Holiday happenings

A very belated HAPPY HOLIDAYS, bloggies! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate!!

I’ve been totally AWOL! First work was craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy before the holidays. Then we were in Philly for Christmas with hubs’s family and I forgot to pack my lappie’s power cord….so I had to ration my battery power to actually do work and not blog. (Sigh.) I read your posts from my phone but it’s impossible to comment that way so please forgive me for being behind in checking in with all of you! We got stuck in Philly with the crazy weekend snowstorm. (Ugh.) We ended up renting a car and driving down to DC yesterday because we couldn’t get a flight back to Chicago from Philly, all of the 12-hour trains from Philly to Chicago were full (!!) and we didn’t feel comfortable driving the 12 hours on winter highways….anyway, we finally made it home at midnight last night and I am so so so so so so happy to be here! Back to my comfie bed (no more fold-out couch!), my lovely Snoogle body pillow, my humidifier, my awesome shower with its amazing water pressure, my healthy breakfast options (no more bacon every morning!)….ahhhhhh, home, sweet home.

The babies got lot of loot this Christmas. 🙂 We got carseats and a travel crib from my parents. Hubs’s parents gave us a rocking chair for the nursery and some onesies. Hubs’s sister gave us a nursing pillow and stuffed animal and more onesies. Hubs’s brother gave us a flip video cam. And my sibs all went in together on a totally adorable night light for the nursery (above) that I would never have splurged on for myself but have been eyeing for 6 solid months.

Lucky us, lucky babies! And now for some random updates….

I am feeling good but big. I stopped jogging after the Turkey Trot with my fam over Thanksgiving and have been rotaing yoga DVDs, swimming and the elliptical a few times a week. Just getting to the gym is becoming more of an effort but it’s so worth it to get some exercise and feel like I’ve got a healthy routine in place. Hubs and I hit the gym a few times over the holidays and it not only felt good to move around, but it was also lovely to get some Zen, me time away from the house.


Over the holiday weekend I had some discharge that freaked me out. It was more copious, yellow and a thicker consistency than the usual thin, white stuff I get. The next time I went to the bathroom there was some semi-solid discharge, about the size of a pea. Of course I used my phone to Google my findings and found scary stories about women losing their mucus plugs and going into premature labor. It was the day after Christmas and we were officially stuck with the snow so I opted not to call my doctor’s office, figuring they’d hear the fear in my voice and invite me into the office to get it checked out (which I couldn’t do). The discharge went right back to normal and I took it easy snuggling with hubs’s family’s dogs in front of the TV the rest of the weekend so I feel okay about it. But I’ll ask my OB about it when I go in for my growth scan next week. (Grow babies, groooooooow!)


I also have my gestational diabetes test next week. Just this month my clinic eliminated the orange drink-blood test because they felt they were getting too many false positives. So they told me to scrap the orange glucose fluid they’d sent me home with in November and to come in for that 2nd test most folks only take if they fail the first one, after having fasted for 8 hours. I know twin Moms tend to develop gestational diabetes more often so we’ll see what happens… least I’ve had my fill of egg nog (gallons worth, seriously!) before I get the news!


I rolled my ankle and fell again today. 😦 Hubs and I were walking some groceries into the apartment and I bit it as I crossed a small patch of snow to the sidewalk. WTF?!?!? I twisted my body and landed on the snow on my side, but it scared me again and I’ve got new bruises and my right ankle is swollen and blue again. (I felt them bumping a little bit after lunch so that made me feel better.) I guess that old saying that pregnant women lose their sense of balance/have looser joints is not a myth. I have been so careful, but I guess I need to take it up a few more notches!


Between the weird discharge, the stress and fatigue of traveling and being stuck away from home due to the snowstorm, I’m starting to see why many clinics encourage preggos not to travel past 24 weeks. I have one more trip to KC for a shower with my Mom’s girlfriends the first week in January and that’s the end of airports for me. I am obviously so very very excited for this shower and to be home with my family again (three times from Oct 31 to Jan 7, that’s totally a record for us!), but the honest truth is that nothing sounds worse to me at this moment than traveling again in 9 days. I pray we don’t get stuck again and that it goes a lot more smoothly than our recent trips to NYC and Philly!!



