Two dragons

A lot of you have asked in comments 1) what are our nicknames are for the babies, 2) for belly pics, and 3) for ultrasound pics.

1) We call the babies “the babies,” “the twinsies,” “sweet things,” “sweet, sweet, SWEET things,” “little lovies,” “the two dragons,” “our cuties,” “the bambinos,” and “the hyper one and the chill one.” I promise I don’t have some private secret special individual names for them that I am not sharing. 🙂 I know it’s shocking that we don’t have a nickname for each of them (so far)! But the truth is, we tried forcing it—there was a “bacon and eggs” moment, but it was an inside joke that is just not applicable as much as we wanted it to be—and it didn’t work. Perhaps creative brilliance or inspiration will suddenly strike. But until then, they are all of the above and generally “the babies” or “the twinsies” or “sweet things” on my blog. Hubs did name his fantasy football team “Two Dragons” after them this year. This is funny if you’ve seen the movie Starsky and Hutch with Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller. It’s a silly movie, but this cracks me up immensely.

2) Maybe someday. I just feel weeeeeeeird posting pics of myself and especially belly pics. My boss (the female one!) told me today that my “little bump looks cute.” I swear my face got as hot as a skillet and as red as a strawberry. I was incredulously like, “You can really see something?!” As hubs and I see it, I just have an unattractively expanding waistline that looks exactly like chub/fat, and exactly not like a bump. We call it the “poop pooch” and the “beer belly” and also have agreed I currently have the amorphous waistline of Pat from Saturday Night Live. Apparently we are more creative with nicknaming my midsection than with the sweet things growing inside of it.

3) I will post some at some point in the near-ish future! I don’t have a scanner at home and feel much too weird bringing my pics to work. And the iPhone-quality images don’t do our twinsies justice. After each u/s I’ve had, I carefully cut the four images and place one of each baby into a frame that sits on hubs’s desk (at home) and a frame that sits on my desk (at home). I cannot visit hubs in his study without kissing his pics or sit down at my desk without kissing mine. I am obsessed and in love.

Oh, random tangent, does anyone know when the first trimester ends? I am 13w2d and I don’t know if it’s next week or right around now-ish. Google has so many different answers, beginning at 12 weeks, which seems way too early. Please please please let me keep moving forward happy and healthy and with happy and healthy babies….

Okay, that’s all for now. See, I really really really do read and cherish each one of your comments. 🙂



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22 responses to “Two dragons

  1. LTB

    Yippee for little dragons! I don’t have a nickname for our daughter either! I just call her the baby or “it” (eek…what kind of mother am I!)
    My mom started calling her by what she thinks we are going to name her…that just feels weird!
    I think the 2nd trimester officially begins after the 13th week is done. so a couple more days! That’s what I went by…but hey…its not really a big deal! Let’s go with Eggie is in the 2nd Trimester!!!!

  2. You guys are so freaking adorable! My personal fave? Twinsies. In fact, I keep thinking to myself that if I ever get pregnant with twins that’s all I can possibly think about calling them. Seriously, it’s just too darn cute! And I think the Little Eggs are in their 2nd trimester :). You’ve come so far, L. I am so, so excited for you.

  3. I love Two Dragons – so cute! Our nicknames Ting and Ling are SO random and entirely created by my mother, so no worries about a lack of creative naming! It’s much more funny to name your pooch anyway 🙂

    I think the ultrasound pictures do a major injustice to the miracles you see on the screen. I’ve proudly shown the pics to our families, but nothing compares to my mom’s face when she came with me to the ultrasound yesterday. I think actually seeing them move captures so much than the small printouts from the Dr.

    I think 14 weeks is technically the second trimester, but you are close enough and well into the “safe” zone!

  4. sienna

    Hahaha. I thought you guys had secret names for the twinsies that you just weren’t sharing :o) love that u guys framed the u/s pics. I have to get around to that!! Dh has already sent me bunch of emails about strollers since we left the dr’s office. Haha! Ps-thanks again for kEeping me sane these last weeks. Ur the bestest!! Xoxo.

  5. 13 weeks. So welcome to the second trimester!!!!!! Woohoo!

  6. Jen

    I think it’s safe to say you’re in the 2T. Congrats!

  7. I always heard that the 2nd tri begins after 12 beginning of 13 weeks! Congrats! Have you told everyone in your family? I’m soo so nervous to tell our family! (we are wating until the end of my 12 week)…and Love the “two dragons” nickname…LOVE IT…so if I ever am lucky enough to get pregnant with twins…I might have to steal that nickname….

