for A from A plus B!!!)

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