I slept like a LOG last night. I cannot even express what a difference that seemed to make in my mood and well-being when I got up this morning. Of course I was still incredibly anxious about the babies, because unfortunately that’s how I roll, but I felt waaaaay better than I did yesterday (frazzled, fatigued, nauseous, worried). I have got to make an effort to get to bed earlier and to do relaxing things before bed (warm bath, good book instead of email, etc) so I can sleep more soundly. Huge difference.

ANYWAY! The 18-weeks appointment with Dr. Zen’s partner set a new world record for quickness, but what it lacked in length it made up for in relief: I saw the babies’ beating hearts on the portable u/s screen (for all of two seconds). Yip!

Other notes, probably boring to everyone but me (ha!):

  • Dr. Zen’s partner said it was the right call to stop baby aspirin. I should’ve stopped it earlier, definitely by 12 weeks. But she assured me I haven’t hurt the babies by taking it until 17 weeks. Also, she wanted to know what the heck was I thinking stopping medicine without calling them and double-checking. I was going off of directions suggested at OB appointment #1 at 9 weeks so I didn’t think it was a huge independent decision, but still….I see her point.
  • She did a manual cervix check: I’m long and closed, as I should be. I know some twin moms get exact cervix length measurements at each appointment, and of course I asked for one because I’m obsessed with what other people in blog land are doing at their appointments (haha), but she said they actually prefer the manual method so that’s what I’ll get.
  • I have the all-clear to get my hair highlighted if I want to. (Yes, I want to!)
  • She said most first time Moms feel movement between 20 and 25 weeks, EVEN if they’re carrying twins. So all of you 16 and 17 and 18 and whatever-weekers are serious overachievers! 🙂
  • My chronically itchy legs have absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy, it’s just winter dryness. (Haha.) I’ve invested in some intense Eucerin products so I’m hoping for some relief.
  • No, she will not look for the gender using the portable u/s (I always ask if they can tell, heeee); we’ll just have to wait a while longer.
  • I’ve gained 11 pounds so far. She says this is good, but it seems low to me. The OB said at 20 weeks you start gaining more quickly and that once they begin measuring the babies they’ll have a better idea of how I’m doing and they’ll tell me if I need to pack on more pounds. She said as long as the babies are getting what they need and growing on track, she’s not concerned about the exact number.
  • I can and should keep up my jog/shuffle or swim routine until I don’t feel like it anymore, which she warned could be coming soon. I’m really hoping to make it through the 5K Turkey Trot with my fam on Thanksgiving morning.

I always bring a list of Qs and I’ve noticed my list has gotten shorter and shorter each visit. (Not that you could tell from the bullet points above, but trust me, they can get pretty long.) I’m sure it will start getting longer again at some point….

This is a totally random side note, but after the appointment I tried on a dress at a maternity store and under the ridiculously bright lights of the dressing room I noticed a sort of bluish/purple-ish hue around my belly button, almost like a subtle bruise. Has anyone else experienced this? I would’ve asked about it at the doctor’s office, but of course it happened afterwards. It doesn’t hurt.

My next appointment is the anatomy scan with Dr. Zen herself in 2.5 weeks. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Please, please, please, please, please let everything be healthy and perfect with our babies! And just FYI, I have NO idea what gender(s) they are. None. It seems from comments on previous posts that 90% of you are thinking two boys. Hubs thinks one of each (only because he’s an econ guy and statistically that’s most likely), followed by two girls, then two boys. I really, truly have no idea. But I guess if I was FORCED to make a guess, I would say two boys—probably because I take all of your comments to heart so dearly!



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13 responses to “TGIF

  1. Yay for a great appointment! What a perfect way to start off the weekend. I didn’t feel legit movement until the past week or so, which falls right into the range your doctor gave you. Soon it will be you feeling those thumps!

    And YES. I have the bruise thing too!! I’ve always had a serious “innie” which is looking more and more flat these days. And I def have the bluish hue around that area.

