Well, it’s that time again. The final countdown to a major appointment and my stomach is in crazy knots and my heart is racing and I’m asking hubs a dozen times a day Are the babies okay? Are you sure? But how do you knooooow? But why can’t I feel them? Are the babies okay? etc.

We have our anatomy scan tomorrow. My anxiety is ever-present, but it really builds before each OB appointment. Especially big ones like this one.

My Mom, little sister and sister-in-law are throwing a shower for me in KC early in January….I haven’t bought our plane tickets yet because, well, you know. Everything has kind of been at a standstill for the past week or two. It makes me nervous to look at baby stuff online. I totally clam up when strangers or coworkers or friends or whoever asks how I’m doing (it doesn’t help that everyone is suddenly asking if I can feel them wrestling around in there….um, no, but I really really really want to). I just want to be whisked away to an island (a very very distracting island) for the next 24 hours. I want hubs to rub my feet and tell me everything is okay and I want this wonderful, amazing dream to continue.

I will take a warm bath tonight and I have my meditations cued up on my iPhone to help me through the day. Zen zen zen zen.

So yeah. That’s where I am. AHHHH! If everything is okay with the babies then we will get to find out the gender(s) tomorrow. The honest to goodness truth, my dear commenters who have asked over the past couple of months, is that we do not care one single teenie tiny bit if they are boys or girls or one of each. We just want healthy babies (as cliche as that may sound)!!!!!! We love you so much, sweet little babies, and we can’t wait to see you on the special 4-D ultrasound tomorrow!

I am praying with all of my heart that our babies are healthy and big and happy! Please Lord. Please, please, please.

Zen zen zen zen.



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26 responses to “Tomorroooooooow!

  1. Good luck at the appointment! I hope everything goes well.

  2. I’m so sorry that you’re so nervous. I hope this day and night passes quickly and tomorrow is everything you hope for.

  3. I hope that everything goes well tomorrow and they are both happy and healthy. Good luck! zen zen zen zen

  4. The babies are going to be great!!! I know how nerve-wracking this is, these big big HUGE moments. But everything is going to be fine! Tomorrow will be here soon! Crank up some wahe guru, and do whatever you can to be nice to yourself today and stay distracted. Deep breaths deep breaths zen zen zen. I am sending some jedi mind stuff to your twinsies to give you a big kick right about now and ease your worry 🙂

  5. Lesley

    Oh, I hope tomorrow comes quickly!!! And I can’t wait to find out what gender(s) you’re having.

  6. Valentina

    This wonderful, amazing dream isn’t just a dream – it is your life! – and you deserve every moment of it! I hope you have some great distractions to keep you busy until tomorrow…take care and I cannot wait to hear the genders!!!

  7. I’m sure they are fine. Good luck!

  8. Those little bebes are totally ok and growing and looking beautiful. I have no doubt in that. I can’t wait to hear the results! (Though I’m kinda hoping you’ll e-mail me so I don’t have to wait until you post! :)) This dream really is true for you, Egg. And I love following it. xo

  9. Everything will be fine, I know it! And I am super jealous that you get a 4-D ultrasound! So cool!! Can’t wait to hear what you’re having!

    Good luck!

  10. You are going to get great news tomorrow, I know it and I am never wrong. I can’t wait to find out what the twinsies are!!

    It’s completely understandable that you’re shutting down emotionally when people ask about the babies. I would do the same thing. But hand in there. Every day brings you closer and closer to meeting those little ones for real.

  11. LTB

    Ooohhh! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s update! I know everything will be beautiful and perfect! Do you have a feeling on genders? I’m so excited for you! And don’t worry, you will start to feel them soon. I swear I started feeling my baby after I saw them on the ultrasound, maybe seeing that she was actually in there and moving made me more in tune to what was going on in my belly? ! I dunno! But try to stay Zen today! YOu are doing great mamma! Keep us posted tomorrow!

  12. Good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear which team(s) you will be on!!

  13. Kelly

    I’m sure the time is just draaaaaging. I’m SO looking forward to tomorrow’s appointment update. Have FUN!

  14. Good luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you!

  15. AL

    Ahh!! In just 24 hours you’ll know what your precious little ones are, I am so excited! I’m sure the babies are developing perfectly and will surprise you with how big they’re getting at this point!

    Hang in there, not much longer. I constantly ask C too…is the baby okay? It’s so nice to have the reassurance and the best reassurance is actually seeing the little one(s)!

  16. Ooooo, a 4D! How exciting. I totally get the anxiety, of course. And it does seem awfully UNFAIR that you’re not feeling movement yet! WTF! But I am very confident that all is well. So you can totally not worry anymore, now that I’ve weighed in. And I’m super excited to hear the details.

  17. Less than 24 hours…keep yourself distracted and busy and the time will fly by and then you get to see your beautiful little ones again. I can’t wait to hear how everything went and to find out what you’re having!!!

    Wishing you the most peaceful, calm and zen evening:)

  18. Hope it goes well! Should be exciting to see the scan! Do you have to pay extra for the 4D?

  19. Omigosh, it’s finally here!! I am so so excited for you to see the babies, happy and healthy and of course for the big gender reveal!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow, can’t wait to hear all about it! Sending you tons of calming zen vibes, and hoping the next 24 hours go by super fast!!

  20. sienna

    Can’t wait to hear that babies are a-okay tomorrow! I had a dream last week that we were all at bunny’s shower. Everyone was pregnant and we were all finding out the genders of our babies. For you: one baby was definitely a boy. The 2nd wasn’t conclusive but most likely a boy. Let’s see if I’m psychic!!! Hang in there! The babies are doing great. I just *know*!! Xoxo.

  21. finch

    Sorry for chuckling a bit over here, but your posts always sound like this before your appointments, then are so amazingly positive and excited by the next day. I predict a very positive and very excited post tomorrow, complete with details of your extremely healthy twins and MAYBE even their sexes!

  22. FCblacksheep

    Yippee, I’m so excited to see what baby eggs you’re carrying around. I’m still going with boy and girl for first choice. Can’t wait to hear all about your appointment. I know it’ll all go well and soon you’ll be feeling those sweet babies flopping around.

  23. Heidi

    Awww, can’t wait to hear the genders!!!! I’ll be praying everything is just perfect and that you are able to sleep tonight 🙂 Then you can feel better about shopping for fun, adorable, sweet BABY(IES) stuff!!!

  24. Ohhhhhh, I can’t wait to hear how everything goes tomorrow!

  25. Cat

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been hoping and wishing for good things to come from your appointment all day!!! I can’t wait for an update!

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