The very best egg in my life

On Sunday hubs and I celebrated 10 years of being together. 🙂 We flew home to visit my family for the weekend, and spent the day cheering against each other at Arrowhead Stadium as we rooted on our respective football teams with my fam (Chiefs for me, Bills for him). We flew back last night and made one of our fave meals together, homemade deep dish pizza. And then we just chilled on the couch together. Perfection.

I met hubs on my very first day of college, in Latin class. But it wasn’t until junior year that we clickity-click-clicked and became good friends. By senior year I was totally, completely, head over heels smitten with him. It was with utter joy that I realized my feelings were reciprocated, on Halloween 2000. We have never looked back! We were together for almost six years when we got married and now have been together for 10 awesome years. I can’t wait for the next 10!!! We are so so so happy to be where we are today—we feel incredibly grateful for our sweet babies and hope and pray with every cell in us that they keep growing big and strong and healthy.

Hubs is my rock, my best friend and the love of my life. I feel lucky every single day I wake up and turn over and see him next to me. He is a good, good egg. 🙂 And in case you think I’m just being sappy (which I realize I am), let me remind you of something he emailed me last March. At that point I’d been in treatment since October, had done Clomid/triggered twice, had been on the bench three different months, and had just learned that our third round of Clomid/estrogen was being cancelled due to poor lining response and no follies over 10mm. It was a few days before the consult wherein Dr. C uttered the “surrogacy” word. It was probably the darkest of all of the very dark months we endured. And hubs helped me through it. Okay, without further ado, this was written by hubs on March 10:

A Poem About Monitoring Day

I know you are sad, it’s not a good day.
the ultrasound tech had nothing good to say.
you feel its your fault, more drugs could have helped.
but you can’t second guess the cards you’ve been dealt.
it’s not a perfect science, trial and error.
the good news is, your parts are all there!
who knows? maybe this cycle isn’t a waste
but even if it is, you’ve been in a worse place.
you’ve spent months at a time, trying to stay sane,
waiting patiently to take your clomiphene.
next month you can cycle, and try something new.
you are healthy and young, and have a hubs who loves you.
It must be a struggle to try and be zen,
you feel it is useless to take more estrogen.
But you can be treated with a larger dose
It might be that simple! you could be so close!
There are other orals, or even injectables,
maybe our future holds the potential for multiples!?!?
Patience! I know it feels you are facing an eternity,
but maybe this is fate, prepping you for maternity.
I love you so much, I hate when you are sad.
It makes my heart hurt, I can’t help but feel bad.
I know you can’t help it, there is nothing I can say.
I just hope this poem somewhat brightens your day.


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21 responses to “The very best egg in my life

  1. Excuse me here while I clean up this puddle that is my totally melted heart. 🙂

    CONGRATS on 10 years, Egg! We celebrated our 10yr wedding anniversary this summer, and it’s just amazing how much history you can cram into a decade, you know?


  2. Congrats on 10 years. I’m so thrilled you’re with a good egg, I’m with one as well & it makes a world of difference to know someone always has your back no matter what life throws at you.

  3. Awww…… so sweet! Love the poem!

  4. AL

    Awwww, you two are the cutest! Happy 10 years!!!

  5. omg… i’m not sure if i’ve ever commented on your posts but i’ve been a long time follower. your hubs rocks. that was awesome!

  6. Seriously…that poem made my eyes well up with tears. So touching! What a great couple you are…and now TWINS! I am so so pumped for you both. It will continue to go well, I just know it!

  7. Happy Anniversary! You both are such good eggs and now have two little egglets growing inside you! Congrats! xoxo

  8. I remember how deeply I loved your husband when you posted that. WOW, what a man! And now the part about multiples seems EXTRA sweet. Congratulations on 10 amazing years.

  9. Sobbing, sobbing. I remember that sweet email from last spring. He is such a good egg and it’s so lovely that you have even more to add to the carton 🙂

    10 years is a special thing. LG and I met and started dating 10 years ago this past August. We were just supposed to be a fling 😉 And just think how much better the next decade will be!

  10. Kelly

    Your husband is WONDERFUL!

    I’m so happy for you two. He’s got a pretty good catch himself.

  11. Awwwwwwwwwww, too cute!! What a good egg!

  12. That poem is the SWEETEST thing ever! And a bit of foreshadowing with the multiples…?? Happy Anniversary! Here’s to 100 more! xoxo

  13. Oh I LOVE this and I heart that he wrote a poem, no less! A good egg indeed. Congrats on 10 years! You and I seem to be on the same path (DH and I celebrated 10 years together in February :).)

  14. Aw, happy anniversary 😉 That is so cool that you two met on your first day of college. Thanks for your support on my blog.

  15. happy 10 years together!!! your hubby is too sweet and i love love love that poem. the next 10 years are gonna be even better for you two, esp with the arrival of the twinsies!! xoxo.
    ps – as much as my symptoms make me miserable, they comfort me mucho :o)

  16. Heidi

    oh my gosh–your hubs rocks!!!!! that poem is fabulous, and i am quite impressed at his technical knowledge 🙂 sounds like you have had a wonderfully supportive egg to share your life with for the past 10 years–you are blessed! i guess he’s the one who first called the twins, huh?!

  17. that poem is the sweetest thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melt my heart.

    Congrats on 10 years!

  18. congrats on 10 years! it flies by when you’re in love, huh? 🙂

    p.s. love that poem. hearts.

  19. Amy

    You deserve every bit of happiness your hubs gives you! So sorry for all the dark days you’ve been through, but in that weird way sounds like has made your relationship all the more wonderful. Hope you are feeling more zen zen zen with every passing day 🙂

  20. He really is the best egg, and I loved when he wrote that poem!! Congrats on 10 years, and here’s to another amazing 10…this time with the egglets added to your family!!

  21. What a lovely poem. It made me tear up…
    Congrats on finding your wonderful husband 😉 and on 10 years!!

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