Keep calm and carry on

Tomorrow is 15 weeks! AHHH!

I have been trucking along, keeping very busy at work and with freelance projects and trying each evening/weekend to purge our house of a little bit of the 10 years of stuff we’ve collected since we’ve been together. But mostly, I’m counting down the days to our 16 week appointment, which is a week from this Friday. (11 days to survive.) Ahhhhhh, it feels SO. FAR. AWAY.

These waits kill me. I watch other folks update on their ultrasounds and doc appointments and it makes me wonder what the heck is going on inside with me. I feel like I’m making everything up. Like I’m jinxing it by talking about them or thinking about them. I make hubs reassure me that everything is okay every night….often multiple times. Are the babies okay? Are they both growing? Is this really happening?

I feel like every day is a leap of faith!

I want to be able to feel them moving….I want those flutters/bubbles people talk about. I am desperate for proof! Right now all I’ve got is some crazy tiredness, that ubiquitous consti-ness, and morning headaches. I’m definitely bigger in the middle, but it’s hard to tell if it’s growing each week and it still looks more “fat” than “bump.” (Hmm, I guess this is why so many bloggies do those weekly belly shots. Oops.)

To show you all how superstitious I am, consider this evidence. Here is the mug I drink out of in the morning as I’m getting through a drought in between appointments.

And here is the one I drink out of  when I’m riding the post-appointment high, which usually lasts a few days to a week-ish.

Crazy, right?

P.S. No doppler for me. Hubs and I know it will just take my anxiety to new and awful places if I can’t find a heartbeat and I also can see myself becoming totally obsessed with it and using it waaaay too much. Please let me feel some flutters/bubbles/movement soon!



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26 responses to “Keep calm and carry on

  1. Hang in there, Egg. I can completely understand your anxiety. There is not one IF blog that I read where the expectant mother is not a nervous nelly. But as long as you are growing, and I’m sure you are, try not to worry too much. And you will begin feeling those babies moving very soon. And then they won’t stop. 🙂 But that’s a good thing.

  2. sienna

    Hang in there egg!! On the plus side, this should be the longest stretch that you go without an u/s, right? I assume u’ll get more frequent ones going forward!! I can’t believe how much time is flying by. 15 weeks for you already, wowzers. Soon enough, you’ll be feeling those babies kick like crazy and I’m sure the anxiety will lessen from there :o) hubby needs to reassure me every day as well. To which I respond: but how do you KNOW? Heehee, he can’t win!! Xoxoxoxo!

  3. I know exactly how you feel! Everyday I wake up and I think I am dreaming all of this…and hubbs has to remind me everyday that it is not a dream and that baby is a-okay!! Can’t wait for your next appointment!

  4. Oh, I love the mugs! I drink out of the Mr. Darcy one you gave me all the time when I’m having my raspberry leaf tea, and it reminds me of my dear friend who is such a wonderful support.

    Those twinsies are GOOD, egg, and you will see it in just a few more weeks. And then you’ll start to feel them and everything will be fine. You are so close to half-way through this pregnancy! Can you believe it??

  5. So glad everything is going great for you 🙂

  6. Hey bestie! 11 more days! EEEK!
    Good idea on not getting the dopplar. No need to worry if you don’t have to!
    Love you!

  7. Love the mugs! 11 days? Ain’t no thang–you’ve made it 15 *weeks* already! Keep sipping from your vessels of good fortune and it’ll be here in no time. Congratulations on making it this far!

  8. finch

    15 weeks! Wow, it’s going by fast for ME, even if it’s dragging for you. You’re gonna be blown away when you see those dragons in 11 days. Even though you can’t feel them yet, they’re growing and kicking away like crazy. Can’t wait for updates!

  9. I love your mugs. And 15 weeks sounds great! Hoping the days until the appointment are filled with enough distraction.

  10. I have a Keep Calm poster!! I love it!! Just looking at it makes me smile and surely the mug does the same for you. it seems like you are totally just cruising along through this pregnancy. You’ve waited this long, you can handle another 11 days!!!

  11. Jen

    You are doing great Egg!
    I have all of the same concerns and symptoms with my 15 week old pregnancy. Am I really pregnant? Why does my baby bump look more like a beer and burrito belly? Why do I feel massively hung over every morning when I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in months?

  12. Hang in there, girl. You are doing great!

  13. Egg, Those bebes are growing and doing wonderfully in that little belly of yours! But I totally understand wanting SOME sort of reassurance. You will have it soon. You’re officially in yet another two-week wait. (And, here you thought you’d be done with them once your got pregnant ;).) xo

  14. Congrats on 15 weeks egg!! And you are SO close to feeling movement, especially with two little bambinos in there. And in the meantime we’ll be counting down along with you until your next appt when you get the confirm from the Dr. that the little twinners are perfect, and time to use mug #2 for awhile ;)! Thinking of you!!

  15. Ahhh – you’re so close to your next appointment! You can do it! And, the good news is after this long drought you’ll start having appointments every two weeks for the rest of your pregnancy! You’re a trooper and I’m sure your babies are doing just great. I just can’t wait to find out what you’re having! 🙂

  16. Kelly

    Love the mugs.

    I know your appointment doesn’t FEEL close, but it is! Here’s to a great, smooth 11 days.

  17. Amy

    Oh, love the mugs. I’ve made the first one my mantra for the day – I even wrote it down in my little notebook, on the page where I’ve jotted down random positive/less-psycho thoughts and weapons of zen for when I’m too freaked out to remember them 🙂

    Hang in there! You and the babies are both doing great!

  18. 15 weeks?! Holy crap!!!

    Can’t wait for your 16 week update– things are going to be perfect. XOXO!

  19. AL

    15 weeks is FANTASTIC, miss egg!! yes, every day is a bit of a leap of faith and you have to trust that all is well….you are doing great though.

    Can’t wait for your next appointment ~ those babies are doing great in there :).

  20. Wow time is flying by! Your mugs are too cute. I’m getting a little bummed because I haven’t felt anything yet either and I’m almost 22 weeks! I keep hearing “every woman is different”… sigh… I know they are right.
    And you sound like me with your purging your house… making room for those little babies!

  21. FCblacksheep

    You my friend are adorable. Love the mugs, and I so hear you on the doppler thing. I would become an obsessed woman. Hang in there. It’s just a little bit longer.

  22. Mara

    I love the mugs. Believe me, I understand the superstition. I think those are pretty awesome!

    I think I’m jinxing it all the time too. I’m a little afraid to talk names, day care, any of that stuff.

    Hoping you feel movement super soon!!! In retrospect, I think I started feeling it at 17-18 weeks, but I wasn’t sure about what it was until 19-20. (It sort of felt like gas to me.)

  23. It’s super hard, no question. But it won’t be long before you get that daily reassurance. I mean, it will feel like long, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just around the corner. (And I know you won’t believe me that it’s better to be symptom free, but the symptoms are NOT reassuring. Just horrid.) Meanwhile, everything is gonna be fabulous at this appointment, and then you’ll get a glorious week of the happy mug.

  24. I didn’t get a doppler either. I was so worried that I’d be able to find one heartbeat and not the other. You will start feeling those lovely flutters soon! Thinking of you!

  25. glad to hear babies are doing well. you are such a lucky mommy. enjoy your pregnancy Egg. ❤

  26. i have the keep calm poster in my bathroom. every day it reminds me to breathe as i get ready for work. 🙂

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