Vacation eve + weird sharp pain (blaaah)

Please don’t freak out or worry because then I will freak out and be worried.

I woke up early to hit the gym for a mini ellip session and as I was puttering around the apartment getting myself together, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in what I think is my right ovary region. The pain is not even close to excruciating, but it’s scary since I’m already on a red alert anxiety level of 10+. Anyway, the sharp, super-specific pain comes and goes and is maybe a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s there—and it continues to be there intermittently—but not so uncomfie I felt like I couldn’t come to work or need to go home or anything. (Obviously I did not go to the gym this morning.) It seems to be worse after I’ve been sitting and suddenly get up. But it’s always just kinda there, coming in and out of focus.

My immediate reaction was that it is the cyst on my right ovary either rupturing or growing. Or maybe something’s up with that fluid pocket/shadow they saw on the u/s on Friday? But then I began Googling and let me just tell you there is some incredibly doomsday-ish stuff out there that pops up when you enter the right (or wrong!) words. Not. Cool.

So I could’ve just rolled with this and ignored it because it’s not THAT bad, or whatever, but I called the RE’s office because I wanted a nurse to tell me it was nothing to worry about. I had to leave a message. Then I sat through my performace review at work with my two bosses and honestly it was kind of ridiculous how incredibly distracted I was. (Perfect timing, while discussing my future and my strengths and weaknesses and all of that serious work stuff. Gah!) Right after that totally-important-meeting-I-was-indifferent-about-given-my-circumstances, the nurse and I talked. She didn’t really venture to guess what was going on—though she liked my cyst idea and reminded me that my ovaries are still enlarged from the stims—asked me to come in for an ultrasound tomorrow. And she said if the pain worsens I need to go to the ER.

All of that sounds very serious anad scary and I honestly just wanted the reassuring Mom-ish voice on the other end to tell me not to worry one little bit. Ha!

I hope and pray and hope and pray and hope and pray—with all of my heart and every cell in me—that everything is okay on that screen tomorrow morning. I hope that little sac is a few days bigger. I hope….so much.

In happier news, we leave for VACATION tomorrow afternoon…Oregon here we come! So I will be out of the blogland loop for about a week. (And I’m sorry I’m already a bit behind but between my early deadlines with vacay and the review stuff this week has been nutso.) This also means no Google for me, which is a long time coming. I’m hoping the distraction does me some good—and I’m really looking forward to QT with hubs and the gorgeous northwest scenery. At any rate, I’ll do a quickie update before we head to the airport.

Hopefully I can fall asleep tonight. I’ve felt a bit vomit-ous with anxiety most of the day, to be perfectly honest. (Unfort not morning sickness….still no symptoms here.)

Zen zen zen zen.



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13 responses to “Vacation eve + weird sharp pain (blaaah)

  1. I’m sure the pain is due to your overworked ovaries and your little bean is just fine. I think the ultrasound will be so reassuring just as you leave for your vacation. Enjoy the week of distractions from the doom and gloom of Google!!!

  2. Egg, I know you are scared. But I agree with APlusB. I’m betting anything that it’s your ovaries. I have everything crossed for a wonderful ultrasound tomorrow and a fun vacation to follow. I’ll be thinking of you.


  3. Kristen

    So I was 6 weeks along when I had the EXACT same thing happen. Intermittent pain that wasn’t horrible but it was there and it totally freaked me out! I’m thinking ectopic pregnancy, OHSS, whatever horrible thing I can think of. It was a Sunday and I finally got the nerve up to call the RE and he calmed me down (cause I was crying at this point) and told me what you apparently already know, its probably a cyst, it makes sense with the overstimulated ovaries. And sure enough as soon as I went in for an ultrasound, that’s exactly what it was. Two big mama jammas too! But the baby was and is just fine, I’m 10 weeks now! Sending you happy thoughts!

  4. kwally

    The ultrasound tomorrow will be very reassuring for you, I’m sure everything will be fine. I too had intermittent pain/dull ache on one side and I keep asking about it when I go in (12 weeks tomorrow!) and they are not concerned, likely ovaries still. I had an ultrasound yesterday (normal check-in) and the tech said even now at almost 12 weeks the ovaries are still firing away because of your hormones firing away. Nothing to worry about, stay away from Google and enjoy your pregnancy!

  5. Another thing it might be is round ligament pain. I had it from the get-go and it got to be really horrible during week 19, but even as early as my first few weeks with the RE I had it. It sounds exactly like what you said-when I would move or stand up quickly, it would hurt.

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. And have a great vacation!

  6. Heidi

    i’ve never been pregnant but definitely heard of this happening during pregnancies–even later on! in your case, my best guess is leftover follicles/cysts. glad you are going tomorrow to put your mind at ease, though!!! 🙂 praying for all good news 🙂

  7. FCblacksheep

    It’s great they’re pushing you in for an ultrasound. That will give you peace of mind before leaving. Having a wonderful vacation!

  8. LTB

    Yeah for vacation tomorrow! Hope you have a wonderful relaxing trip! I’m also really happy that your doc got you in for an ultrasound tomorrow. I’m sure that it will really help ease your nerves when you see your wee little babe in there!!!

  9. cw

    have a great holiday! it is extremely well deserved. from what i understand those pushes and pulls are totally normal and just the bubs getting settled in. time out is what you need! zen zen zen 🙂

  10. No worries until you need to and you don’t need to! Have a great vaca!! You deserve it!

  11. I’m sure it’s just a cyst or something else totally benign. I had wicked cramps the entire time I was pregnant (and they had *nothing* to do with the miscarriage–my best friend had them through her perfectly healthy first tri, too). Weird pains are part of the experience I think! Plus, you’ve already ruled out ectopic.

    I’m going to say the most hypocritical thing I’ve probably ever said: try to just relax. I know we hate that phrase. I know how hard it is to do. We are so powerless in first tri. But that’s just it. We’re powerless. What will happen will happen. And there is every indication that this is a healthy pregnancy. So enjoy it as much as possible!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful time away with Mr. Egg and update us on the u/s of that little poppy seed!

  12. I had a lot of cramping/pulling feelings, especially in my sides, right from the beginning, and I still get them every week or so. You’re not bleeding – that’s a good thing. Hopefully you’re just stretching a little (a symptom!), but it’s good that you’re getting another ultrasound, just to be reassured. I hope it goes well and you can enjoy getting another little peek at your sac before your vacation.

  13. Yay for vacation!! And what perfect timing – it’ll be just what you need! I’m sure it really is just a cyst. After all, you’ve had them after almost all of your previous IUIs, so why would this one be any different (although it obviously IS, VERY different, but you know what I mean)? Enjoy your time away, away from work and stress and google!!

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