Anatomy scan, take 2

We had our level II ultrasound this morning. Whew, it was a loooooooooooooong morning! My OB’s office basically does a level II ultrasound when they do anatomy scans, the difference here was that an MFM was overseeing all of the pictures and measurements. Oh, and they did extra measurements to rule out any more soft markers. On both babies. And at the end of it all, the MFM came in to chat about the results and ask for Qs. He was calm and smart and nice. All very soothing to my frayed nerves. I was throwing out some crazy lingo in my questions to the point that the MFM asked if I was a doctor. Hahahaha. Hubs told him I just spend way too much time on Google. Which is so true. (I am totally ready for my med school exam on isolated soft markers!)

But back to the scan. We had a young, smart u/s tech and she happily obliged my request to talk us through everything she was measuring and doing. (I get so nervous when they go silent!) This week Baby A was crazy active. I think my theory that he has a much calmer disposition than his sister is officially out the window. 🙂 They are good little babies and we love them so very much.

The end result…..Baby A checked out perfectly again. Baby B checked out perfectly, too. She still has that echogenic focus (EIF), but it is tiny and very likely harmless. How very likely harmless, you might wonder? Well, Baby B had a 1 in 46,380 risk of a chromosomal abnormality based on the quad screen test results. When FORCED to crunch a new risk number (yes, I made him do it last week, with tears), the director at our genetic counseling clinic re-calculated her risk to 1 in 35,370.

I know it’s COMPLETELY silly to focus on numbers like these, which are just numbers at some point (really, hubs, I know!), but for some reason it helps me. I can’t explain it, but, um, here’s some more food for thought/numbers crunching: Risk of miscarriage from amnio is anywhere from 1 in 350 to 500, based on our genetic counseling office’s rates. Twin pregnancies—even if you only test one baby—have not been tracked as well, but the m/c risk is more in the neighborhood of 1 in 100 to 150.

I want to be very clear about this: I totally support and respect any woman who would make the decision to amnio in our situation (or any situation, for that matter). Believe me, when you hear something like this at an anatomy scan, you cannot help but freak out and want to make SURE everything is okay. It’s just how it is. But given our odds, and all of the reassurance we have gotten from every doctor we’ve talked to, and all of the studies we’ve looked at on our own (like the most recent one, which found only one case of downs in a group of 17,000 pregnant women with an isolated EIF, and she was 38-years-old), we’re not going down that road. It is not a risk to the babies that I can sleep with at night. A 1 in 35,370 risk is one I can live with. It’s essentially the same risk sweet Baby B would have with NO ISOLATED SOFT MARKER evident.

As both Dr. Zen and the MFM told us, this particular isolated marker is really something they “shouldn’t even mention these days,” now that we have other, better tests to calculate risk. It’s an archaic marker that is trumped by NT Scan and Quad Screening results. It’s a variance on normal. They see it every day. Etc. (Have I convinced you everything is okay yet? Haha.)

I’m sorry if this post was too inside-baseball. I have Googled a lot of blogs/sites that have written about EIFs in the past week, and I figured other women may stumble across my blog someday and want to read about how we dealt with this. But this is between you and me, bloggies. I have only told my Mom and we will not tell ANYONE else.

So, the big, huge, giant takeaway: NO NEW SOFT MARKERS!!!! Everything looks good! And they gained a whopping (estimated, of course) 4 ounces each since last Tuesday, which is practically a third of their weights….they are now measuring just over a pound each. Sweet, sweet things! I guess they liked all of the cheeseburgers and steak I ate over the weekend in NYC! 🙂 And hey, while we were there I got my cervix checked again (still measuring 4.3, hold strong, cervie!). The tech said she’d never met a woman who actually REQUESTED a vaginal ultrasound. What can I say?

I am feeling so much better.



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25 responses to “Anatomy scan, take 2

  1. So glad everything went well and both babies are ok! I laughed when they asked if you were a doctor. You impressed them 😉 So happy for you.

  2. Esperanza

    YAY! I hate to say it, but I TOLD you it’d be okay. 😉 Really though, I’m so glad everything went so well! You are very much on your way!! I can’t wait to “meet” these babies when they come! CONGRATS!!!!!

