Lucky babies, lucky me

Oh my gosh, you guys, I had the best weekend. Hubs and I went home for a shower with my Mom’s best girlfriends. My older brother’s wife flew in from Boston for the party. (My bro was supposed to be there, too, but he got stuck at work. Poor guy, we missed him so much.) My little sister and little bro were there. My Dad was there. Our family nanny who began caring for my sibs and me when I was 9 years old was there. I felt so loved and supported by my family and our family friends. I feel grateful every single day to be where I am. Thank you SO much Dr. Awesome, and thank you lord, for bringing us to this point….we are so very very very lucky and we love these babies so much that it makes my heart practically burst!

The twinsies got a ton of awesome loot—lots of blankets and binkies and onesies…and even a few things off our registries, too! 🙂 And even though I am soooooooooo sooooooo (to the millionth degree) awkward in situations where I have to open presents on-the-spot or be the center of attention, I just repeated to myself that I was doing it on BEHALF of the babies. It was all about them!! It helped that my sister and SIL sat on either side of me on the couch, making me feel a tiny bit less in the spotlight.

My Mom is seriously Martha Stewart….all of the details she thought of were so special and beautiful and perfect. The invitations had little nests with two eggs inside with “boy” and “girl” written on the eggs. I loved them. LOVED them. And here are some pics from the actual shower/brunch!!

My Mom had my Dad tie the blue and pink bows onto the front gates of the house. She insisted that he tie the blue one on the left and the pink one on the right, because that’s where Baby A and Baby B are attached.

Everything was blue and pink! For example, vases holding pink roses with blue ribbons tied around them. There was a tiered serving platter holding cupcakes with pink frosting and blueberry muffins. There was awesome food, too—the same menu from our day-after-our-wedding brunch (croissants with sugar-coated strips of bacon inside, fresh yogurt with homemade granola and berries, frittata with a chipotle sauce on the side), plus lots of extra sweets.

Even the crystal pitchers holding sparkling water had a little Baby A and Baby B shout out inside—blueberries and raspberries.

My SIL packed a giant suitcase filled with favor-making materials, which she, my little sister and I all put together at about 11pm the night before: little nests with blue and pink confetti, blue egg-shaped soaps and pink lotion.

Did you make it this far? Then here’s a an unexpected sight for you (haha): my first-ever belly pic. That’s me after the shower, ready to take a seat (and a nap). 🙂 Grow, sweet little babies, grow!!!



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32 responses to “Lucky babies, lucky me

  1. Everything is so pretty!! I love the favors and invites. And you are too cute!

  2. It sounds like such a wonderful weekend with some really sweet little touches! Can you really believe that in just a few short months you’re going to have a little pink girl and a little blue boy (not really, but you know what i mean) of your own!?! The house is gorgeous and so are you!! You are quite the fashionable mamma with your cute heels! Hope you got that nap in!

  3. Awww, all those blue and pink details are just so sweet! And that belly of yours! Precious!

  4. You’re all belly! You look gorgeous. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend for you and the twinsies.

  5. Great pics 🙂 Glad everything is going well so far!

  6. Aw, Egg, your shower sounds so lovely. All the sweet touches for your sweet babes. I love the egg-themed invites/favors…so perfect! Glad you had such a great weekend at home!

    And, you look fab!!

  7. Sniffle! How gorgeous and full of love. I ADORE the creative and classy take on pink and blue (call me crazy, but the blueberries and raspberries in the pitchers was just soooooo sweet). And you look so fabulous! Sounds like a really great time.

  8. You look so, so wonderful! Happiness radiates from this post so much so that it makes ME happy all the way down here in the South! Keep on growing, bebes! xo

  9. Ok, you are just too cute! The house and everything looked beautiful. It sounds like it was an awesome time.

    I am awful with being the center of attention at these events too. Many a stupid joke did I crack at my wedding showers trying to just get through it. 🙂

  10. Lesley

    It looks like it was an amazing time! A memory to treasure. And look at you rocking the heels with a belly that big! Brave!! You look gorgeous.

  11. That sounds like an awesome shower. I love all the detail and thought that went into it. You’re a lucky lady…. AND hot! Shit, pregnancy isn’t supposed to look that good.

  12. AL

    Oh, Egg, you look awesome my friend!!

    All of the little details are so sweet and thoughtful :-). Your babies are so loved!

  13. What a wonderful post – It sounds like the shower was absolutely perfect and you look great! It is so encouraging to see this post!

  14. Looks like a wonderful time! So glad it went well. You look wonderful!

  15. You look adorable! The shower looks adorable! I LOVE the blue and pink. Glad it was fantastic. 🙂

  16. cw

    Eggie I heart your belly! It looks so gorgeous. And your folks house. Wow! It looks amazing. I am glad you had a great baby shower and I love how sweet you are and modest. I am a shameful person. I love presents and eagerly ripping into them. (Blush!)

  17. You look fabulous in that pic!!!! I love your bump…it’s absolutely adorable (just like all the baby decorations). It looks like you had an amazing shower. You, Hubs and the babies are all so very blessed!!

  18. Sienna

    Yaay for a belly pic finally! Soo glad that you guys had an amazingntime this wekend and that the babies got spoiled :o) you look sooo skinny and great!! Xoxoxo.

  19. FCblacksheep

    Cute bump, cute heels (seriously love the shoes), cute favors, rocking house…all around awesomeness. Those are some lucky babies. And if I ever (God willing) get to the baby shower part, I might need some tips. I’m having serious anxiety attacks about having to open presents in front of all eyes and I can’t even get a positive HPT (slow your roll sister). I’m sure you did it with absolute grace.

  20. AHHH! Belly Shot!! I can die happy now…
    What a lovely shower and a GORGEOUS baby bump. XOXO!

  21. Heidi

    oh, everything looks so amazing!!! including you 🙂 so sweet that your family made everything so perfect and special for you. those babies are going to be SO LOVED when they arrive!

  22. lady pumpkin

    How adorable you are! Sounds like an absolutely magical lovefest of a day; I’m so happy you have so many people holding you and your babies close.

  23. yaaaaaay for a wonderful shower for your two lil ones! and what a cute lil bump!

    p.s. i don’t think i’ve said this to you yet but i’m so glad we follow each other. knowing someone who’s having twins and has had many of the same symptoms (or lack thereof) is so reassuring! so thank you! xo!

  24. Tarah

    First of all you look FANTASTIC! You truly do – I can see your glow in every post! 🙂

    Your mom sounds so wonderful – I love that she wanted the bows tied on the correct side as well, so so sweet. I think baby showers are more fun than bridal because there is so much stuff to ooohhh & ahhh over!

  25. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! All so beautiful!!! Including you, sweet mama.

    So happy to hear about your wonderful day. You and hubs and babies all deserve it. xo.

  26. What a sweet, sweet shower and family. How exciting!! And, you look like quite the “hot” mama, there!!!

  27. What a sweet family you have, and you look amazing!

  28. Aw, what a lovely celebration! And you look fantastic!

  29. Wow that house is amazing. Glad you had a great shower 😉 Sounds like lots of fun.

  30. You look awesome! I want some more belly pics!!

  31. Mara

    It sounds like an awesome shower! What a great weekend! And YOU are super cute!!!

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