    Yay for highlights…I’m finally getting mine done over T-giving, can’t wait! Hope your jogging routine will keep up another week for the Turkey Trot. I am 22 weeks and just threw in the towel on tennis playing (mostly due to my ouchie back). Good to keep it up while you can!

  2. sienna

    Yaay for a great appt!! I’m also one of the believers that ur having 2 boys. 1 of each is my 2nd pic. Can’t wait for u to find out!! Where’s ur placenta located by chance? My sister rarely felt the baby kick bc her placenta was situated between the front of her belly and baby. The report which they printed for me today says that’s where mine is too so far. Wonder if it moves or if that’s a dumb q. Anyways, getting back on point. Soo early yet for you, but was curious if ur placenta location played in. Are u taking it easy soon? Bedrest discussions since ur having doubles?? Rest up!! Xoxo.

  3. Heidi

    sooo happy babies are enjoying their stay in there 🙂 sounds like everything is just perfect! i’m guessing a girl and a boy, i think.
    and, um, if i have to wait 7 more weeks to get my highlights done, i’m going to look borderline offensive! 🙂

  4. Glad everything looks good. 🙂

    I have explicit instructions to stay on baby aspirin for my entire pregnancy. Do you have thrombophilia (MTHFR mutation in my case)? I’m on Lovenox (blood thinners) as well, but that’s only until 12 weeks.

  5. Woohoo! What a great to start your weekend. It sounds like everything is on track and progressing as it should be…so glad to hear it:)

  6. I am so glad the appointment went well. A friend of mine got the bruise looking mark around her belly button– I think it just happens along with stretch marks for some ladies. (I got a TON!!)

    BOO on the doc for not checking out the gender of the babies!! We found out with Liam at 18 weeks on the dot. Will they check at 20 weeks? I can’t wait to hear!

  7. yaaaaay! i’m so glad that a) you woke up feeling like a new woman and b) that you had a great scan, saw heartbeats AND got your questions answered! now breathe, sleep and be zen!

    i hope the next 2.5 weeks fly by – thanksgiving will help with that, right? – so you can get to that anatomy scan and fill us in on what you’ve got in there!

    i hope you start getting some kicks soon! xo!

  8. More good news!! Yay for the babies!! So happy to hear that everything is still looking great great great. Deep breaths, zen zen zen, and the anatomy scan will be here before you know it.

    So sorry to hear about the aspirin fiasco. My RE started me on aspirin in March, but my new RPL doc wanted me to stop it (confusing bc every IF I know is on it, but she leans against it unless specifically called for by condition). I was mid IUI cycle, nowhere NEARLY as precious and precarious as where you are now, and I still totally freaked out about it. I stopped for 2 days, then started again, then stopped. It’s just so hard to know what is making a difference (either positively or negatively), and what isn’t. Can drive you crazy. SO GLAD that it all worked out, but so sorry to hear about the panicked night.

  9. Naw, you’re totally getting one of each. But hey, I don’t mind being wrong. Though if you do get two boys, they can grow up and marry A+B’s two girls in a double wedding, and that will be awesome.

    I’m really glad to hear everything’s fine for the moment. I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get that darn anatomy screen. I mean it feels like you’ve been pregnant FOREVER. I hope the zen lasts extra long this time.

  10. AL

    YAY for a great appointment and 18 weeks!! (that sounds so incredibly far along to me!!)

    I can’t wait to hear what you’re having, I’m still going with two boys 🙂

  11. Kelly

    I’m so happy the appointment went well, Egg! I can’t wait to hear about the anatomy scan… I’d be dying.

  12. finch

    I vote for one of each too – it’s a safe bet; I’ll be at least 50% right no matter what, right? Glad everything continues to go so well. You know, I think you might be having the most perfect pregnancy ever. Also, I had crazy blue veins all over my belly when I was pregnant – maybe that’s all it is near your belly button?

  13. Love it love it love it! Hope the great sleeping keeps up and that time flies until anatomy-scan day comes.

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