  3. That is awesome about the odds. Funny on the vaginal ultra. That made me chuckle.

  4. cw

    Phew – it is all ok. You sound much better and relieved thank goodness! Just picture yourself in a few months time with these crazy hyper twins, sleepless nights, double diaper change, burps and clothes changes…… Deep breath – how friggin awesome is it going to be!!! Totally cool! xoxo

  5. Lesley

    Wonderful news! I admit that in my comment to your last post, I had totally forgotten even about the soft marker, so convinced was I that it meant nothing. Anyways- I hadn’t meant to downplay your fears at all (I’m a walking nutcase over here, and I don’t even have any soft markers, as far as I know). But I had just forgotten about it because *I* wasn’t worried about baby B- based on her good NT score and the dr.’s confidence that everything was ok…

    Anyways, I’m glad that they looked into it thoroughly and now you have peace of mind. That’s so great, whew.

  6. YAY!! I love seeing that word “perfect” flying around when you talk about your babies.

  7. So glad everything is looking great and that you feel good about the scan! Yay!!!

  8. FCblacksheep

    Yay safe, happy, and active babies! I’m so happy everything went well and you feel calmer about it all.

    We have friends who are older, she was 40 when she gave birth, and they had all the tests and everything checked out. But when the baby was born one on-call doc at the hospital thought the baby’s ears looked low, which is a sign of downs so he convinced them to do a test. They waited for a week in absolute agony only to find out that he doesn’t have downs. They did discover, however, he has some other very rare chromosome condition, which we’ll cause him to be tall and have acne. It has no other significance. Crazy what they have to warn you about.

  9. Horray! So wonderful to hear everything is perfect! What great news!

  10. Look at your babies moving along perfectly. I’m so happy to hear everything went well – but I knew it would:) Now you can sit back, give Google a break and enjoy your pregnancy bliss during the holidays!!

  11. Cat

    You are doing such an awesome job, mama, and so are your babies. I can’t believe that your mellow mini man is turning as feisty as his sis, haha!!!! Keep up the great work and enjoy the holiday season.

  12. Yay yay yay yay yay! I am so glad to hear that everything came out so great on this latest and hopefully last round of tests. Now just sit back and try and enjoy those babies and those kicks and everything!!!

  13. Sweet, sweet relief my friend! I knew Baby B would be perfect and now you can hopefully relax a bit (still, hard…I know!) But you have such awesome reassurance now that the teeny EIF is totally inconsequential and NOTHING to worry about. Yayyyyyyyy!

  14. finch

    Yes, the chances of something being amiss with those numbers is very, very slim. It would seem that your little ones are perfectly happy and probably loving all the attention (and cheeseburgers, and wedding cake) they’ve been getting lately. And what a cooperative cervix you have! Great, great news all around!

  15. Oh, and I totally requested an internal cervical exam at my last visit. It wasn’t my regular OB (who totally gets me and does it without question)…the doc raised her eyebrow and said “really? you know it hurts, right?” haha…probably the first time she’s received that request!

  16. Tarah

    Fantastic news! I’m so glad they were able to reassure you! I too love hearing the numbers, it’s just that much more reassuring that things are more than likely going to be OK.

    I love that they’re growing and doing well

  17. Sometimes I wonder if the docs love or hate the fact that we Google and talk amongst ourselves so much and know all of this crap about IF. In a way, you think it would be helpful to them! In another way, we’re probably annoying as hell… 😉

    I’m so glad this scan went really well. You don’t have to convince me any more. Those babies are BOTH healthy as horses.

  18. I’m so glad that everything looks great!!

  19. So glad that everything checked out okay!

  20. sienna

    hahahaha, i would’ve forced them to recalc the risk as well. we must think alike!! i’m so so so glad that nothing new came up, and that they were able to allay your fears with this appt. huge huge sigh of relief, yes??? i can’t believe how fast time is flying by. you’re more than halfway there babe. hang in there and big hugs :o) xoxoxoxo.

  21. The babies are perfect!! All is well, and lucky you got to spend all that time looking at them. (Okay, I know it must have been long and terrifying and uncomfortable, but it’s my job to find the bright side, right? 🙂 )

    Only happy thoughts for you for a while, dear friend. Sweet sweet babies are safe and sound.

  22. Hurray for Baby B! And for you, egg.

  23. Mara

    So glad to hear that take 2 went waaaay better. I think those are great odds! I have asked for a vaginal u/s for the same reason and got the same response. 🙂

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