We graduated!

Hubs and I went to our last appointment at Dr. Awesome’s office at the crack of dawn this morning, and my favorite tech did our ultrasound. (You guys, I have been soooooooooooo anxious. It’s seriously out of control.) But everything looked good! [Insert huge sigh of relief.] Both babies are measuring 7w2d and they look so much bigger than they did just a week ago!! Their heart rates are 156bpm and 142bpm. They are sweet, sweet little things and we love them SO MUCH! So now we are officially discharged to my new OB-GYN. Yip!!!!

We will miss Dr. A and his crew of amazing nurses a lot. They have been so kind and intelligent and wonderful. And they brought us to this point. Thank you, Dr. Awesome & the rest of the crew!! It is just incredible to me that these babies and my body are working like they should—that they are growing and changing and doing what they are supposed to do. I know this sounds goofy, but I am in complete and total awe. I know we are FAR from out of the woods, but I am so grateful for today, and for reaching this point.


Other news. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I have full-blown symptoms, I am feeling slightly different as of Friday-ish. I slept in, took a nap, and was ready to hit the hay again by 9pm every day of this long holiday weekend. Now, I am an excellent napper, but even for me this was extreme. My energy is sapped. How in the world am I going to survive a real work day….? Hoping adrenaline helps a lot.

More strangeness. On Saturday night, hubs and I made burgers on the grill. But after taking one bite….blah….I completely lost my appetite and couldn’t eat. (We think I might’ve been responding to its medium-rareness? Which is how I’ve always eaten burgers. Who knows but it was gross.) The other oddity is that I’ve been waking up around 1, 2, 3am–ish feeling a little nauseated the past few nights. Nothing crazy or worth mentioning, just sorta gross. Last night I woke up at 1am and was super-duper nauseated…..so much so that I thought I was going to puke. After a few dry heaves at the toilet, plus some sips of water, I was okay again. I thought it was a reaction to something I ate, but hubs Googled it up this morning and I guess some pregnant women get nauseated in the middle of the night because their stomachs are totally empty.

Weird. So weird!

But, I’ll very very happily take it, if it is legit and not a random coincidence. I am desperate for ANY signs that my body is working hard to keep our babies healthy and growing.



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25 responses to “We graduated!

  1. symptoms!! you finally have symptoms. this is reassuring you, yes?? congrats on graduation. time is flying by – i can’t believe you’re already 7+ weeks!!
    take it EASY and i hope babies continue to treat mommy well. ps – my prediction, since i’m psychic and have a good record so far: you’re having 1 boy, 1 girl :o)

  2. Jin

    The workday sucks until second tri. All I can say is keep snacking on something to keep you awake during the day.

    Yeah, I woke up a lot with the middle of the night and upon waking nausea as well, so I started sleeping with some almonds and a bottle of water on my nightstnad.

  3. kwally

    You have symptoms!!! Woo hoo for normal!!! I’d recommend keeping crackers or dry cereal on your nightstand and snacking right before going to bed and if you wake up not feeling too well.

    Also, time to take a break from medium rare meat my dear…pregnancy calls for no redness in the meat! Be sure you are eating fully cooked everything to ensure no bacteria or anything is leftover.

    Good luck finishing up the first trimester! You’ll do great!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a moment! I hope you threw your mortar boards in the air. And asked the tech to make a speech about reaching for the stars and whatnot. I’m so thrilled all is going well, and that you might be getting some nice evidence that you’ve got twins in there. Anyway, congratulations, and enjoy this amazing day.

  5. That’s great news! Keep cheerios by your bedside to munch on when you wake up – it seems to help.

    I had an aversion to meat in my 1st trimester – it’s slowly going away but chicken still makes me gag. Ew.

  6. AL

    Hooray for symptoms, two strong healthy heartbeats beating away, and graduation!!

    All fantastic news!

  7. Yay! I am so happy that the babies are looking great and that you are having symptoms. Congratulations on graduating!!! 🙂

  8. Yeah for you. I graduated too. We are almost identical, except for the small fact, I only have one in there (ha ha)

    I’m glad you are feeling some symptoms too!

  9. YAY!! You totally have morning (or midnight) sickness! I’ve heard you should keep crackers on your nightstand and pop one or two if you wake up so your tummy isn’t totally empty!! So excited for you and the babies, happy graduation day!!

  10. Empty stomach has been the best way to make sure I feel queasy, too. Crackers by the bed didn’t work so well for me; what’s worked really well is SUGAR. Either hard candies or a sweet drink. We buy this raspberry syrup — just raspberry juice and sugar — to put in water, seltzer, etc. On the really bad nights, I bring some to bed, dental health be damned.

    What really, really works for me is coca-cola.

    Congratulations on the great scan!

  11. Kelly

    Yay for symptoms! I’m so glad that the babies are both looking good.

  12. Yay for graduating and for symptoms! That must be so reassuring! Stop second-guessing it all – you know deep down that all of those little things must be pregnancy related. And those two little beans in there sound like they are developing just perfectly. Nature is taking over and took a darn good job!!

  13. That is so super!!! Measuring on track! Heartbeats! I am so so thrilled.

    You sound just like me. I never had morning sickness, but i was sometimes queasy in the middle of the night and would gag before breakfast. As long as I ate something, I was fine. And I was (and to a certain degree still am) REALLY REALLY tired and unmotivated. And medium-rare meat? Sooo unappetizing (although that’s how I usually like it).


  14. FCblacksheep

    Happy graduation! Absolutely awesome.

    And no coincidences silly. These are totally symptoms. A couple of beans decided it might be fun to start messing with mommy. Super glad they did.

  15. Only those in an IF community would relish midnight dry heaves in the toilet. Yeah for symptoms!! And amazing that you’ve graduated to a regular OB.

  16. SYMPTOMS!! Wahooo!! Happy Graduation, hon!

  17. Congrats on graduating. Did you get anything? My RE used to give out bags of something when people graduated and I always wondered what was in the bags. Yea for symptoms!

  18. Yes! Glad you are finally having symptoms! I bet in another week you will be sorry you asked for symptoms.

  19. Happy Graduation Day! that is awesome news. I have my first ultrasound on thursday and I am sooooooo out of control. I also have not had any nausea and its making me so nervous. I am a little behind you so maybe mine will start soon? I can’t believe I am wishing for puking! Anyways congratulations!

  20. Sarah P

    What a great post! Good news all around! So happy for you! Sounds like your symptoms are starting; a great sign! Keep up the good work! =)

  21. Tio

    They sound like pegnancy symptoms to me! Congrats on graduating.

  22. Yay for symptoms!!! I would wake up sick in the middle of the night too, and it was no fun. For me, eating something with protein right before bed seemed to help a lot.

  23. graduation AND symptoms?! woooohoooo! congrats momma!

    and thanks so much for your comments on my blog. my situation sucks but it will get better soon. i know it will!

  24. Kate

    I used to keep saltines on my bedside table b/c I would feel nauseous first thing in the morning. It definitely helps to have a little something in the belly at all times. I didn’t like meat most of my pregnancy…would actually hide in the basement while my husband made dinner b/c I couldn’t stand the smell. Ate lots and lots of mac n’ cheese and cinnamon sugar toast (mmmm…..). Yeah for symptoms! The best is when you can feel them moving…and you know they are OK. I would drink a coke to make Nathan jump around.

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