  8. Oh those sweet little twinsie dragon things 🙂 I love how much you love them both already. It makes me very happy to read.

    I’m a psycho. I have already given pet names to the twins I am promising myself we will conceive one day. I have also planned a suite of shower invite/baby announcement around those pet names and a nursery theme. PSY. CHO. This is why I’m such an unstable mess, because I concoct ridiculous fantasies like this and then act like they’re real!

    I think your approach is the way to go.

  9. AL

    Awe, twinsies! We’ve failed to name our lil bean, but the last day or so I’ve been sort of jokingly calling him/her Idaho (after where we conceived). Kinda lame.

    I’m sure you do have an adorable lil bump!! And hooray for being in the safe zone (as you know, I am completely jealous!!) . I’ll be chilling in 1st tri for another month :-/

    Oh, and did you get a doppler??

  10. Tio

    People (even OBs) disagree with when 1st Tri ends. I went with 14 weeks because 2nd Tri is 28 weeks complete (if memory serves) so that spaced it out nicely! But it’s all just linguistics at the end of the day without much real significance.
    I would love to see the US pics eventually!

  11. Your posts are so endearing! I’m on a long, looooooong layover from NY to TX and have passed the time with your recent posts. Thank you for the candor and motivation that they provide. Praying for your babes and looking forward to a bump pic;) take care!

  12. I’m all over the twin dragon name. And it’s so cute that you have lip-print covered ultrasound pictures all over your house. Personally, we never had much of a nickname for our baby either. We call him by his soon-to-be name most of the time, or by all the mushy things you always call babies. I do look forward to seeing your chub soon!

  13. 13w2d!! That is soooo exciting!! Didn’t it kinda just creep up on you? (Okay, probably not. I’m sure you’re totally counting each day. But it snuck up on me.) I am so happy for you that you are getting to enjoy this. Nicknames are the least of your worries and sweet things is a good one. Two Dragons is an awesome one. Hmmm… you could pick famous dragon names like from literature, but that might not be a good idea since they are sometimes mean… unless it’s like Norbert (from HP) but then you’d need another one… Maybe Falkor from the Never-Ending Story… Alright, I’m going to stop rambling about dragon names now. 🙂

    Anyway, I continue to be happy for you, my friend.

  14. cw

    Love Starsky & Hutch! It was on TV last Sunday night. That humour totally cracks me up. Especially when they get pulled inthe chiefs office to explain what they were doing. ba ha ha

  15. Very unlike “obsessively ttc”, obsessed and in love sounds wonderful. I’m so happy for you!

  16. I busted out laughing at “Two Dragons”; totally endearing. 🙂 I’ve always understood the second T to begin at the conclusion of 12 weeks, so 13 weeks is the start as I know it. You’re totally right–there’s lots of conflicting info out there. Know what totally confuses me? When people say, “How many months are you?” Since everything is counted in weeks, that’s all I pay attention to. I thought it was as simple as just dividing the weeks by 4 to the get number of months, but there’s even conflicting crap out there about that! Nuts.

    And it took me TWENTY-NINE weeks to finally post a bump picture, and it’s not even current, hahaha. You’ll get there. 🙂

  17. 13w2d?!? Holy moly! That went fast, didn’t it? Two dragons is adorable! I also like little lovies… as we call our girl lovie la-la. (my hubby and I are super geeks, I know!) So sweet kissing the u/s. You will be the best mommy!

  18. I dunno, I figure 39/3 = 13, so you’ve got a few more days. And I know how comforted I will be if I make it into T2 officially, so I get the wanting to KNOW. I hope you’ll post a picture when you feel like you look pregnant for real. God knows why we like to see these things, but we do!

  19. You’re in the 2nd trimester Egg!!! 🙂 You can divide the 40 weeks up into three sections to be “official” if you want – 2nd tri starts at 13w3d.

    I’m so happy everything is going well – we videotaped our 20 week anatomy scan and I watch it every day and probably will for a while – I just love seeing him/her on that screen…it’s incredible.

  20. Twins are full term at 37 weeks, so divide that by 3 and 13 weeks means second trimester. Congratulations!

    Super-cute nicknames. Love it!

  21. I’ve been mostly lurking of late, but wanted to say–I love your nicknames.

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