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15 responses to “Holiday happenings

  1. I have been waiting patiently for a new post! Glad to hear the holidays were nice with your family…but you need to invest in a good ankle brace!

  2. ps – crazy about the night light! l.o.v.e.

  3. AL

    Glad you had a great time over the holidays with your family!

    I’ve had that with discharge a few times too – it’s super sticky and yellow and a clump rather than the white runny stuff. It freaked me out the first time, but from what I read, it happens sometimes though there were mixed reviews on dr google, of course. Glad it turned out to be nothing.

    GL on your diabetes test – hope you pass with flying colors, my friend!

    Happy 2011!

  4. I can imagine you are very glad you are home after all of that sheesh. What would they make you drink if it wasn’t that orange stuff? I had to do it once when not pregnant just to see if I had diabetes and I almost threw up. Would be great if they had a different option. Yea for fun and awesome presents.

  5. Soooo glad you had a great Christmas and got all the fun (and very cool) loot for the babies. I know it’s all about the babies now, but I hope you got a few nice things for yourself as well:)

    Be careful out there in that Chicago snow. I used to always fall on the hidden ice and I wasn’t even pregnant!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  6. FCblacksheep

    I had to drink the orange stuff when I got diagnosed with PCOS and it was horrific. What’s the next step up? Glad you’re home safe and sound. It was certainly not a fun time to travel. Those presents sound amazing.

  7. I was in Philly too but we got out just in time (left Christmas Eve). I’m sorry to hear you got stuck! At least the weather in KC has been good so (hopefully) you won’t have any problems when you come here.

  8. So glad you are home safe and sound! What a nightmare!

    Glad the babies got lots of stuff for X-mas. And SWOON!!! That night light is so freaking adorable. I have the pink one on my registry 🙂 I am obsessed!

    Oh, and I’ve had that yellow-ish discharge. As long as it’s not bloody, watery, or green (gross), it’s normal. Good luck with the diabetes test…I really hope what your doc said about the first test having lots of false positives is true!!!

  9. Ugh, I’m sorry that you’re JUST getting home and for the discharge and fall. That sounds like a lot of crap to take right now. Glad it’s all getting better and you’re back with your comfy bed and Snoogle!

    By the way, I fucking LOVE that night light! So awesome.

  10. Hope your ankle heals quickly. I’ve had discharge like what you’re describing too. It tends to happen when I haven’t been to the bathroom for a while (like first thing in the morning). I hope time passes quickly until your next scan!

  11. Hey lady, you need to stay on your feet!! All your years as an athlete must’ve given you great reflexes though, that your body instinctively knows to take out something insignificant like an ankle or hip, and protect that belly!

    Could that night light be any more perfect for you?? I mean, seriously?? Love it!!

    Welcome home and happy new year! xo

  12. Sounds exhausting, but fun! I hope you get a really long stretch of taking it super easy.

  13. Mara

    Happy holidays!!! That does sound exhausting, what a crazy trip!! I’m glad to hear that the babies got lots of great stuff for Christmas. I LOVE the night light!

    Good luck with the GD test 🙂 That sucks that you fell again! Good luck with the growth scan too and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  14. Sienna

    Ugh! It sucks that the blizzard screwed with ur travel! But glad you guys finally got nie quality time withnfam fam and that ur now home!! Omg! I love that egg nightlight. I registered for a pink one – they are sooo damn cute. Is ur ankle feeling better by now? Pregnancy is DANGEROUS stuff. Mkes us clumsy. I swear! My walking stance is so much wider now bc im trying to lower my center of gravity. Ahahahah. Hope ur getting tons of rest now tht ur home! Xoxoxoxo.

  15. i love your holiday update post! it’s so great to hear the cheerfulness through your words!

    sorry your travel plans got messed up. i was also a victim this year. being home safe and sound is just lovely, huh?

    happy new year my friend! take care of that ankle!

    p.s. love that lamp! so cute!

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