NYC was a wonderful distraction. We had a WHIRLWIND weekend—there is no other way to describe it—of seeing family and friends and eating amazing food and going to holiday parties and laughing til our stomachs hurt. 🙂 Some of my college girlfriends even got together and threw me a mini baby shower. They are awesome girls, I felt so loved and supported. And Baby A and Baby B received their first gender-specific onesies!!! Plus lots and lots of books (I have smart girlfriends, haha).

I think it was the very first wedding where I was stone cold sober (obviously) and I must say that was really fun! Wedding cake tastes extra, extra delicious when you can reallllllly taste it. The wedding was a college friend’s who is older than hubs and me, so most of the guests were friends who were a couple of years ahead of us at school…..there were lots of pregnant ladies and EVERY SINGLE COUPLE at our table had little kids at home. I felt so so so so so so lucky that we are where we are—22 weeks today and feeling so blessed and happy and in love with our twinsies—otherwise it could’ve been a really tough evening of hearing about pregnancy and babies. We were seated next to college friends who had twin boys two years ago. She had a realllllllly tough pregnancy and it definitely made me count my lucky stars that we have gotten so far with me feeling good (knock on wood). It was also helpful to talk to her about gear, etc.

I powered through until the after-party at 12:30am, when I finally had to get the heck out of dodge. Hubs walked me most of the way home through the drizzly cold night, and then I INSISTED that he let me finish the walk alone so he could go back and catch the end of the party with our friends. I had changed into my flats, but darnit if I still didn’t SPRAIN MY ANKLE and fall to the ground about a block after leaving hubs. Fortunately I landed on my side and the only casualties were my glasses (which were crushed on impact because they weren’t in a case because I slipped them into my tiny clutch), my knee, my elbow and, sadly, my ankle—which is swollen and blue. I was so terrified I’d hurt the babies that I didn’t even feel the aches and pains as I hobbled the last block home. Luckily, I felt a few gentle baby bumps as I settled into bed and my tum wasn’t involved in the fall. But still…..scary.

The only downside of the weekend was that we got stuck overnight  on Sunday thanks to the snow storm that swept through Chicago while we were away. But the major upside was that we got to spend even more time with family and friends and since we were staying on the fold-out couch at hubs’s brother’s apartment, we didn’t have to shell out for a hotel room or anything.

But, it is SO GOOD to be home. Where I can get up 5x a night without worrying about waking up hubs’s brother and wife. Where a cat is not pouncing on the bed (apparently I am NOT USED to cats during the night!) and freaking me out. Where our shower has amazing water pressure. Where we have a (new) humidifier in the bedroom to help with my chronic congestion. Ahhhhhhhhh, home sweet home. 🙂

Tomorrow is our big Level II ultrasound with the MFM. I am feeling somewhat anxious about this appointment (shocker, no?)…..mostly because I feel like every time you go under the microscope, so to speak, they can’t help but find something wrong. There really has to be something to the “ignorance is bliss” saying, you know? But I’m trying to see the upside and be “zen zen zen zen” about it all….that we get another opportunity to see our babies. That we get to meet an MFM and have her look EVERYTHING over (with me and the babies). Etc etc.

The truth is that I would really rather not do this. The anatomy scan ultrasound is long, uncomfortable and incredibly stressful. (They will be looking at both babies again, and even more intensely than last week.) But it must be done! C’mon babies, I know you are healthy and perfect. We love you so very very very much!!!! Zen zen zen zen.



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14 responses to “Whirlwind

  1. Lesley

    Sounds fun! But I’m sorry about your ankle. I am looking forward to hearing about your u/s. In my experience, it was pretty great to see everything. But mine was done by a perinatalogist, not a tech, so it was actually super short.

  2. Welcome home! Sounds like a fun weekend, but scary about that fall. Be careful my dear friend Egg! I know exactly what you mean about being SO thankful to be pregnant when surrounded by baby talk and pregnancy. I remember how much that stung prior to getting pregnant. And it still hurts!

    Anyway, all will be perfect tomorrow! I know those ultrasounds are long and stressful, but I am sure everything will be great. Not too much longer to wait…you’re almost there.

  3. So sorry about your ankle. That would be all the excuse my husband would need to never let me do something on my own again. 🙂 Good luck with your ultrasound…you’ll do great!

  4. Hah, I SO know what you mean about enjoying the wedding cake while sober! It’s like the highlight of the night!! Glad you had a great time in NYC, but super scary about the fall. I feel like a granny these days, hubby is constantly making me hold his arm he’s so worried i’m going to bite it. Be careful especially with the icy Chicago sidewalks!! Sending tons of good vibes for you tomorrow, its going to go great…and you’ll get even more reassurance that everything is just perfect with your babies! Thinking of you egg!!

  5. So glad you had a nice weekend, but I’m sorry about the fall. That would be really scary. And you broke your glasses! (For some reason, LG and I always say that to each other (“I broke my glasses”) like we’re whiny little kids at a playground, even though I don’t wear glasses–but I’m sorry it happened to you for real.)

    Stay zen. Your little ones are doing good, I am sure of it.

  6. Sorry you fell! Tell your Dr. that you fell and have her look at your ankle and your placentas. We usually recommend that anyone who falls (even not on their belly) be monitored for a few hours after wards just to make sure. I’m sending you positive thoughts on your ultrasound tomorrow. Most times these mysterious spots turn out to be nothing and I’m sure yours will too. Then you can just be excited about your babies:) Good luck!

  7. Sounds like a good weekend, minus the fall — ouch! Hope you feel better soon, and thinking many good thoughts for your appointment.

  8. ouch! that fall sounds like no fun. Glad the babies are fine, but sorry to hear about the black and blue ankle!

  9. I like to think that tomorrow’s appointment will be nothing more than a wonderful, in-depth look at your twinsies :). They will find that everything is perfect w/your little girl and you’ll be able to walk away with a closer look at how those bebes are growing. I’ll be thinking of you, friend. xo

  10. Quite the weekend! I’m glad you didn’t do anything more damaging than sprain an ankle and break the glasses. This just further proves how strong the twinsies are.

    I thought you might get stuck in NY while we were in Chi-town. It’s a good thing we both have generous and accommodating families.

    Good luck tomorrow, I know both babies are going to be absolutely perfect!

  11. So sorry about your ankle that must have been scary. Good luck with your mfm appointment. I’m sure it will go great!

  12. I’m glad you had such a good time! I’m really sorry about that fall. It had to be really scary until you felt them bouncing around in there.

    I hope your appointment went/is going well!

  13. I love to see you confident the babies are doing fine! Which of course they are.

  14. so glad you had a lovely time in my city (except for the fall)! i just went to a wedding myself and it was also my first cold stone sober. so was this new years! weird, but very pleasantly so. 🙂

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